Declaimer: I do not own twilight

Disclaimer: I do not own twilight. I only own my own thoughts and ideas.

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June 25, 2008

Today Alice and I took Bella shopping. This trip however was completely different then all the others. Instead of trying to change Bella's entire wardrobe, we shopped for wedding things. I know I shouldn't have enjoyed myself speaking of that it was BELLA, but surprisingly I did. I never got the chance to plan a wedding, never mind a human wedding. I wanted this to be a fun as ever because this would be my only chance. I didn't want to ruin my one and only chance of planning this type of event. Well, here is what we did for the day.

First, we went to the tailor. Alice needed to get the dress fitted again since Bella keeps on changing in size and shape so we have to keep fixing the dress. Bella gave in after many fits on the way there and let Alice and I do everything. We sized her, added things to the dress and started to look for hair dos for the bride-to-be. While I looked at the hair styles, Alice busied herself with looking for the perfect tiara and veil for Bella. Bella. Bella. Bella. I think we are going to have to change her name eventually. The name, Bella, starting to get on my nerves. Normally a woman would be completely excited about the fact that she was getting married, but Bella being so unordinary just sat in one of the couches in the front of the store and texted Edward. We had gotten her a new phone so she could text easier. Sadly, it made her text him so much more that it hardly ever stopped buzzing.

The second place we went after lunch was the bakery. Bella couldn't believe that we were going to buy such a large cake because she thought that the party was only going to consist of us, the Cullen's, her family and a couple friends. (Boy, she will be surprised when we show her the guest list…) Thankfully that bitch named Jessica wasn't going to be there. I can't stand her. Well, anyways, Alice insisted on getting a 2,000 cake that was so detailed that it looked like it belonged on a podium in a museum, not where it would be in the middle of a banquet halls dance floor. I LOVED it! It was perfect for Edward and Bella. Did I just write that? Well, anyways, I really do think that it is. It is covered all over with the type of plants that grow in their meadow and it is not too modern that Edward, Mr. Old Fashioned, would not like. I wonder if he'll eat it. Well, anyways, I bet he has to because he doesn't want to look suspicious. Ha-ha, and you'll never believe what type of cake it is going to be made out of, or I should say, CAKES. Bella couldn't decide so once tier is going to be chocolate, the second vanilla, the third lemon and the fourth chocolate again. Wow, that girl really wants a variety. She said that, "I she want to make sure that all of guests will enjoy the cake, since it is costing so much money. I personally love chocolate, Charlie likes vanilla and my mom likes lemon. Because none of the other 'family' guests will be enjoying the flavors and/ or not eating it… I thought that I should have it revolve around my parents." That was thoughtful and sweet. Ugh… she is sooo annoying. Miss 'I don't care about my human experiences' actually wants to make someone else enjoy their lives!

After the cake testing and ordering the cake we had to feed the human. We took her to this Italian restaurant in Seattle, La vita E Bella Café. Man, that girl could eat. She ordered a plate of ravioli and ate it all in five minutes tops, plus drink. I felt like I was being to nice to her today so I made a face and gagged, trying to make her feel a little out of place. She glared at me and then frowned. Suddenly I heard her phone beep and out came her Sidekick in less then .5 seconds. Obviously it was Edward or else she would never have moved that fast. It always made me jealous when I thought about their relationship. At around 3:30 we began to bring Bella to different halls that her ceremony could be at. The first one we visited was way to small to fit all of the people we invited and of course it was Bella's favorite. Alice and I both knew we would have to talk her out of that place somehow or another. The second we visited was perfect. It was in a large white building that had a huge front yard that was very well landscaped. I could tell Alice was thinking the same thing because she had a large grin on her face. I could imagine her thinking about how beautiful the pictures would look in this area. Wow, was I a good sister or what because the next thing Alice said was how perfect she thought this area was for pictures. "Ah-mazing." Bella just groaned, thinking mostly likely about how much it cost. I laughed. Seriously this girl had no understanding of a psychic who could see lottery numbers and stocks. We were all set on cash… she just wouldn't let the fact that we were rich sink in. Ahhhhh something that will never change. Me being smarter with money then Bella. This thought makes me very happy. Eventually Bella needed to sleep so we brought her back home. Edward immediately took her from Alice's Porsche and carried her up to his bedroom. He loves her so much… and I can't stand it. I just wish he would face the facts and realize that they cannot be together peacefully unless she is a vampire and I know he will try everything in his power to delay Bella's 'death'. I didn't blame him. Well, I know he thinks that the fact that they would be married will keep them together forever but hello? Ever heard of a divorce? Emmett's calling so I better go see what he wants… like I don't know.

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