A.N. Think of this as a prequel to Finn fic I'm gonna try. Like it, hate it, mock it, whatev. I told myself not to give in to peer pressure, not to do the Drabbles thing everyone seems to be doing, but, it didn't work. Say 'hello' to Captain HawkEye.

Chapter One.

New Partner


It was unusual not having Aerrow with them on the Condor. They were used to having the entire team together, working with each other, never missing a chance at becoming closer as a team. But about a week ago, Starling had once again appeared, asking for the help of a fellow Sky Knight, namely Aerrow.

And, of course, Aerrow could say 'No' to Starling about as easily as Junko could give up a meal. Thus, for the past week, the two Sky Knights had been off on some exciting adventure, leaving behind the rest of the squadron, including Radarr. But honestly, Finn no longer really minded where the blue furred creature decided to make his new home.

"OUCH! Easy on the claws, will ya Radarr?"

Well, mostly anyway.

Junko thought it was funny. Stork freaked out, mentioning several horrible illnesses and/or ailments that could be contacted from the monbite. Piper seemed annoyed about Radarr sitting on Finn's shoulders as well, but she refused to tell him why when he asked.

As confusing as Piper was, Finn pushed his thoughts of her away as he walked down the hallway of the Condor. As much as he pretended to, the sharpshooter had to admit that he just didn't understand girls. And Piper was most certainly a girl.

Radarr chattered in his ear, swaying slightly as he easily kept his balance on Finn's shoulder. Giving the blue creature a grin he said, "No kidding. I'm tired of sitting around, waiting for something to happen."

Radarr nodded enthusiastically, and shifted his weight slightly, gently digging his claws into cloth. Finn's grin widened as he snapped his fingers.

"I've got an idea!" Radarr's long ears lifted as he turned to look at Finn. "Lets take my skimmer out for a ride! We've been cooped up on this ship for way to long."

Eyes lighting up in excitement, Radarr nodded his head, giving his own version of Finn's custom smug grin as he bounced restlessly on his shoulder, wrapping his thick tail around the sharpshooter's neck to keep his balance.

Giggling as the sensation of fur on his neck, Finn started down the hall for the hanger. He had nearly reached the door panel when a voice snarled, "Of course I don't like it! It's weird, he doesn't belong there, and with Aerrow gone I can't even hope it will change!"

Stopping short, eyes widening at the angered voice, Finn turned to look at Radarr, whose ears were perked as he looked over Finn's shoulder towards where the outburst had come from. "Radarr, was that who I thought it was?"

Radarr only stared at him, mirroring his confused expression.