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Hello there readers, I just want you to know that this will be my first ever attempt at writing a fanfic for Absolute Boyfriend, so please bear with me if the characters don't seem quite like they do in the manga. By the way, I'm only gonna post these two chapters if not enough people rate. Read and Enjoy.


Two Years After

Chapter one- Daylight Savings part one




"Riiko, we should get going soon or we'll be late to school," said Soshi as he waited by Riiko's bedroom door looking at his watch.

"Coming," said Riiko as she hopped out of her room while trying to put her shoe on and nearly knocking Soshi over in the process. "Oh! Soshi I'm so sorry."

"I'm fine, now come on let's go before I take a better look at the inside of your room and decide to clean it," said Soshi as he tried to see what kind of disaster area her room was before Riiko hastily shut the door.

"You promised you'd leave my room alone."

"Well if it's as dirty in there as the rest of the house was when I moved in," said Soshi as he tried to get past Riiko with his portable vacuum that he kept in his backpack for such occasions.

"Your right, we should be going now," Said Riiko while she tried to push Soshi towards the door.

"Soshi sighed and let himself be pushed and gave Riiko's room one last look before he glanced at his watch checking the time.

Seeing Soshi do that made Riiko remember about daylight savings and said "Oh! I forgot. Its daylight savings t…" but that was as far as Soshi heard because he was finishing the sentence at the same time as she was.

"…time. That's why I changed the clocks last night an hour ahead."

"…time. That's why I changed the clocks last night an hour behind."

"You did what," exclaimed Soshi.

"I uh, kinda thought this was the month that it turned back an hour."


"It looks like what you guys need is the Kronos Heaven digital alarm clock. It changes the time automatically via the Kronos Heaven satellite orbiting the planet," said Gaku coming out of the hall closet with a lollipop in his hand.