Oh my good golly gosh... Hello everyone! Well I did not do as I would say and keep up with the stories, but I have had a LOT go on in my life the last few months/year or two. I met the most amazing man, and we will have been together in September for two years! 3 I cannot believe how many people want a sequel to "The rape of Grimmjow"! It is amazing! I have Office 2007 on my computer now, and my lappy top is being so much nicer to me now so I will be able to get some writing done! I cannot tell you how excited I am for this summer. I have my man coming down, I do not have to work, just watch my sister play mabinogi write draw and watch TV!

I do have a few announcements…
I AM planning to write a sequel to the "Rape of Grimmjow" as well as a new chapter to "Can sasori love her". I have a LOT of writing I need to do to catch up and I apologize if I do not update your favorite story first.

Umn… yes. If you want to, you can follow me on deviant art! .com.

Well, I invite any ideas to be sent to my email at . If you have any ideas on what I can put in a new chapter, or how I can use characters better, improvements, etc, let me know and I might just use it! ALSO if you want a character of yours USED for any purpose in any of my stories (love interest, home wreaker (lol) send me a basic profile ad if I like him/her I'll message you back and work out the details!

One more note… I will either upload everything separate as I type it up or in bulk. I will be taking longer to type things out because I want to make it longer, more action-packed, and steamier :D. I will have all of the time in the world.

Once more, I apologize for not updating for several years. I will be working as hard as I can this summer. After all, I have already re-arranged my room so I can now sit on my bed and type.

While I am on it, I want to know if I were to move my writings to deviant art, if you would be interested on following me on there or should I just stick to fan fiction… or both. Let me know, let your voices be heard!