Do You Fear The Darkness

By: Burning Blood

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Chapter 2: Stay Out of the Dark

Naruto sat on top of the fourths head pondering what happened back there at the training ground. 'Why did I save her she is not of my pack hell she's practically an enemy…so why did I save her when it cost me so much.' Naruto looked out over the village as it got bathed in the glow of the setting sun and thought. 'It was worth it.'

The next day we find our young hero sitting in the shade of a large oak watching the sun pass overhead in the clear blue sky as he waited for his so called team. Hearing a slight humming sound Naruto looked up to acknowledge Shino's presence and then continued his sky watching. After about five minutes of them both sitting in silence Shino asked.

"Why do you hide Kemuri?" Naruto couldn't help but chuckle at that.

"Why do you?" Was the only reply Shino got and then they both fell into silence again. After about ten more minutes of waiting both Shino and Naruto looked up to see the entire Inuzuka trio with their partners walking into the training grounds. Tsume and Hana stopped on one side of the training ground opposite of Naruto and stared watching what he would do. Naruto sat there watching as his 'Sensei's' gave him scrupulous looks.

"If you're both done I believe we have a test to take." Naruto said with a snort. Tsume glared hard at the boy and growled. Naruto gave off a slight chuckle at her growl only to stop as he felt a presence start to approach him. Looking around for it Naruto stopped at the sight of one of Hana's familiars slowly walking towards him. Hana stared in amazement as Gedokuyaku walked away from her and towards Naruto. Gedokuyaku stopped halfway to Naruto at the sound of a guttural voice.

"I'd suggest you not walk any closer Inuzuka vermin lest you loose your throat." Gedokuyaku took a step back at those words and started looking for the voice. Everyone in the clearing got into a defensive position and Tsume yelled.

"Who are you?" The voice gave out a low threatening growl.

"You are not in any position to be making demands Inuzuka now step away from master and you may be able to walk out of this forest alive." Tsume was about to respond to the voice when she heard a light wispy voice chuckle.

"Alright you've had your fun now stop scaring my 'team' Enmaku." Everyone watched, as a red blur seemed to appear in the middle of the clearing showing what most would assume to be a fox. However this fox was different the fox stood about the size of a small horse, his fur was a blood red except for his underbelly and front right paw which were a stark white, where his tail should have been made out of cartilage and fur this ones seemed to just be made of tangible smoke, the most striking thing about this fox however were the two cerulean blue eyes that were glaring daggers at everyone in the clearing and looks of confusion at Naruto.

"But Sir these are Inuzuka scum why are you allowing them near you?" Enmaku asked curiously. Naruto chuckled at the young fox before him and said.

"Because if we were to behave like you are now we wouldn't be much better than they are so calm down they won't hurt us especially with Jiji watching us." His words seemed to calm Enmaku down, but infuriate three members of his team.

"How dare you act as if you're better than us you worthless sack of fox shit I should tear out that other eye of yours for saying that." Tsume yelled with fury showing in her golden eyes. Shino watched as some of the light left Naruto's eyes and filed that away for later. Naruto stared into the rage filled eyes of the Inuzuka patriarch and said.

"I see." With that he stood up turned his back towards his 'team and started walking towards the woods. Naruto was about to break into the tree line when what stopped him appeared to be a solid wall of red fur. Cocking his head to the side to meet the cerulean eyes of his friend.

"Move Enmaku." Enmaku shuddered at his master's words but did not move.

"I can not allow that sir you promised the old man that you would at least give this team a try and I can not allow you to break that promise." Naruto's eye hardened into ice at those words.

"Give a team a try that would rather slit my throat in my sleep then help me achieve my dream…fine." Naruto turned away from Enmaku after his words and walked towards his previous spot. Flopping down onto his back again Naruto looked out over his team and mentally sighed. 'I get the feeling that I'm going to die before I reach chunin with this team.'

Hana watched the young mask-wearing boy as he flopped back onto his butt and thought. 'Why do you seem so familiar Kemuri Naruto?' Finally getting tired of being ignored Kiba yelled.

"WHEN ARE WE TAKING THIS TEST?" The sound of his voice seemed to bring Tsume out of her seething and into business mode. Looking out over the new Genin Tsume said.

"Actually I have decided against a test and have already filed you as a team so today we will begin by doing the introductions we missed yesterday and then we will get acquainted with each others skills." Hearing a light wispy snort from her black-wearing student Tsume smirked.

"Thanks for volunteering brat." Naruto snorted again and said.

"My name is Kemuri Naruto." Everyone waited figuring he would say more. When after about thirty seconds of nothing Tsume yelled.

"Is that it?" Naruto raised his only visible eyebrow at the question.

"In reality you all could careless about my likes, dislikes, or dreams for the future and some of my skills are going to be shown in the next part of this so there is no reason to say anything about them so why say anything more." At this it was Hana who lost it.

"Because we are supposed to be a team damn it and we can't do that without knowing you at least a little bit." Naruto glared and said.

"Lets get one thing strait this isn't a fucking team it's a suicide job waiting to happen three out of five members of this 'team' would rather see me drowning in my own blood then get to know me and the only one that may work with me will have his partners die if he were to fight alongside me so you tell me Inuzuka how is getting to know me going to change anything when you, your mother, and your brother already have your minds made up about me and Aburame-san is defenseless if I were to use a single Jutsu?" Hana was about to retort when an elderly voice cut her off.

"That is true Naruto-kun however did you really think you would always get put on a team that compliments your fighting style or that even stands your presents?" Naruto turned away from his team to see Sarutobi petting Enmaku's ear. Naruto looked the old man in the eye and said.

"No however I figured that you would have had more than enough sense than to put me with those three hell I'd take the faggot Uchiha over these three." Sarutobi glared half-heartedly at Naruto and said.

"Naruto-kun what have I told you about making false accusations about people?" Naruto stared at the old monkey and said.

"But Jiji Sasuke is so gay he could put a lisp on purple and you know it." At this none could hold it in anymore all three of the Inuzuka's fell to the floor laughing. Naruto couldn't help but feel a little happy about making them laugh. Sarutobi shook his head and said.

"The Sasuke conversation aside you are stuck with this team Naruto so introduce yourself properly and at least try and get along with the Inuzuka's." And with that he disappeared. Naruto turned back towards his team flopped back into his spot and sighed.

"My name is Kemuri Naruto, I enjoy watching the sky, fighting, Enmaku, and playing around with smoke jutsu, I dislike those who judge people before getting to know them, people who peep on women, those who disrespect women, and revenge, and my dream for the future…well I'm still not telling you that." Naruto chuckled at the groan the Inuzuka trio gave him. Tsume pointed for Shino to go next.

"My name is Aburame Shino, I enjoy insect collecting and conversing with insects, I dislike those who harm insects for no reason and the derogatory term bug, my dream for the future is to become the strongest in my clan and become clan head." Tsume pointed towards Kiba and said go.

"My name is Inuzuka Kiba and this is Akamaru, I enjoy red meat and hanging out with Akamaru and my two best friends Shino and Hinata, I dislike people who think they are better than everyone else (Looks at Naruto only to get a shrug in return) and Sauke-teme, my dream for the future is to become the head of my clan." Hana smiled at her little bro and said.

"My name is Inuzuka Hana and these are my partners Gedokuyaku (antidote), Dokuyaku (poison), and Gouken (health), I enjoy hanging out with my three partners, veterinary jutsu, my clan, and animal lovers, My dislikes are people who hurt animals for no reason, conceded people, and perverts, my dream for the future is to find a mate who all of my partners and my family would trust with their lives." Tsume snorted at her daughters sappy introduction.

"My name is Inuzuka Tsume and this is Kuromaru, I like my clan, I dislike perverts, and my dream is to help my children obtain their dreams now…"

"You know it's impolite to make us introduce ourselves and not do so yourself?" Everyone turned towards the voice to see Naruto giving Tsume a blank stare. Kiba gave Naruto a confused look and said.

"Umm hello Kemuri did you miss the last two minutes or something she just did?" This time it was Shino who said something.

"No Kiba she did not all we really learned was her name." Naruto smiled unseen under his metal mask and said.

"What was all that about being a team and having to know each other?" Kiba still confused asked.

"What the hell do you mean?" Naruto looked at Kiba with a raised eyebrow.

"Please tell me you are not really this stupid Inuzuka, she's clan head so saying she likes her clan is a given, most women dislike perverts, and she's a mother so her dream is kind of a given as well so all she really gave us was her name." Tsume smirked at her 'students'.

"I'll make you cute little Genin a deal we fight you three against Hana and I, and if you're able to land a hit on me I'll tell you about myself the more you hit me the more info you get starting…NOW." And with that Tsume and Hana disappeared. Naruto watched as Kiba and Shino started looking around for the two feral women. Sighing slightly at their inexperience Naruto said.

"Sit down if you go after her alone like you planned Kiba you'll get your ass kicked faster than you could think 'Although not a big accomplishment'and Shino they will be able to pick up the scent of your partners to fast for you to actually do anything with them but get them killed." Shino raised an eyebrow at the young Cyclopes but did as was asked. Kiba however was not going for it.

"What would you know Kemuri. I'll go out there and Kick the shit out of those two easy." Kiba said and jumped out of the Clearing after his Mother and Sister. Rubbing his temple Naruto looked over towards Shino.

"How long do you think it will take before Kiba get's his ass handed to him?" Naruto asked gaining a raised eyebrow from the Aburame.

"Given Kiba's brash nature I'd have to assume not to long." Shino responded making Naruto nod his head. Getting to their feet Shino and Naruto shot into the woods after their thickheaded teammate. When they arrived at the clearing that held the three Inuzuka, Naruto couldn't help but sigh.

"Tell me Shino does he even realized he's out numbered, out matched, and half their size?" Naruto asked making the Aburame shake his head slightly.

"I'm more worried about the fact that he does in fact know, and he still isn't even thinking of a way to out smart them." Shino said making Naruto sigh again.

"I have a lot of work to do on that kid." Naruto said and relaxed in the branches of the tree making Shino raise an eyebrow.

"Wouldn't it be in our best interest to help our teammate Kemuri-san?" Shino asked making Naruto chuckle.

"We will but if we jump in now then he won't learn any thing. Take a seat and enjoy the show. I'll stop it when I feel Kiba has learned his lesson." Naruto said making Shino nod and lean against the tree he stood in.

Down in the clearing Kiba stared at the two women that stood on the other side of the clearing petting their dogs acting as if he didn't even exist.

"Hey don't ignore me!" Kiba growled making the two other nin raise an eyebrow.

"Just you? Seriously pup? Hana you want to take this one?" Tsume said never stopping her petting of Kuromaru. Hana sighed at her mother's words.

"Not really, but I guess I will." She responded and sent her dogs to go lay down. Kiba seeing this growled.

"What the hell sis! Not even going to use your dog?" Kiba said confused. Hana folded her arms and smirked.

"For you pup I won't need 'em" Hana said offending Kiba greatly.

"I'll show you. Come on Akumaru! Jujin Bunshin (Beast Human Clone)" Kiba yelled transforming Akumaru into an exact replica of himself. Hana smirked as she saw her little brother and his clone rush at her. Once they were in range both Kiba and Akumaru drew back for a punch. Neither got to follow through however as Hana lashed out with a kick sending Kiba into the air. After she disposed of Kiba with the force of her spin she brought her foot down onto Akumaru.

Up in the tree line Naruto whistled.

"Hmm impressive… what do you think Shino?" Naruto asked making Shino nod his head in agreement.

"Yes it seems that Kami favored us when they were chosen as our sensei's." Naruto chuckled at that response.

"Shino you really don't get how this village works do you?" Naruto said making Shino raise an eyebrow.

"I don't seem to understand Kemuri-san." Naruto chuckled at that.

"Of course you don't. Shino allow me to give you some advice that someone very wise and powerful once gave to me. In the ninja world Information is worth more then gold. In war it is who has the better information is the winner. In battle it is who was informed of his opponent best. However outside of battle information is just as important. In this village the Hokage has the most power simply because he has the least amount of information that can be used against him. However should someone find out something about the Hokage that he doesn't want known then they could use that to get something done." Naruto explained making Shino raise an eyebrow.

"Blackmail?" Shino asked making Naruto chuckle.

"To civilians yes it's blackmail. To ninja however it's called bartering. I have information you want you can do something I want. That is the true way the ninja world works Shino so remember that. It isn't about who has the better jutsu and who is stronger and faster. It all comes down to who has the better information. Now pay attention Kiba's about to do something stupid." Naruto said flicking his head towards the clearing.

Picking himself out of the tree his sister sent him into Kiba growled.

"Damn it. I just can't seem to get close to her." Looking over Kiba saw Akumaru pick himself up off the floor.

"Hey little buddy looks like it's time for drastic measures." Kiba said drawing a small growl from Akumaru. Smiling at the tiny white dog Kiba started running towards his sister while doing hand signs.

"Gatsuga (Dual Piercing Fang)" Kiba yelled and he and Akumaru started spinning creating two small vortexes that headed towards Hana. Hana smirked at this.

"Okay Kiba fine then let's play. Gatsuga!" Hana said and spun into a twister herself. Shino was about to jump in only for Naruto to stop him.

"Not yet Shino Kiba still hasn't learned. Don't worry I'll get him out before anything serious happens." Naruto said making Shino throw him a speculating look but complied. Naruto watched as Hana's over powered Akumaru's Gatsuga and sent him into the ground. He smirked how ever when he saw the feral girl come up behind Kiba and grabbed his feet stopping his own Rotation and threw him in the air. As he saw the girl go back into her jutsu and head towards Kiba he sighed.

"Well I've seen enough." Naruto said. Hana smirked as she saw Kiba falling directly towards her attack Just as she was about to hit him however he seemed to disappear in a small tornado of smoke. Flipping herself out of the Gatsuga Hana coughed up all the smoke she just ran through. Landing Hana looked around only to notice that Akumaru was gone as well.

"When did the little shit learn that?" She asked herself between coughs. Back in the clearing the group started in we see Naruto dropping Kiba on his ass with Akumaru in his lap. Turning his single eye onto the feral boy Naruto sighed.

"After this test I'm so buying you a leash, okay so pup what did we learn?" Naruto said condescendingly making Kiba glare at him.

"Okay fine. So then if our plans wouldn't work what have you got Kemuri?" Naruto smiled at the two and said.

"Well I was thinking something along the lines of this. Tell me mutt can you piss your mother and sister off? I mean pissed enough for them to chase you?" Naruto asked gaining a raised eyebrow from the feral boy.

"Yeah but why?" Kiba asked making Naruto smirk.

"Good then I need you to go find them and lead them back to this clearing am I clear?" Seeing Kiba nod Naruto smiled.

"Good and leave Akumaru here I need him for another part of the plan. Shino tell me how good are you at stealth?" Naruto asked making Shino raise an eyebrow.

"Although I'm not as good as you it seems. I am rather proficient." Shino responded making Naruto chuckle.

"Good then I need you to take these," Naruto pulled two tags out from inside his vest, "and when I signal you I need you to place them on the backs or chests of the two Inuzuka's. Got that?" Naruto explained making Shino nod.

"And what will you be doing in all of this?" Kiba asked making Naruto smile.

"Me? I'm going to provide cover, escape, and scare tactics." Naruto explained making the other two confused. Naruto watched as Kiba smiled and Shino contemplated on his plan. Kiba was running through the woods around the clearing trying to pick up the scent of either his mother or sister. Picking up the slight trace of his sisters scent he shot off in that direction. Kiba broke the tree line in about five minutes only to land in a clearing with both his mother and sister. Looking around at the two feral looking women and their four partners Kiba said.

"Well damn seems like Kemuri was right there are some ugly ass bitches in this village." Kiba watched as two tick marks started to appear of his mothers and sisters foreheads. 'How dare that little brat cuss in front of his Mother.' 'How dare that little shit call me ugly when I find him I'm going to tear him a new asshole.' Kiba had to hide a smile as his mother and sister shot towards him. Turning his back on them Kiba shot off back towards the original clearing. Shino watched and slowly slid his insects onto the body's of the two feral women's partners while they were too preoccupied with Kiba to notice, and slowly started to drain their chakra. Kiba Broke the tree line ten minutes later out of breathe from the chase. Kiba watched as his mother and sister broke the tree line and started stalking towards him as if he were their prey. Tsume chuckled at her son's predicament and said.

"So pup man enough to cuss in front of your mother now? Then you are man enough to take the punishment." Hana growled at Kiba.

"Where is that little bastard I'm going to tear him a new asshole." Kiba watched as the two girls circled him finally dropping the act a wispy voice said.

"I don't think so Hijutsu: Kiri no Senka (Secret Technique: Fog of War)" Tsume and Hana watched as what looked to be smoke start to circle Kiba and then blast outwards covering the area. Tsume and Hana covered their mouth and noses as the heavy smell of smoke and ash invaded their scenes. A wispy voice rang it's way out of the smoke and into the two women's ears.

"It burns doesn't it the feeling of smoke and ash burning your lungs…I wander how your dogs must feel." Hana and Tsume both turned this way and that at the sound of a yelp. The voice chuckled.

"Oops my bad…hmm I always did wander what revenge felt like I guess now is my time." Hana was almost in tears as she heard another yelp this time followed by a liquid hitting the ground. Hana couldn't take it anymore when she heard a body hit the ground and more liquid following it.

"Stop…please stop…I couldn't take it again…not the loss of another one…please…" Tsume listened as her Daughter cried to herself. Tsume tried to move to get to her only to find that her body wouldn't respond to her demands. They both looked up and around when they saw the fog starting to lift. Looking in front of them they saw the three Genin Kiba sitting on the ground under the shade of an oak, Shino leaning on that same oak, with Naruto in the branches. Hana started looking around and started to freak out when she couldn't find her pups. Tsume noticed that as well and noticed that Naruto had an eye smile on. Growling deeply at him Tsume said.

"You bastard how dare you harm my daughters pup's when I can move again I'm going to tear you limb from limb you fucking demon." At those words Naruto lost his eye smile. Giving Tsume a neutral look all he did was snap his fingers. At that snap of his fingers a cage appeared with all four dogs inside barking, but with no sound coming out. Tsume was confused until she saw what the lock on the cage was. All that was keeping the cage closed was a thin sheet of paper with the Kanji for Silence on it. Realizing what he really did Tsume looked up only to find Naruto gone. 'I guess he really didn't deserve that.' Naruto sat on top of the fourths head looking out over the village again. 'I should have known better it didn't work five years ago and it won't work now it seems regardless of what you say Jiji I'm doomed to a hell on earth.'

"You know sometimes is past is were your memories should be kept Naruto-kun." Naruto cocked his head to the side to see the smoking freight train himself, Sarutobi Asuma. Turning back towards the city Naruto said.

"Yes but sometimes the past won't leave you alone until you escape it." Asuma sat down next to the blond haired boy and said.

"You know Hayate has been missing you maybe you should go see him." Naruto gave a sad chuckle at that and said.

"You and I both know that Hayate-san and my friendship ended years ago when I helped him get together with Uzuki-san." Asuma sighed at that.

"Actually Yuugao-san doesn't mind you anymore after Hayate told her it was you who helped them get together." Naruto gave a slight chuckle and said.

"No but I'd rather her not have to go through the memories again after all loosing your family once would be bad enough but to see the beast that did it and not be able to do anything…I can never understand that pain." Asuma raised an eyebrow at that and said.

"Naruto you're not the Kyuubi when are you going to get that through your head." Naruto cocked his head to look at Asuma and said.

"I know I'm not the Kyuubi Asuma-san I don't have a tail let alone nine." Asuma chuckled at the young boys sarcasm.

"Come on let's go get some Ramen…my treat." And with that both of them seemed to disappear. On their way to the Ichiraku Ramen shop Naruto and Asuma saw Naruto's team sitting in the local Bar-B-Q place smiling and laughing. Naruto looked on in want at their smiles and laughs. 'So that is what it's like to have friends.' Asuma watched as Naruto's eyes shown with need. Leaning down Asuma whispered.

"Do you want to join them Naruto-kun they are your team after all?" Naruto stared at his team for another minute and then said.

"No Asuma-san let them enjoy their time together." Asuma shook his head but followed Naruto to Ichiraku's anyway. After about fifteen bowls of Ramen and a still unseen face later Naruto was on his way 'home'. Naruto walked into his 'home' to see freshly destroyed belongings. Grabbing his hidden sleeping bag Naruto started walking towards the forest. Finding his old campsite Naruto set out his sleeping bag and got ready for bed.

"You know you could always ask to stay with the old man if you needed a place to stay Sir?" Naruto smiled at the sound of his old friends voice and said.

"No I will not both Jiji for such menial things like having to sleep on the ground." Enmaku stared at his master in disbelief. 'What have you been through master that you won't tell even me?'

The next day we find our hero in the same place as the day before sitting under an oak watching the sun pass overhead. And so the newly started Ritual of greeting continued. Tsume smiled at her students and said.

"Okay team time for our first mission so let's head on over to the Hokage tower and lets get started." Kiba gave out a loud whoop at the thought of a mission while Shino gave a rare smile and Naruto was bored.

Walking into the Hokage's office Naruto smiled at the old man. The Hokage smiled back at Naruto and said.

"Now then for team ten we have pain an old ladies house, helping clean the academy, helping get Kakashi out of bed…"

"If you say one more D rank mission Jiji I'm going to shove your Icha Icha Paradise book so far up your ass you'll be able to turn the pages with your tongue." Naruto said with a glare. Iruka jumped from his chair and said.

"Watch your mouth around the Hokage Naruto, and besides you all are fresh out of the academy Genin you can't possibly take on…" Iruka stared in disbelief as team ten stood there ignoring him completely and talking about Ramen. Sarutobi chuckled at that and said.

"Fine send in Tazuna." Team ten turned towards the door only to see an old man walk in with a Sake bottle in his hand.

"What this is what I get for my money two women and some kids I mean look at the blonde one with only one eye I bet he pisses himself the second he walks out of the…" Tazuna was cut off by what appeared to be a Kunai made completely of smoke cut into the door next to his head. Turning back towards his bodyguards all he saw was a single blue eye.

"Tazuna unless you wish to die on this trip I suggest you stay out of the Dark."

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