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It started out as a typical day, Alice and I were driving to school in her yellow Porsche as always.

"So, you, me, the mall, this weekend. What do you say?" Ug, not another shopping trip. Alice's family was extremely rich, and she insisted on buying everything for me…. And when I say everything, I mean practically the whole mall.

"I don't know Alice… we did go shopping last weekend." I always tried to get out of shopping trips that weren't necessary, but it never seemed to work.

Alice gave me her signature puppy dog face, and said, "It's because you don't love me as your best friend, isn't it?"

There she goes again, pulling her signature 'it's because you don't love me' line… My life was so predictable. See and then what happens is, I say something of the sorts of 'it's not that' and then Alice will jump up and down saying something of the sort 'Yay! So, you're coming'. Here we go…again.

"It's not that I don't love you Alice! It's just, the mall…"

"Yay!" She jumped up and down in the drivers seat. She turned to me, no hands on the wheel, "So you'll-"

BAM! The car came to a stop as Alice's quick reflexes slammed on the brakes. We hit something metal.

"What did we hit?!" She practically screamed. We both instantly ran out side of the vehicle to see what we hit. There I saw a crumpled up wheel chair, and a boy on the ground in front of Alice's Porsche.

"Alice! You hit a kid! In a wheel chair!" I screamed at her.

"I know! I see that! What are we going to do?"

"Call 911!!"

Then we heard an angry, but deep voice, "It's okay, no need to call 911, I'm fine…" He was struggling to get his chair the right way up, it was broken. I leaned in to help him.

"Here let me-" I tried to explain.

He cut me off, "No, I don't need you help!" He looked up at me. His face had cut and scrapes, but even with those, I noticed that he belonged on the cover of a magazine, not in the town of Forks.

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