Battle nerves were still running high as the two mechs reached for each other, white and black hands searching for spots along the transformation seams and armor edges that would pull a moan, a whimper, a groan, a pleasured cry from the one they touched.

The visored mech mewled as deft fingers traced down a sensitive wire on his side as a smooth mouth worked up his helm, alternating between sharp nips and soothing suckles on the short, black horns, the sensations skittering across the processor, exciting and arousing the mech even higher. Black hands stopped searching for hotspots to grip his lover's hips in an attempt to keep in touch with reality.

They fell against the wall with a large enough force to jolt one of their processors back into the present and Jazz whimpered in protest as the white hand left his side to punch in the passcode to the room and he couldn't help but grin when he was practically dragged in.

"You. Berth. Now."

Never mind that both of their chassis was streaked with dirt and that their self repair system had barely begun to correct the damage from the few blaster bolts that had nicked a shoulder here, a wing there. Jazz had barely touched the berth when he was practically pushed back onto it, a heavy weight on his waist holding him down.

Who knew that Prowl could be so demanding after a battle.

Jazz reached up and used the sonic pulsers in his hands to fondle the edges of the door wings that were almost out of reach. Prowl shuddered over Jazz, his optics brightening until they almost glowed white, and it was his turn to hold on to Jazz. Jazz gave the tactician a grin when those optics focused back on him, the light dimmed to a smoldering dark blue.

White fingers delved between armor seams once again and a soft groan escaped his vocalizer as Prowl found the small area close to Jazz's Spark chamber that made the armor over it retract, exposing the white blue light to the room. A moment later, Jazz's visor reflected the white gold light of Prowl's Spark, softening the Datsun's features.

The saboteur struggled for a moment when he discovered his hands above his head, forced down with a strong grip, but that was promptly forgotten when a slick glossa found the sensitive wires of his neck at the same moment that their Sparks merged.

Jazz pulled Prowl up and caught him in an intense kiss as their memories from between their bondings flowed between them. The hours of yearning from Jazz, the flashes of worry followed quickly by confidence for his lover from Prowl, all of it joined together until it felt like it had came from one mech.

Jazz quickly worked his hands loose and reached back for the door wings just as Prowl gripped his horn and overload raced through them, starting at their Sparks and stretching down each limb, the sensations doubled through their bond.

The both of them relaxed as the electricity from the overload abated and Jazz leaned up to nuzzle Prowl's cheek before softly kissing him. "You were wonderful," he murmured.

"Hmm…" Blue optics flickered on and Prowl studied Jazz for a few moments, feeling completely sated, his battle jitters finally dissipating. "We still need to go to the wash racks."

"Ya forcin' me ta get back up after that?" Jazz asked, his voice laced with disbelief. The answer came as Prowl stood and easily pulled Jazz to his feet and out of the room. What could Jazz do but follow.