Chapter 1 The Secret Mission

Chapter 1 The Secret Mission

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Authors Notes: This story occurred to me when I was playing DOA 4 for the Xbox 360 now Im going to lay down a few pointers so you people understand the story. First the story is taking place after the manga of Naruto and after DOA 4, in Naruto three years have passed since the battle with Akatsuki in the current manga Sasuke killed Itachi and return to Kononha the leaf group along with Naruto couldn't defeat Tobi and he got away but they were able to killed Kisame because he killed Sasuke's Hebi group. Akatsuki has put a stop in their mission and nothing have been heard from them since them Jiraiya is dead, Tsunade told Naruto about his parents and she has given him the scroll hidden by the Fourth Hokage about his secret technique the flying thunder god technique so yes Naruto master it. Now Naruto,Sasuke and Sakura are eighteen and the three are jounins, Sakura has sing the slug contract which means she can summon slugs and Katsui. Now when it comes to how strong the three are its simple the three are in Hokage level finally I wont be pairing Sakura with Sasuke or with Naruto you guys can thank me later also I wont pair Naruto with Hinata sorry about that, but there will be surprise pairings in this story. I will also appreciate if you can send me comments and reviews now on with the story.

Hokage office

Tsunade and Shizune heard a knock on the door

"Come in" Tsunade said

The door open and three teens enter the office one of them was tall he had shoulder length spiky blond hair and sapphire blue eyes he had whisker marks on his cheeks he was wearing an orange uniform with black sandals a black headband with the leaf symbol on his forehead of Konoha his shuriken hostler was on his right leg and his kunai hostler was on his left backside, finally he had a long trench coat familiar to the fourth Hokage but it was colored black. The second teen was another boy tall with raven black hair and raven black eyes he was wearing a blue shirt black fingerless gloves black cargo pants blue sandals a blue scarf wrap around his neck his blue leaf headband was wrap in his forehead he had a medium size sword on his back and on the back of his shirt was the symbol of the Uchha clan the red and white balloon. Finally the third teen was girl with short pink hair jade eyes with her red leaf headband was wrap on her head she was wearing a red vest she had pink elbow pads black shorts a pink skirt and black boots.

"You wanted to see us Tsunadesama?" the teen girl with pink hair said

"Yes I did Sakura Naruto Sasuke Im glad you two could come too"

"Of course I will come granny" Naruto said with his fox grin

"Oh I don't know about that you were stuffing your face with ramen when Sakura told us to come to the Hokage's office" Sasuke said with a smirk

Naruto fumed at the Uchiha" hey I couldn't help it I was hungry okay"

"You're always hungry" Sasuke said

"No I'm not"

"Yes you are"

"No Im not"

"Yes you are"

Sakura sweat dropped and sighed (those two after all these years they are still the same as always)

Tsunade gritted her teeth in anger" THAT'S ENOUGH YOU TWO"

Naruto and Sasuke immediately became quiet Tsunade sighed" now Im sure you might know why I called you three?"

"You have a mission for us?" Sakura said

Tsunade nodded" yes but first there's something I want to discuss with you have any of you heard of the Dead or Alive tournament before?"

Naruto and Sakura look puzzle at the mentioning of the word but Sasuke nodded

"I heard it's a martial arts tournament the best of the best compete in that tournament or so they say"

"You are right Sasuke the most skillful fighters compete in the tournament from around the world the tournament its held by the millionaire technological company called DOATEC it's a company dedicated to use technology for the sake of serving mankind with developing medicines and other services the owner, well the former owner of the company Fame Douglas was a dedicated man he wanted to help the world in curing diseases and make it a better place to live unfortunately he was murder and the ownership of the company instead of going into his daughter hands it went to a scientist named Victor Donovan he's one of Douglas best scientist, however Donovan didn't follow Douglas vision in making the world a better place to live by using the companies resources instead he use the technology to create powerful clones to use as weapons why?...that's something I don't know, Donovan was the one who created the DOA tournament in order to find the ultimate fighter he invited fighters from all over the world to compete in order to find the one"

"So the one who won the tournament will be his supposed ultimate fighter?" Sasuke said

"Yes in the first tournament there was one person who conquer it that person was a girl and not just a girl a ninja from the Mugen Tenshin clan her name is Kasumi"

"The Mugen Tenshin clan?" Sakura said

"Yes they are a clan of ninjas strong ones they are not a clan from a hidden village that's why its hard not to know about them not to mention they are very secretive, but anyway in the second tournament DOATEC were able to capture the leader of the Mugen Tenshin clan and they brainwash him in order to have him as their weapon but it didn't turn out well for them as he escape and he somehow ended in a forest somewhere around Germany he also suffer a case of amnesia but he was able to regain his memory back for DOATEC it wasn't a total loss as they were able to create a perfect clone of Kasumi but she was defeated by the original"

Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke were listening intensely to the whole explanation that the Hokage was giving them but Naruto was getting impatient and decided to break the ice.

"So granny what's all of this has to do with the mission you have for us?"

Tsunade sighed" Naruto you're being impatient as always let me finish before I give you the mission after the second tournament Donovan decided to focus in the ninja clans Mugen Tenshin clan and the secret clan that secretly protects them the Hajimon clan in the third tournament they capture the leader of the Hajimon and turn him into a strong soldier with only the intent to destroy but it was defeated by the leader of the ally caln of the Mugen Tenshin the Hayabusa clan"

"Hayabusa clan?" Naruto said puzzle

"It's another clan the ninjas are very exceptional and they hold a friendly alliance with the Mugen Tenshin clan, however a year ago the Hayabusa clan was massacre by a powerful empire called the Vigor Empire"

Sasuke chuckle" looks like they weren't so strong after all"

"Yes that's what I thought but then a week later after the massacre the whole Vigor Empire was destroyed every soldier and men were killed" Tsunade said with a serious tone

The three ninjas were shock

"Was it the Hayabusa clan?" Sakura said

"Not the clan one man from the clan the leader of the Hayabusa clan Ryu Hayabusa"

The group was shock

"No way" Sasuke said in awe

"Only one ninja?" Sakura said in awe

(Is he a jinchurikki?) Naruto thought

"He must be pretty strong to be able to destroy a whole empire on his own" Sasuke said

"Yes well in the fourth tournament Hayate the leader of the Mugen Tenshin clan decided to finally put an end to DOATEC so he send a full attack on its headquarters, Donovan and his team created another clone of Kasumi called alpha 152 it was pretty strong but Kasumi was able to defeat it even with DOATEC headquarters attack by Hayate's ninjas in the end it was Shane's Douglas daughter the one who destroy the building by activating the self destruct program"

"So DOATEC is finish?" Naruto said

"No it seems Donovan is still alive and he has resurrected DOATEC"

"Looks like Hayate is going to be pissed when he finds out" Sasuke said with a grin

"Tsunadesama this has been quite a story you have told us but Im sorry to be the one to ask what's does all of this has to do with the mission?" Sakura said

Tsunade smile" well Sakura Im glad that you ask it's important that all of you to know about the story of DOATEC and the Dead or Alive tournament because I have for you three not one but two missions"

The group blink in surprise

"Al right two missions I can't wait" Naruto said in his cheery mood

Sasuke and Sakura waited for the Hokage to speak about the two missions while Naruto was just too happy about the missions.

"The two missions are involve in the tournament, Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura you three will enter the Dead or Alive tournament and you will seek Hayate you will give him this letter from me it's a treaty to an alliance we need the Mugen Tenshin clan to be our allies"

"So were going to negotiate about an alliance with him, will he accept the offer?" Sakura said

"That I don't know but you three will have to be cautious that you might end up fighting him since you'll be participating in the tournament and I am certain Hayate must know that DOATEC is back so he might be entering the tournament too"

"Al right let's do it then" Naruto said cheery

"Hold it dobe we still don't know the second mission" Sasuke said

"That's right" Sakura said

"Well as for the second mission……..its about Orochimaru?"

Hearing the snake sanins name the three became serious meaning that the mission just got even more serious and dangerous.

"What about him?" Sasuke said

"You all know that he's still alive and that he has taken over Kabuto's body that was three years ago" Tsunade said

Sasuke growl (damn it I should have killed him back then when I had the chance)

"Granny Tsunade do you think that Orochimaru might try to take Sasuke for his new body?" Naruto said anger in his voice

"I don't know Naruto but I think he might come to the tournament since Donovan's objective in the tournament is to find the ultimate fighter"

Sasuke gasp" Then if that's true whoever wins the tournament Orochimaru will take him as the next candidate for his new body"

"Yes that's why I believe he will show up at the tournament and knowing Orochimaru he won't pass this opportunity"

"We understand Tsunadesama we won't let you down" Sakura said

"This is a top secret S rank mission and you three are the strongest jounins in the village that's why I choose the three of you now this years tournament will be held in Tokyo Japan so Shizune if you please"

"Yes Tsunadesama" Shizune said as she gave them three tickets

"Those are the tickets for the boat ride you need to take to get to Tokyo and here is the treaty you must give to Hayate now before you go once you arrived at the tournament I suggest you only rely on your taijutsu skills and forget about genjutsu and ninjutsu however if the tide turns for the worst then you are allowed to use ninjutsu but only a basic technique are we clear?"

The three nodded and Sasuke took the treaty letter

"Now gather your gear you are to leave immediately to Tokyo be careful and good luck"

"Yes Tsunadesama" Sakura said

"Don't worry granny Tsunade well be fine there's no way we are going to lose in the tournament" Naruto said

"Focus on the mission Naruto" Sakura said

"I know but this whole mission it's so exciting we are going to fight strong opponents"

"Im with you on that one dobe who knows we might get to fight Ryu Hayabusa" Sasuke said

Sakura sighed (boys)

The three finally left the office

"Tsunadesama will they be al right?" Shizune said worry

"Yes I believe they will be fine"

"But Tsunadesama you didn't mention them about Akatsuki they could be involve in this too?"

"You might be right I mean three years without hearing anything from them its too good to be true"

"I wonder Tsunadesama if they disappearance of the bodies of Itcahi and Kisame have anything to do with Akatsuki'?"

"I don't know for all we know it could be Orochimaru's doing?"

The door open and Kakashi came

"Hokagesama I just saw my team leaving the building they told me they have a mission?" Kakashi said

"Yes Kakashi I did give them a mission I gave them the alliance treaty mission"

Kakashi gasp" WHAT you send three jounins to that mission and its not just jounins it's my team"

"Now Kakashi don't get upset they will get the mission done"

"You do realize that the Mugen Tenshin clan is not friendly when it comes to make alliances?"

"Yes I know Kakashi"

"And not to mention that they might end up fighting Orochimaru or worst Akatsuki and also the opponents in the tournament are no pushovers"

"I know Kakashi but they are not genin anymore they are jounins and the strong ones in the village so stop worrying"

"What about the Kyubi?"

"There is nothing to worry about Kakashi Jiraiya gave me the technique to reinforce the seal making it twice as strong as the original that the fourth created and also Naruto will be able to use the Kyubi's chakra without harming his body or letting the Kyubi taking over his mind so he's safe"

"I guess they will be fine and besides we can check on their progress on the television"

"The television?" Tsunade said puzzle

"Yeah the tournament is going to be broadcasted world wide its pay per view to be exact and I already pay so I can watch it"

Tsunade smile" well Kakashi looks like you're going to be involve in this mission after all then go ahead Kakashi you're mission is to watch the tournament and report back to me if anything serious happens"

"Yes Hokagesama" Kakashi said as he left the office

"I wonder if they know that the tournament is going to be broadcasted?" Shizune said

"Well I didn't knew and I didn't tell them which means they don't know they are going to be quite surprised"

"And knowing Narutosan he's going to be very surprised"

Tsunade chuckle" yes he will"

To be continued

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