Chapter 40 Alliance: towards a new tomorrow

Bold letters inner Sakura speaking

Italics are flashbacks

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(Time skip: three days later after the DOA 5 tournament)

(Location: Konoha hidden left village fire country territory)

The village of Konoha was having another regular day to some at least. The merchants were as usual selling their goods while others were running their restaurants and shops. The civilian children were playing their regular games while the women were attending their homes and their children. The ninja population were doing the usual missions assigned by the Hokage while others got prepare for the today. Rumors have spread throughout the village that the new legendary sanins of the leaf have succeeded in their mission in killing the missing nin Orochimaru for good. They were also happy that Naruto won the Dead or Alive tournament becoming the champion a lot of people were celebrating of his victory. Almost the entire population of the village has come to respect the blond ninja a lot for his strength, determination and his will to protect Konoha, however they were still some people who didn't like him and they still saw him as the demon fox. Majority of the ninja have marked this day in their calendars for a reason today was the day of the alliance with the Mugen Tenshin clan and its allies. The people of hidden leaf village were finally going to gain new allies to strengthen their forces and benefit the economy of both sides and their politics. It was going to be history with this alliance since the Mugen Tenshin and Hayabusa clan are the strongest ninja clans that don't have a hidden village system which will benefit Konoha a lot.

Tsunade has informed to ANBU as well as jounins and chunins alike that they will be expecting company from their newly allies soon eventually they knew about the treaty for the alliance. Some of the ninjas were looking forward for this event because the Mugen Tenshin clan is a clan who doesn't take lightly when it comes to forming an alliance with another village that it wasn't their friendly allies from the Hayabusa clan. They were in full alert and they were currently waiting for their arrival. Tsunade has also found out about Hayate not wanting to make an alliance until he fought Naruto that he changed his mind and she expected such thing from the blond ninja. He has changed so many minds and hearts from people with his gift it was because of him that they were going to have the alliance. A lot of the ninjas have come to gain a huge respect for Naruto for everything he has done for the village even from the ninjas that used to hate him, they have come to respect him and acknowledged him as one of their own instead of seeing him as the Kyuubi. The village already saw the blond as a hero although most of them didn't know the truth of Naruto being the son of their past hero the Yondaime Hokage. The day had lots of sunshine and it was clear that it was going to be another beautiful day in the hidden leaf village of Konoha.

(Location: village gates south entrance checking station Konoha hidden leaf village fire country territory)

Izumo and Kotetsu were doing their usual job at the checking station identifying the people who were visiting the village. Quite frankly both chunins were feeling very bore due to their position they rarely get to do any important missions. They were always in the village doing errands or doing other minority jobs that were irrelevant to their ranks, even as chunins they should at least one decent job that will make them look good as ninjas of Konoha. Some of their jobs consisted of buying the Hokage sake or retrieving documents to the Hokage as well as getting some books for her. Then there was this job as guards of the south gate checking station which it was another boring job, to sum it up Kotetsu and Izumo's life as ninjas it sucks big time. They missed the times when they were part of the team of proctors for the chunin exams but they haven't form part of the team since the last chunin exams three years ago. The two chunins gazed seeing some people passing by who were obviously merchants and peddlers before they went to their paperwork which was hell and so far it was the job they hated the most. Their day could never get any more boring even if they bet the Hokage's allowance that something good and exciting will happen to them.

Izumo sighed as he finished another sheet of paper from his paperwork" Kotetsu what's wrong with this picture?"

The spiky haired chunin with a bandage covering his nose gazed at his partner with a bore expression" what do you mean?"

"I mean what's wrong with us, look at us were doing all kinds of stupid jobs it's so boring. Were probably the only chunins in the village who are getting the dumbest errands?"

"I'll say what's the last time we had a mission was?"

"I can't even remember because it's been that long I wonder what we ever did wrong, I feel like the Hokage is punishing us or something" replied Izumo.

"Were the only ones who are doing these silly jobs we haven't gotten a chance to participate in the chunins exams?"

"Yeah I will give being a proctor than doing these any day of the week."

"We should talk to Hokage-sama about this maybe she can give us other duties or perhaps a mission that will be even better" Kotetsu said.

"I agree we deserve a mission a least it doesn't matter if it's a D rank mission we just want do something else besides sitting her and doing some paperwork."

"This is one of the most important jobs in the village were the ones keeping an eye on who are the people that are visiting the village. It may be boring but it still an important job and Hokage-sama has given us this position because she trusts us."

Izumo nodded with a sigh" you're right but I will like a mission to do something new for a change, doing the same thing every day will make our lives boring. I just don't like being repetitive."

"I hear you but it's a living."

Izumo became quiet when he felt something in the air" hey Kotetsu did you feel that?"

"Feel what I don't feel anything."

"No focus more can't you feel some strong chakra heading here?"

Kotetsu's eyes widened in shock" yeah you're right I can sense some high chakra heading here and judging by the level it's not just one. I think there are three of them."

"We should warn Hokage-sama about this."

Suddenly not too far from their location a whirlwind of leaves, feathers and butterflies appeared revealing three figures emerging from it. The two chunins gasped seeing the new visitors which they were obviously ninjas from their high level of chakra and their teleport jutsu. The three ninjas were none other than Hayate, Ayane and Ryu they were gazing around the village. Hayate was wearing a black armor style ninja uniform with a mask, his double swords strapped on his back he was wearing his father's uniform when he became the leader of the Mugen Tenshin clan. Wearing the armor was a symbol that he's the representative of the ninja clan who will become Konoha's future ally. Ayane wasn't wearing her usual purple kunoichis uniform which it was her favorite due it was made in favorite color. She was wearing a black uniform similar to Hayate but it was more feminine suited for kunoichi, like her half brother she was representing the Haji Mon clan the Mugen Tenshin clan's personal squad that protects them from the shadows and allied clan. Ryu was wearing a black outfit but it wasn't his regular black falcon outfit the designs were different the only difference is that he wasn't wearing a mask like his previous outfit. His dragon sword was strapped on his back as usual the super ninja was present representing his clan also as the leader of the Hayabusa clan the closest allies to the Mugen Tenshin clan.

Izumo and Kotetsu were in awe watching them. Seeing their clothing they already had an idea who they were, ninjas but visitors to their village especially when they recognized the legendary dragon sword strapped on Ryu's back. It was an honor for them to finally gaze at the dragon ninja Ryu Hayabusa since they have heard so much of him from the rumors he was among the strongest ninjas in the world. Now they were beyond happy that their day has become very interesting with seeing the super ninja in person. Their gazes left from Ryu and into the other two ninjas also knowing who they were.

"Izumo they are…" Kotetsu started.

"Yeah it's them they have finally arrived."

"So this is Konoha?" asked Ryu looking at the immense village.

"Never thought I will be coming to this village" Ayane said.

"The rumors are true Konoha is a large village in capacity" Hayate said.

"Our first time visiting the hidden leaf village" Ryu replied.

"More precise first time we are visiting another ninja village that isn't the Hayabusa village, I never expected we will be making an alliance with one of the strongest of the hidden villages" Ayane said.

"Neither have I Ayane but our village is in debt with Konoha thanks to the efforts of the Yondaime and his son we owe this village our lives" Hayate replied.

The lavender haired kunoichi nodded understanding her half brother's point. It was because of Minato that their village was still alive from the plague that affected the clan years ago. Naruto help them in their cause to stop Donovan and DOATEC and the one who saved Kasumi from her fate as an exile ninja, as well as the one who brought them together as a family. As payment for their kind efforts they will give their alliance to the leaf village, in addition she knew that Hayate was a man who always keeps his word. He gave his word of honor as the leader of the Mugen Tenshin clan to become allies with Konoha.

"We should get going then. We can't keep everyone waiting" Ryu said.

Hayate nodded" Ryu is it all right that you came without wearing a mask?"

"Is there something wrong with me not wearing a mask Hayate?" the dragon ninja's expression was puzzle by his comment.

"Never mind…" was his only reply.

Hayate didn't say another word while Ryu was still confused by his comment. There were times when he didn't felt like wearing a ninja mask he wasn't obligated to wear one in the first place. The past leaders of the Hayabusa clan wear masks while others didn't wear one there was no law where it indicate that they have to wear a mask. It all depended in their tastes if they like wearing a mask or if they didn't wanted or felt like it, and Ryu was one of them. Ayane who was next to Hayate didn't say a word either however she had to agree with her half brother that the dragon ninja needed to wear a mask. Like Hayate she knew the reason which Ryu was eventually going to regret later.

'Sometimes master Ryu can be quite dense…'

They started walking towards the entrance of the village before they were eventually met by Izumo and Kotetsu.

"Welcome to Konoha!" Izumo said.

"I believe you're the leaders of the Mugen Tenshin clan and the Hayabusa clan here to sign the alliance with our village?" Kotetsu said.

"That is correct I believe were just in time to sign the treaty?" asked Hayate.

"Not at all it's a little early for the ceremony to begin" Izumo replied.

"We can give you an escort to the fire tower where the ceremony will take place if you like?" Kotetsu said.

"That will be all right you two."

Everyone saw as a ninja appeared in a cloud of smoke it was none other than Kakashi he turned to the two chunins" Hokage-sama has ordered me to escort our future allies to the fire tower. No need for you to leave your assigned job for this."

The two chunins nodded before going back to the station and assumed their boring job, they weren't happy since they were expecting to escort the ninja guests to the fire tower. The ninjas however were gazing at the mask jounin with curiosity it seems they were getting an idea of who he was.

'Is that…' Ayane thought.

"You must be Hatake Kakashi the famous sharingan copy ninja" Ryu said.

"Well I don't like to make a big deal about it when it comes to popularity but you're right that will be me" replied the mask jounin.

"We have heard a lot about you Kakashi wielder of the sharingan former ANBU and the son of Hatake Sokumo Konoha's white fang" Hayate replied.

"You all have done your research well I'm not surprise though. I have heard of how good the spy network of the Mugen Tenshin clan is your sources of information are very accurate" Kakashi said.

"We may leave apart and isolated from the five hidden villages but that doesn't mean we don't know anything about them. We are always aware of what's going on in the other ninja villages, we have to stay on guard if an invasion happens" Ayane said.

"We don't trust any village but our brotherly villages in the Hayabusa clan the rest are neutral in our eyes. No need to explain to you about the concept of trust and betrayal?" asked Hayate.

"Yes of course I'm well aware of the topic now please follow me I will take you to the council chambers in the fire tower" Kakashi replied.

The ninjas nodded before they started walking entering the village following the mask jounin into the streets of Konoha.

Ryu noticed the expression on his friend's face and he could tell Ayane has noticed too' Hayate seems to be anxious rather than hostile, I wonder if it's the treaty for the alliance that is causing him to behave like this?'

'Hayate are you really looking forward in making the alliance with Konoha?' thought Ayane' compare to what you told me back at our village'

Hayate and Ayane were standing outside of the gates of the Mugen Tenshin village. They have geared up and were ready to leave to Konoha to go to sign the alliance treaty with the leaf village. Ayane saw the expression on his face and she could tell that he was bothered no doubt by the alliance. She has known him since they were little and she could always tell by the expression on his face. He wasn't comfortable it was a look of showing uncertainty and she didn't like that, she wanted to see him in full confidence that he wanted to do this by his own free will. Hayate remained quiet he was in deep thought, he gazed at the forest path ahead before looking back at his half sister.

"Let's go Ayane. Ryu should be waiting for us at the bridge that leads to the Hayabusa village."

"Are you sure you want to go through with this?" she asked to her half brother" once we leave the village there's no turning back."

"I have made my decision a long time ago, besides I have given my word to Naruto that I will accept in making the alliance with Konoha. A ninja's word is his bond and it can never be back down from it or he will lose his honor to his clan."

"I know about the ninja code of honor but I'm asking you not as the leader of the Mugen Tenshin clan but as a person who cares a lot for his village, do you really want to go through with this?"

The ninja leader stood quiet for a couple of minutes in deep thought before answering the Haji Mon kunoichi" part of me wants to go through with it and part of me doesn't want to."

"You're feeling uneasy about this but it's only natural you feel that way. The Hayabusa clan and Mugen Tenshin clan have been allies for years ever since the foundations of the two villages. But this will be the first time we'll be making a true alliance with another village and not just any ninja village but the strongest of the five hidden villages."

"I know about the choice I have made and the consequences it could lead. The alliance will be more benefit for Konoha rather than for us, I could be endangering our village by accepting the alliance."

"Then why are you still agreeing in doing this?!" Ayane cried" this alliance might be a mistake even the clan elders as well as the elders of the Haji Mon clan weren't fond of the idea in making an alliance with Konoha!"

"You could be right the alliance could be a mistake but aren't you forgetting Ayane?" Hayate gazed back at her with a serious expression" have you forgotten about the deadly plague that hit our village years ago?"

The kunoichi's eyes widened in shock remembering that horrible day how could she forget such day it was horrible. She remembered seeing so many people sick coughing so much blood while others were in worst conditions. Men, women even children and infants were sick they were all in the brink of death. She remembered seeing the medics of their village working hard but none of them were able to find a cure or even know about the disease. Her eyes softened remembering the people who saved them from the terrible sickness.

Hayate seeing her expression he knew she remembered one of the dark days in the history of their village" who was the person that came and save our village from the plague, who was the person that took his time from ruling over his village to visit another village in which we were neutral with him in politic matters?"

"I see where you're going with this. This is all to pay the debt from the Yondaime Hokage for saving the village from that sickness I guess it justifies your cause to make an alliance with Konoha but still…"

"I have been thinking for so long why would he take his time to visit another village when his village is not an ally of ours?" Hayate replied" the only thing he would have asked for is getting himself killed for entering a neutral village but I still didn't understand what he was trying to do. Then I started thinking back at his words what he said on that day when he faced my father and the elders."

Ayane was gazing at him as he continues with his speech" this is a great power and responsibility I've been given and for a while I have realized that the role of Hokage is more than just to help and protect the leaf village of Konoha but to also those in need outside of my village. The people that can't defend themselves the people they need medicine because they're sick, as long as I'm the Hokage I will not just protect the people of Konoha but the people outside of the village who needs the help and the protection."

"He told me that he could tell that I was going to become a strong ninja someday and to always protect my village and the people who are precious to me those words help my spirit grow strong. But the words I will never forget is what he told my father his reason to come and aid our village. I won't stand and watch people die before my eyes I won't let this prestigious clan die by a mere plague, if there's something I can do to help I won't hesitate to do it. I figured ever since that day that's what it takes to be a true leader or to rightfully possess the title of Hokage and I wanted to be just like him."

"You want to pay the Yondaime's debt with the alliance then I won't argue with you, it's your choice alone to take as the leader of the clan" replied Ayane with a small smile.

"It's not just his debt" Hayate started" but I want to pay a debt to his son as well it's because of Naruto that Kasumi is safe from her life as a traitor. He's the reason I didn't took the painful choice in killing her, the elders didn't argue with Kasumi joining Konoha she's no longer an exiled ninja there's no need to go after her anymore and they are most pleased that the scroll of the sky torn blast has been brought back. Naruto opened my eyes to see the truth to how important the bonds of family are to the matter of honor, I owe him that much."

The lavender haired kunoichi chuckle at him" you told me back at the tournament that I have change well so have you."

"I have change I believe it's for the better…."

"All thanks to Naruto. I never thought I would say this to someone but he's amazing, there is a powerful force that goes with his words and they always seem to take effect on people changing them to become better persons I still don't know how he does it?" Ayane replied.

"He knows the true meaning of the power of words it's his will and determination that makes his words very powerful and inspiring."

"I guess you're right if you're that committed to go through with the alliance then I will follow you in your decision like always."

"I know I thank you for that Ayane but there's something I would like to discuss with the Hokage and his council" Hayate said.

"Something else what do you mean?"

"I don't like this idea of the alliance" he replied.

"What are you talking about you just told me that…"

"We have wasted enough time Ayane let's get going already."

The lavender haired kunoichi wanted to know what her half brother had in mind but she nodded, before both ninjas vanished from sight.

'Just what are you planning Hayate?' thought the kunoichi taking a glance at him looking a bit concern but she didn't show it.

They were walking the streets of the leaf village closely following Kakashi to the meeting place of the treaty for the alliance which it was in the fire tower. However as they walked the streets passing by the villagers they noticed something was wrong and they weren't surprised by the sudden change. Hayate and Ayane noticed it as well as Ryu the super ninja continued his walking ignoring the looks from the women. Almost all of the female population was drooling at Ryu because of his handsome looks most of them were blushing while others got tons of nose bleeds from thinking perverted thoughts about the dragon ninja. Kakashi noticed this and couldn't help but grin knowing that the rumors about Ryu were true when it came down of being a dream come true to every single women and a sex symbol. He had to hold a perverted giggle because of the thought it was the cause for reading so many times Jiraiya's perverted novels. Ryu finally realized why Hayate asked him the question about not wearing a mask.

'Next time I will wear a mask.'

'That Ryu really is a magnet for women if Jiraiya-sama were still alive to see this he'll be writing research for a new itcha Itcha book I really missed him. I just wish he could have written one last book before dying' thought Kakashi with a mental sigh of disappointment.

"Konoha looks so different than our village" Ayane commented out loud.

"I suppose our economy income is rather high it's to be expected. We have lots of trade deals with merchants and food companies" Kakashi replied.

"The economy is one of the reasons to why Konoha is so strong asides from its military power" Ryu said.

"That's true but asides from everything the one important thing that matters to us is make sure that our people are safe and sound. The people of Konoha is the only thing that matter to us over economy or man power this is the difference of how we live in the ninja world" the mask jounin took something from his kunai pouch his famous orange book which was the second volume of the Itcha Itcha paradise series and started reading it.

Hayate nodded in agreement knowing what he was talking about. If there was one thing that the ninjas of Konoha value are friendship over honor their allies meant more than just some code, they fight by their side and gave their lives to protect them if that was the case. He immediately thought of Naruto and the way he always stood up to defend his friends especially his protective nature when it came to his sister Kasumi. Perhaps this was a sign that he should follow their footsteps remembering the Yondaime and his will to help the people around him and those in need. He realized that Ryu and Ayane were staring at Kakashi with some hostility and he saw the cause. As soon as the mask ninja took out his perverted book Ayane fumed getting upset with the fact that he was reading an inappropriate book in front of a woman. The ninja clan leader decided to take matters into his own hands before it goes out of control with a certain kunoichi.

"Hatake Kakashi?"

Kakashi put down his book looking at Hayate who was giving him a deadly serious expression" is there something wrong?"

"If you value your life I suggest you don't read that book in Ayane's presence."

The mask jounin blinked before he gazed at the lavender haired kunoichi who looked like she was ready to kill him and she looked very upset. Her gaze was enough for Kakashi to put his book away putting it back into his kunai pouch.

"A wise decision" replied Ryu.

"That's more like it" Ayane said not changing her expression from the mask jounin' what a disgusting pervert I can't believe he's the same sharingan Kakashi the copy ninja.'

Kakashi chuckle nervously scratching the back of his head" sorry my bad it has become rather a habit of me to read that book although I finish reading it a long time ago I want to read it again."

He only got the serious gazes from the three ninjas making him look more nervous' tough crowd these guys are the real deal I will keep quiet from now on.'

They continued their walking towards the fire tower without saying another word because they already knew that the famous copy ninja is actually a big time pervert. Hayate however was thinking about something else more precise the alliance he needed to talk about the treaty and he wanted to clear a few things out. The only thing in his mind was to make a few changes to the alliance that will benefit both him and Konoha. His thinking was change thanks to Naruto thinking about others well being before oneself he will pay his debt to his father and the young blond.

'This alliance will be good….or bad depending what course Konoha will take I will see it to the end.'

(Time skip)

(Location: council chambers fire tower Konoha hidden leaf village fire country territory)

Kakashi with the three ninjas arrived at the council chambers where everyone was waiting for their arrival. Tsunade was standing in the front of the council members round table everyone was present for this important event. The three elder Homura, Hoharu and Danzo were seated in the middle with next to them were the rest of the members. Nara Shikaku, Yamanaka Inoichi, Akamachi Chouza, Inuzuka Tsume, Hyuga Hiashi everyone one of them gave the three ninjas a cordial salute to welcome them they were looking forward for today. On the back of the council table stood the audience benches who were present to witness the event and it was everyone representing the Konoha eleven, some of them was already familiar to the three ninjas. Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kasumi were among the crowd along with the members who formed part of the rookie nine. Shikamaru, Ino, Chouji, Kiba, Shino, Hinata, Lee, Neji, Tenten, Iruka, Shizune and Temari who was present as a representative of Konoha's allies the hidden sand village she was also the Kazekage's personal advisor.

The newly allies were happy to see their comrades from Konoha as Kasumi. Hayate and Ayane smiled at the new kunoichi from the leaf who was wearing something different from her usual kunoichi attire. She was wearing a short sleeve with fish net designs on the sleeve, a tight skirt reaching her knees with a pink ribbon strapped on her waist her short sword was strapped on her back as usual. Black sandals with fish nets socks she was also wearing black wristbands with pink lace fingerless gloves. Hayate and Ayane have also noticed the pink Konoha headband strapped on her forehead making her a kunoichi of Konoha. She was smiling happily at her two siblings proving that she was happy being part of the leaf village. Naruto was happy seeing his friends whom he aided them at the infiltration to DOATEC headquarters but it was different to his two teammates. Sasuke just smiled slightly looking at Ayane while Sakura smiling at Ryu. In truth both jounins were lonely in the past three days and they missed their companions, the Uchiha missed his girlfriend and Sakura missed her close friend the super ninja. Right now they stood quiet along with the rest of the Konoha group watching the event who was about to begin.

The three ninjas walked towards the council table facing the Hokage and the Konoha council ready to discuss the treaty for the alliance. The three ninjas gazed at the members of the council they already the Hokage Tsunade was trustworthy just by looking at her, in addition that Naruto and his teammates had a big loyalty towards the slug sanin. They saw some of the members of the council looked trustworthy but there were other who was suspicious and they couldn't be trusted. Hayate was quick to see that the elders were the ones who didn't looked like trusted allies he could tell just by looking into their eyes. Ever since he was little he could tell which people were trustworthy and who weren't it's like a special gift he had when he first met Naruto he knew that the blond could be trusted and the kind of person to put your faith in. But he the one person he didn't trusted at all and who he has already forged some hostility and hatred was to the third elder who resemble a mummy Danzo. He knew that this man didn't have any good intention it was enough to change his mind about the alliance with Konoha. That's why he was going to put his plan about the treaty in action there were people not to be trusted their actions could have fatal consequences to his own village and allies.

Ryu and Ayane were aware of the situation knowing the look on Hayate's face. It was the same look he will give when judging them and they knew he didn't trusted the elders, at least Danzo. Ayane was now concern seeing her half brother's expression could mean that he will think otherwise in agreeing to the alliance. He might refuse causing an uproar among the Konoha council which might lead into a fight but she knew that it was suicide fighting so many ninjas in their own village. They will only be asking for their own deaths even they knew when it was hopeless to fight so she stood quiet and waited how things were going to turn out. Ryu was quiet waiting for the council's to begin the ceremony but he was expecting what would Hayate will say knowing that he didn't trusted the three elders in the council, refusing the alliance was to be expected from the Mugen Tenshin clan leader.

Tsunade addressed the ninjas" welcome to Konoha please introduce yourselves before we commence with the treaty signing!"

"I am Hayate leader of the Mugen Tenshin clan."

"I am Ayane soon to be leader of Haji Mon clan allies of the Mugen Tenshin clan."

"I am Ryu Hayabusa leader of the Hayabusa clan allies of the Mugen Tenshin clan."

Tsunade nodded" very well members of the council you may take your seats so we can begin with the singing for the alliance."

Everyone took their seats while Ryu noticed that he was being watched by the audience. Just like the women in the village every single kunoichi in the chamber were basically drooling at him. Everyone from Shizune, Anko, Kurenai, Ino, Tenten and Hinata were going gaga over the super ninja's good looks. Sakura was the only one unfazed but that's because she was holding her anger and she was trying to stop herself from beating the crap out of her fellow kunoichis due to her jealousy. Seeing how they were blushing and the possibility that they were having perverted thoughts with the dragon ninja was enough to make her exploded with jealousy like a volcano ready to erupt. Ryu ignored the audience and only pay attention to the Hokage and the council.

"Hayate of the Mugen Tenshin clan and his allies me and the council of Konoha have come to accept to make an alliance with your clan and your allies. Since you have accepted to make the alliance shall we proceed with singing the treaty?" replied the slug sanin.

"Before we do that" Hayate said getting the attention of everyone in the room" I would like to know the reason for this alliance, I believe I have the right to know your intentions with making this alliance."

"What reason would there be to have an alliance with another ninja village?" asked the elder Homura.

"There are lots of reasons to have an alliance war are one of the main reasons" replied the clan leader.

The council stood quiet along with the audience. Naruto was in deep thought hearing Hayate's words it's the same thing he told him back at the tournament. Not that he questioned Tsunade's reasons to have an alliance but he trusted her enough to believe in what she was doing. The only thing he was concerned about was Hayate's intentions seeing the expression on his face which it was serious with some anger; he remembered that he promised him that he will accept making the alliance with Konoha.

'Hayate….what's going on are you going to back out on your promise?'

"Will you tell me your reasons to make an alliance with my clan I believe military power is the most obvious reason?" asked Hayate.

"You're asking for a reason for the alliance when you're already here you're a little late for that" Danzo said.

"You should have asked for the ones who gave you the message the decision is done it you can't back down now" Kohaku said.

"So you're refusing to tell me your intentions I'd rather hear the explanation from the people who made decisions and pass the laws of Konoha to be more fitting?" Hayate replied.

"We have the right to tell him there's no harm in keeping in it under wraps" Shikaku said.

Tsunade nodded" that is correct we will be having you as our allies so it's not right to keep secrets between us. You're right the reason for an alliance is war but not what you think we need allies' ninjas who will fight for our cause. In the ninja world war is inevitable in order to prevent those wars we prepare ourselves for it we gathering what forces we have."

Hayate was listening with Ryu and Ayane quietly and so war they didn't like what they were hearing. Things have gotten complicated and Hayate was thinking that perhaps he made a mistake in accepting the alliance with Konoha he was having second thoughts by now. The members of the council were in deep thought while Tsunade face the group resuming with her speech.

"There are many threats in this world and we have to make sure this threat doesn't become too strong to fulfill their own ambitions. We believe a future war may fall upon us and it's better to be prepare and ready for it and we may need all the help we can get and wants to share our purpose in bringing order in the five country protect this world from danger isn't that what we all believe in?"

The members of the rookie stood quiet listening while others were in deep thought. Naruto was one of those people he knew who she was talking about the criminal organization who has been hunting down the demon containers like himself. Akatsuki hasn't been heard off since three years ago with the death of Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame, the remaining members have suddenly vanished and they haven't found nothing on the organization ever since. He had a score to settle with the organization especially with the one who killed his teacher Jiraiya remembering what Fukasaku told him. Jiraiya's murder was the wielder of the legendary dojutsu the rinnegan the eyes that legends said that belonged to the sage of the six paths the founder of the ninja world whose teachings have birth to ninjutsu and the rest of the ninja skills. He sworn under the toad sanin's name that he was going to avenge him and take down that man the one who calls himself Pain.

"You want us to be your allies in order to invade the other ninja nations?" Ryu said.

"No that's not how Konoha do things we believe in helping each other as well as helping our allies from any threat to all of us and that threatens the five countries. Perhaps you don't believe our intentions."

"Were not fond with making alliances with other villages" Ayane replied.

"Yes we are well aware of that and yet you're here I will guess it was because Naruto changed your mind?" the slug sanin said.

"I gave my word that I will accept the alliance my clan has a debt to pay to leaf village thanks to the efforts of the Yondaime. He was the one who made me realize how important is the role of a leader to protect his village and what to believe in."

"I know Hayate I remembered you when you were just a child. How highly you looked at Minato when you saw the kind of person he was, he was Hokage for a reason because of what he believed in and protecting his village and everyone around him was his job. He was too kindhearted that he even went to other villages to help the people in need you already know that don't you?" Tsunade smiled.

Hayate stood quiet before looking around the room looking at the council members and the audience, he gave a glance to Naruto before looking back at the council" I have made my decision like I said before I accept the alliance with your village."

"Well since that has been decided how about we get to sing the treaty?" Hiashi said.

"I agree let's welcome our new allies" inoichi said.

"However…." Hayate said getting the attention of everyone in the room again" I have something else in mind for a treaty than the one you have originally planned."

Tsunade and the council members got confused by his comment. The audience was also puzzle not knowing what he had in mind. Among the council the elders were the one who didn't like where this was going, they had a bad feeling about the whole thing. Ryu gazed at Hayate who was still giving that look of seriousness he was meaning business it seems he had other plans of his own for the treaty. Ayane was concern about the situation but she trusted her half brother all the way but she was still wandering what he has in mind knowing that he didn't trusted some of the members in the council.

Tsunade was puzzle by his comment" what do you mean?"

"I will make a treaty with you but it will be different from the one you originally made."

"A different treaty" Danzo said not liking how this was turning out.

"We will like to see the document for the treaty?" Ryu said.

"Certainly" Tsunade replied taking the document from Homura's hands handing it over to Hayate.

The clan leader read carefully the official sheet before looking back at them" just as I thought as expected this treaty is to have an alliance with the village of Konoha."

"So what's your point that's what this alliance is all about?" Shikaku said.

"Perhaps however my treaty doesn't include the hidden leaf village."

"What are you saying?" asked Hiashi sounding upset with his comment.

"You have second thoughts in making an alliance with us I believe it's a little too late to go back on your decision" Koharu said.

"No second thoughts I have made my decision in accepting an alliance but like I said it won't be with Konoha but with an individual. Actually that individual is right here in this room, from this day on I will pledge my allegiance to Namikaze Naruto!"

"What?!" Danzo said enraged while Homura and Koharu were shocked along with the other members of the council.

"What me?!" Naruto said in great shock while the rookies were in shock too.

"A treaty with Naruto?" Sasuke said.

Ayane gazed at her half brother shocked but shortly, she gave a small smile' so this is what you had in mind all along Hayate.'

'Not a bad plan Hayate some of these council members are not to be trusted. It's better to make the alliance with the son of the Yondaime, Naruto is the one who has gained are full trust and support' Ryu thought.

Everyone was technically shocked about the sudden revelation from Hayate they weren't expecting such request from the clan leader. However Tsunade was the only one who wasn't shocked she couldn't help but give a big grin at Hayate's plan. She figured he didn't trusted the elders or Danzo for the matter making an alliance with the village was risky and untrusting for him, so it was better to make the alliance with the one person from Konoha whom he trusted the most. It wasn't long before the council members started murmuring between themselves and the atmosphere change a little things weren't going their way.

'What a clever way of thinking. Making an alliance with Naruto is more benefit for him, me and the village than having it under control of the council especially from those old farts' Tsunade thought still having a grin on her face.

"That's out of the question" Homura said.

"Is there a problem with my request to make my treaty?" Hayate said.

"That's not what we agreed on" Homura replied.

"That's correct this alliance is supposed to be with Konoha" Koharu said.

"An alliance is made with villages that have gained our trust. Namikaze Naruto is the only one from Konoha who has earned our trust he's the one Hayate has chosen to make the alliance with" Ryu replied.

"When it comes to me and the Mugen Tenshin clan to make alliance is that I trust that individual and village with our very lives, I apologize but I don't trust Konoha but I trust Naruto I will lay my sword and my life for his sake."

"It's your choice whether you want to accept his treaty or not but we won't be accepting yours take it or leave it, if you don't accept we will leave and that's the end of that" Ayane said.

"I don't see a problem with it" Shikaku said.

"I agree this treaty won't affect us at all" Inoichi said.

"An alliance with Naruto I don't see anything wrong" Chouza said.

"This alliance is fine Konoha will have more allies" Hiashi replied.

"I don't see anything wrong with this treaty" Shibi said.

"I agree they believe in Naruto as well as us so this alliance won't affect the village" Tsume said.

"Fine do as you like" Homura said.

"No comment" Kohaku said.

Danzo stood quiet he wasn't happy in the least with the outcome of the treaty. He was upset but there was nothing he could do since everyone from the council has agreed on Hayate's treaty, it was clearly going against on whatever he had in mind. Tsunade was smiling but she was grinning mentally seeing the mummified face of Danzo twitched in anger she knew he wasn't happy and she was enjoying this moment a lot. She knew he has lost the chance to have control of their new allies to use for his own benefit instead of the village's benefit. She turned her gaze to the audience at Naruto who was still shocked because of Hayate's decision he was never expecting something like this.

She smiled at the blond" everyone has agreed on Hayate's treaty I guess it's fair if we ask Naruto his opinion on the matter."

Naruto nodded leaving the seats of the audience as he walked straight to the three ninjas, meeting Tsunade and the council. He gazed at the three ninjas to his surprise they gave him an approved smile showing to him that they approve Hayate's treaty with him. He turned around to see his teammates Sasuke, Sakura, Kasumi smiling at him and the rookies were smiling too it seems they also approve the treaty too. Just like the members of the rookie nine Hayate, Ryu and Ayane trusted him and wanted to follow him as an ally and friend. He looked back at Tsunade and the council members and they were smiling with exception of the three elders they were approving the idea except Danzo who remain quiet feeling upset with the decision.

"Well Naruto what do you say?" asked the slug sanin.

"I…I don't know I wasn't expecting any of this" replied the blond.

Hayate put his hand on his shoulder" Naruto I Hayate leader of the Mugen Tenshin clan pledge my loyalty and allegiance to you. You can count on my clan that we will aid you in any battle."

"The Haji Mon clan always follows the decision of the Mugen Tenshin clan so as future leader of the Haji Mon I will also pledge my loyalty and allegiance. The Haji Mon will also support you I am glad to have you as an ally" Ayane said.

"The Hayabusa clan will also support you as allies of the Mugen Tenshin clan. I Ryu Hayabusa pledge my loyalty and trust in you friend."

By now Naruto was blushing from the embarrassment while scratching the back of his head it was all so sudden" guys….I really don't know what to say…."

"Just say that you accept their pledges dobe" Sasuke said with a smirk.

Naruto chuckle" right I will accept your pledges but I want you guys to fight by my side as my friends."

"Figures you will say that" replied Ayane with a smirk.

"Then we will aid you as your friends" Hayate said.

"It shall be done" Ryu said.

Hayate extended his hand and Naruto took it in a firm hand shake making the alliance official. Everyone watched as a new day has begun on Konoha gaining new allies that will surely help them in the future or defend them when war approaches.

"We should make a new document for this new alliance" Homura said.

"That won't be necessary a handshake is enough but it will be written down as today that the alliance with the Mugen Tenshin clan has become official" Tsunade replied.

"Is this alliance safe Tsuande?" Danzo finally asked in a stern tone.

"It is I like it more that the regular one. This alliance suggested by Hayate ensures Naruto being the one in charge of the alliance with our new allies and since we know how loyal he is to Konoha the Mugen Tenshin clan will remain loyal to the village as well."

The mummified man didn't said another word he kept his face hidden from emotion while on the inside he was truly displease with this new alliance. It wasn't exactly what he had in mind or plan of his plan for the matter he didn't noticed that Tsunade was grinning at him in amusement.

'I bet you're pissed because of Naruto being the one person keeping the alliance with the Mugen Tenshin clan intact. If Naruto is in any kind of danger then they will be the ones taking action to protect him I know I can count on our new friends' thought the slug sanin as she started thinking about Akatsuki.

"Well if there isn't anything more to discuss then this council meeting is over" Tsunade said.

The members of the council got up from their seat and one by one they started leaving the council chambers. Soon the lasts to leave were the three elders Homura and Koharu didn't looked displeased but it was Danzo who left with an unhappy expression. Tsunade and everyone else went to Naruto and their new allies who were glad to have new comrades.

"Congratulations Naruto" Tsunade said with a smile.

"Thanks granny…" he replied with his fox grin.

"I can't thank you enough to welcome all of you for accepting to become Naruto's allies to help Konoha" replied the slug sanin.

"I'm just repaying my debt" Hayate said.

"And for that we thank you" replied the blond Hokage.

"I'm glad to meet you I'm Temari representative of Konoha's allies Suna the hidden sand village" the sand kunoichi replied.

"We have heard from Suna as well as Konoha were grateful" Ayane said.

"Were always happy to have new allies joining us even if the whole process to make an alliance is troublesome" Shikamaru said.

"Acting all lazy as always why am I not surprise?" Temari said with a frown looking at the Nara.

"Whatever…." he replied in his usual lazy tone.

"Hayate-san, Ayane-san and Ryu-san we welcome you to Konoha as our new allies we will show you our youthfulness!" Gai shouted.

"Yes Gai sensei with new allies our flame of youth will burn brighter than ever!" Lee said with his flame of youth burning being reflected in his eyes.

Hayate and Ryu stood quiet not knowing what to say while Ayane sweat dropped at their appearance and their way of talking.

'How lame their haircut, those insane large eyebrows and their clothing, are they ninjas they look so ridiculous Konoha really have some freaks in their rankings.'

Tenten chuckle at them waving her hand" please ignore them they always act like that."

"They are always acting like they have their adrenaline running" Neji said.

"Welcome aboard" Kiba said while Akamaru barked.

"I'm very honor to meet you all" Hinata said with a bow.

"I'm always glad to meet new comrades" Shino said.

"Well now that we got the welcome committee out of the way Hayate, Ryu and Ayane I will like to have a word with you in private in my office. Naruto, Sasuke you two are coming too" Tsunade said.

The three ninjas looked at each other although they had an idea what she wanted to talk about with them. The two leaf ninjas nodded leaving with the chamber with the three ninjas following Tsunade and Shizune. Sakura watched them leave there was no need to be present in the conversation knowing her teacher they will talk about their enemy and primary concern. She was hoping that her teacher's prediction doesn't come true about a future war that will threat the five countries and the rest of the world. Aside from that she has also told her about the sword Muramasa gave her and the mysterious power it holds, the fact that the power was similar to her was enough to raise suspicion about the weapon's origin.

(Location: somewhere underground below Konoha)

Danzo was walking the dark halls of ROOT headquarters with an impassive pace. He wasn't happy with how the whole alliance went it wasn't going his favor so far. He needed allies to make Konoha into the strongest hidden village there is and make sure no one poses a threat to the leaf eliminate all threat was his vision. But in order for him to gain control over the village's military power was getting the one thing he has been trying to gain for so many years. He failed in achieving it once when he fought against Sandaime which caused him his right arm and so far to this very day he hasn't achieve it yet. The position of Hokage which he felt he was getting closer to it with some bumps coming along the way as he reaches the path to his goal. He didn't mind ed the bumpy path life is full of obstacles one must face and overcome and that was exactly what he was doing. However things were starting to get complicated and he didn't like how things were turning out, if it continue he will have to take drastic measures and it was about the blond jounin Uzumaki Naruto or Namikaze Naruto. Reaching the middle of the dark hallway he was met by one of his ROOT members who bow welcoming his return.

"Danzo-sama how did the treaty went?"

"Not exactly what I was hoping for but in the end we have new allies. The Mugen Tenshin clan isn't exactly siding with the village but rather with the nine tails Uzumaki Naruto."

"Did something happen?"

"It seems the leader of the Mugen Tenshin clan has become into another one of the Uzumaki's friends and he has sworn his loyalty and his clan to him. He has made a new treaty that the alliance lies with the Uzumaki rather than Konoha itself, the Mugen Tenshin clan and its allies are all loyal to the jinchurikki just like everyone in the village."

"I see it has become hard for you Danzo-sama your plans have been put to a stop" replied the ROOT member.

"Not a complete stop I can have what I want as long as I plan my cards right all in due time. However I am worry with Uzumaki Naruto even if he's a jinchurikki he has gained a lot of trust and support from the village and he has a lot of allies backing him up. I'm afraid if this keeps up he will gain more power that even the Hokage although he will follow Tsunade's rule until the end. It gets complicated now that the Mugen Tenshin clan has allied themselves with him we have in our hands a weapon that has become powerful in strength and in the public view."

"What will you do now Danzo-sama?"

"Nothing waiting is the best resource I have I won't be becoming Hokage any day soon with Tsunade still standing knowing her when she decides to retire she will nominate Uzumaki to become the Rokudaime that's something I can't let it happen. With the village approval as well as the council no doubt he will be accepted in the position gaining complete leadership and absolute control over Konoha. My only chance is to find a way to have control over him, treating him as a weapon is out of the question now that the village has accepted him as a human being."

"But still they are still people in the village that sees him as the demon fox."

"Perhaps but those people are just a minority and they don't hold any power, they're just civilians. What will be the best strategy to control a human being who has gained a lot of power?"

With that question asked and unanswered Danzo resumed his walking in the dark hall way as the ROOT member vanished. The old war hawk continued to walk pondering trying to find the answer to his question with the hopes that his ambition will someday become a reality.

(Location: Hokage office fire tower Konoha hidden leaf village fire country territory)

Tsunade stood on her desk with Shizune standing next to her. Naruto and Sasuke were in front of the desk with Hayate, Ryu and Ayane next to them. The blond Hokage decided to talk with their new allies about the current situation with their enemies among other topics.

"Hayate I thank you that you made the choice in making an alliance with Naruto and not with the village in general" Tsunade said.

"Why would you say that granny?" asked the confused Naruto.

"It was necessary I don't trust some of the members from your council" replied Hayate.

"Danzo I know I don't like him nor I trust him. Homura and Koharu are two old bags I don't like them but they can be trusted at a level since they are always worrying about the safety of the village. But nevertheless you did the right thing choosing Naruto over the village."

"We will like to know the reason you called us to talk in private?" Ryu said.

"Yes now that you're our allies it's best that you know. Have any of you heard of Akatsuki before?"

"Akatsuki?" asked Ayane.

"I have heard about them" Ryu replied" they are a criminal organization compose of S rank missing nins each of them are missing nins from different villages. However I also heard that most Akatsuki members have been killed during battle."

"That is correct most of them have been taken out by our ninjas all because of their plan to capture jinchurikkis and extract the Bijuus from their bodies. We still don't know what do they want with the Bijuus but we know is nothing good when it concerns something as powerful as them" replied the slug sanin.

"They are after Naruto?" Ayane said gazing at the blond.

"Yes as a jincurikki he's a target for Akatsuki" replied the slug sanin.

"Hey granny I'm not the same weakling I was before I have been through a lot of hard training to be prepare for them" Naruto said seriously thinking about Pain.

"No but you're still the same loudmouth dobe as always" Sasuke said with a grin which Ayane give a smile for his comment thinking it was funny.

"What was that teme?!" yelled the blond.

"Enough Naruto now don't think I don't believe in your strength or abilities because I do. You prove your point when you won the Dead or Alive tournament but it's necessary that we make an attack plan to face the remaining members of Akatsuki."

"Any ideas how many members of Akatsuki remain?" asked Hayate.

"Tsunade-sama how about giving them the data book Kabuto gave us?" Shizune said.

"That's a great idea Shizune" she reached out to one of the drawers of her desk before taking a book handing it to the clan leader" here this book contains information on Akatsuki members most of them shown are already dead. However we can tell that they are three remaining members of Akatsuki alive and active including the leader of the organization."

Hayate opened the book reading the information along with pictures of the members of Akatsuki. Ryu and Ayane took a look too seeing their face while reading their information. They read about Hoshigaki Kisame from hidden mist, Sasuke's older brother Uchiha Itachi, Sasori of the sands from hidden sand, Deidara the terrorist bomber from hidden stone, Kakuzu from hidden waterfall, Hidan the immortal from hidden rain. Their eyes were fixed on a member who looked like he was half man half plant with the shape of a fly Venus trap his profile says that his name is Zetsu. There were also two blank spaces where it said leader and a blank space not knowing the name of the other second unnamed member.

"This is an impressive list" Ryu said gazing at the book.

"They don't look like ordinary ninjas" Ayane said looking at Itachi's picture her eyes traveled to her boyfriend who was quiet but on the inside he was feeling disturbed hearing the criminal organization.

"They weren't ordinary ninjas some of them were considered very strong others were immortal" Sasuke said thinking about Itachi.

"What about the ones that doesn't have a picture?" asked Hayate.

"We don't know much about those two I'm afraid" replied Tsunade" but one of them is the leader of the organization long ago Jiraiya found the location of the Akatsuki leader at the hidden rain village before his death at the hands of the leader. But ever since then we have send infiltration teams to hidden rain but they didn't found anything. It seems the leader and remaining members left rain we don't know where."

"So they could be hiding since they are low on man power?" Ryu said.

"Yes that's what we believe I'm always sending ANBU to search any place that brings even the slightest suspicion but so far they haven't succeeded with the search" replied the slug sanin.

"There is nothing to worry about we will watch over Naruto Akatsuki won't be taking him as long as we're here" Hayate said.

"Hey you guys I'm strong I think I can take care of myself I mean I even beat Ryu in the tournament" Naruto said with a small pout.

"He does have a point" Ryu replied remembering his fight with the blond jounin at the final match of the tournament.

"Still that doesn't mean you have to get cocky" Ayane said.

"I agree dobe just because you beat the super ninja that doesn't makes you the strongest ninja alive" Sasuke said.

'He is close though' Ryu added mentally.

"But I believe Naruto is right. He has become strong and he has even surpassed his father there's nothing to worry about" Tsunade said smiling at the tall blond.

"As Naruto's allies we will keep a look out for Akatsuki" Hayate.

"Are there any jinchurikkis besides Naruto that haven't been capture yet?" asked Ryu.

"Of the nine only two remains aside from Naruto the host of the eight tails is still safe from being capture by Akatsuki. I doubt they will go after him since they are short on members" replied the blond Hokage.

"So that leaves that they are only two jinchurikki left?" Ayane said.

"Yes but the eight tails is also a strong ninja and he's also the brother of the Raikage he won't go down without a fight."

"I see then everything is well I'm glad you have taken the time to tell us about this Hokage-sama" Hayate said.

"We are thankful for your cooperation but nevertheless I suggest you keep an eye on the elders, especially the one named Danzo" Ryu said.

"Tell me something I don't know" Tsunade smirked.

"Since we have solved that problem what about Kasumi?" asked Hayate.

"There's nothing to worry about Hayate Kasumi-chan is fine granny already made her a chunin!" Naruto said.

"Naruto's right I didn't have a problem solving the matter with the council about you sister becoming a Konoha ninja. Needles to say that she will become a great asset to the village" Tsunade replied.

"Thank you…." Hayate said.

'It's not every day that Hayate will say something like thank you. It proves how much he is thankful for Naruto for saving Kasumi's fate' thought Ayane.

Sasuke gazed at Ayane who was quiet but she gave a small smile. He knew she was happy while they were together during the tournament she told him how much she has come to cherish her family. She has told him how much she cares for both Hayate and Kasumi and they was the people that matters the most to her. Of course he knew she wasn't going to admit it so openly in front of so many people knowing how stubborn she was when it comes to the topic of feelings. Right now the only thing that was bothering him that he will have to say goodbye to her again and he knew he couldn't go through with it. Meaning that he may not see her again for a while since she has become very close to him and he couldn't bear to be apart from her, even if he was stubborn too and won't admit it so openly either he was going to miss her this was why he has come to hate saying goodbye.

(Time skip)

(Location: dango shop village district Konoha hidden leaf village fire country territory)

The kunoichis decided to take a break after the treaty for the alliance was signed in handshakes by Naruto and Hayate. They were enjoying the sweet dango from one of Konoha's best shops that made the snack while they started conversation. They chose topics about politics of their villages, ninja duties and of course personal topics known as girl talk. Ayane took a bite from her dango although she wasn't fond of sweets she found it good as she was getting to know the rest of the kunoichis from Konoha. Kasumi has already know them in the couple of days she have been staying in the leaf village she got to know everyone and she has come to see them a good friends. Ayane was also feeling the same way just when she met Sakura now as she looks at Ino, Tenten, Hinata and Temari she knew they were potential candidates to become good friends with her. Even back at her village she didn't met many friend due to the strict environment friendship wasn't shown as much in Konoha. It was always about loyalty and trust anyone who had second thoughts into fighting for her village will become a traitor and it will be executed on the spot. She felt like she has met true friends like the girls from the tournament although she won't admit it that they have become close to her.

They were all wearing civilian clothing except for Kasumi, Ayane and Temari. The sand jounin was wearing her sand headband on her forehead a black mesh shirt with black fingerless gloves. She had a red ribbon strapped on her waist with a short black skirt and fish net knee pads with black sandals. Her large fan was as usual strapped on her back she decided to enjoy what little time she had because it won't be long before she returns to the sand village. It wasn't every day they get the chance to talk with all of their friends since they are always busy with errands and missions. They were enjoying their time together like they were just regular girls; it wasn't long before they brought the topic about guys. Almost all of them were thinking about Ryu as the hottest guy they have ever met with exception of Kasumi and Ayane they were thinking about different guys, in their minds they had the reflection of two special ninjas. To some of the group the topic about boys was first or considered a priority in this case it was Ino while Sakura seemed to be in deep thought thinking about a certain dragon ninja and the fact that soon she will have to say goodbye again. She managed to do it once holding back tears but now she knew she wouldn't be able told hold any tears if she has to say goodbye again to him. Ayane took a quick glance at her and she knew what she was thinking she was in the same boat because of her boyfriend. She was asking herself if she would go through to say goodbye again to the Uchiha.

Ino took another dango before taking a sip of her green tea facing the kunoichis" all right ladies how are you guys in the catching a guy department."

"Oh brother he we go why do you want to know Ino?" asked Sakura.

"Come on were all friends here what's wrong with telling if we have found ourselves a boyfriend that's all" replied the Yamanaka.

"Not me I'm always busy with my training schedule and missions, not enough time for me to catch a boyfriend" Tenten said with a sigh.

"I'm very busy I have my own squad to look after and I'm also the Kazekage's advisor that's enough work for me. The worst of all the paperwork is hell there's much to fill it's really annoying" Temari said.

"What about you Hinata?" Ino said turning to the Hyuga heiress.

"Well I….I am busy as well I haven't thought about having a boyfriend" Hinata took a bite from her dango.

Over the years Hinata has gotten over her timid ways little by little. However they were times she couldn't help it however she did got rid of her insecurity completely gaining some confidence in her abilities. She has become a strong fighter among the gentle fist style becoming a prodigy herself all thanks to her years of hard training. She has come to keep up with her cousin Neji in a sparring match making her as strong as the once proclaimed Hyuga prodigy of the branch family. She has also fought against her younger sister Hanabi who beat her when she was twelve but she managed to beat her in a rematch. Her father was impressed with her progress that he has made her the next candidate to become the head of the clan's main branch since Hanabi was the original candidate. She was pleased with his decision now she could focus on her dream in making the Hyuga clan into a better clan and most important a free clan. She wanted to find a way to get rid of the bird cage seal on the branch members and try to lift away their hatred over the main branch. She has also moved on with her life and slowly her crush on Naruto faded away she has come to terms to accept him as a friend and comrade. Maybe she will find someone special for her someday.

Ino has become into a beautiful kunoichi over the years she has reached the rank of special jounin because of her training. Every once in a while she will help her father at the interrogation division which it wasn't such a hard job she actually like using her family clan jutsu on the field of interrogation. Her life was good she just wish she had a little more excitement in her life to spice it up a bit, sometimes it will get boring just as her love life. Tenten was also a special jounin looking forward to become a jounin in the next jounin exams. Over the years her skills in weaponry have improved a lot making her an expert when it comes to use any kind of weapon. Like Ino her life was good but she didn't mind to find someone special in her life or perhaps she was just too busy to even think about it. Maybe she will find someone maybe she won't she wasn't that desperate to search through the whole village to find a man she will be patient when the time comes.

Ino took a sip from her green tea before turning to her new friend" what about you Ayane any free time to get yourself a boyfriend?"

"No comment" was her only reply.

"Huh?" the Yamanaka raised an eyebrow.

"What's wrong?" asked Tenten.

"It's nothing I don't like the topic" reply Ayane.

'Looks like someone must be having problems with looking for a boyfriend' thought Temari.

"Everyone it's all right Ayane doesn't want to talk about it" Kasumi said knowing her half sister wasn't the kind of person who was sociable or the kind to open up to people so easily.

"Okay I guess…." Ino said.

Sakura sighed" what's the big deal Ayane why don't you just tell them that you're together with Sasuke-kun?"

"Sakura!" shouted the lavender haired kunoichi not sounding happy.

"What?!" Ino Tenten and Temari said in unison obviously they were shocked.

"No way…." Tenten said.

"You're actually together with Sasuke" Temari said.

"I didn't know that" Hinata replied.

"It's not possible Sasuke actually has a girlfriend I don't believe it!" Ino said with wide eyes.

"Congratulations Ayane-san" Hinata said with a smile happy to have met one of her new friends with a boyfriend.

"It's not that big of a deal" she replied.

"Not a big deal and you still didn't want to talk it out with us!" Tenten said.

"Ayane just doesn't like talking about personal topics" Kasumi said defending her.

"But we just became friends there's nothing wrong about talking about lives and that also include our love life" Ino said.

"If you don't want to talk about it Ayane-san we understand" Hinata said.

"Yeah no one is obligating you to tell us we don't want to make you feel uncomfortable" Temari replied.

"Thanks…" Ayane said giving a small smile.

"But anyway I will tell you congratulations on winning Sasuke over Ayane you're very lucky to have caught one of the coolest and cute ninjas in Konoha. You know a lot of women were after him but he wasn't the kind of person interested in having a girlfriend" Ino said.

'I can see why?' she thought while rolling her eyes taking a bite from her dango" I don't know why he's chase by the women he can be lame when it comes to taking orders or even cooking. He doesn't even know how to cook a rice ball for crying out loud or even tempura."

The kunoichis stood quiet after hearing that before they eventually started laughing. Sakura drank her green tea while chuckling knowing it was true, but then again her cooking skills were as bad as the Uchiha. Ayane just grinned seeing the kunoichis laughed even Kasumi was joining a little on the laugh now she was certain for sure what she thought about her new friends.

'Looks like I'm going to get along with them after all.'

Ino wiped the tears from her eyes due to laughing so hard" oh please I'm….that was hilarious Ayane so Sasuke is really a horrible cook no wonder he always eats on a restaurant?"

"Yeah I have seen him eating on that small restaurant next to the Uchiha clan district I guess he has a good reason to not cook" Tenten said.

"Of course he's not going cook and eat the same monstrosity he made if he wants to die" Ino said as she started laughing with the rest of the kunoichis.

Ayane had to cover her mouth to prevent herself from laughing. She was still a kunoichi from the Haji Mon and she needed to act firm and serious, even if right now was almost impossible to do. Kasumi chuckle a little but she maintain her composure not wanting to get carry away.

"How about if we change from topic before we all die of laughter?" Temari said she finally stopped from laughing.

"Right Kasumi have you caught yourself a nice guy?" asked the Yamanaka.

"Shessh Ino you're making it sound like we're fishing for men" Sakura said while rolling her eyes.

The blond ignored her comment and focus her attention on the brownish orange haired kunoichi who was looking a little nervous. She wasn't ready to say in front of so many people that she had deep feelings for Naruto even if they were her friends not to mention she still hasn't receive an answer from the blond jounin yet. Sakura and Ayane gazed at her they knew how strong her feelings for Naruto were looks like she was bother to reveal to the rest of the kunoichis about her love for the blond. The kunoichis were waiting for her answer getting curious due that she hasn't said a word for a couple of minutes.

Kasumi started" well I…"

"It's all right Kasumi doesn't have someone in mind she hasn't thought about such thing yet" Ayane said.

Kasumi gazed at her half sister in puzzlement but she smiled mentally feeling so relief that she helped her from telling her feelings' Ayane thank you…'

"I see so you're single too I guess the only one who has a boyfriend is Ayane" Ino replied.

"Not quite" Ayane replied getting the attention from the kunoichis" there's still one more person who has someone special in her heart."

"Who is it?" asked Hinata gazing around the table.

Sakura was puzzle before Ayane grinned at her" Sakura I am going to get even with you for telling them about me and Sasuke so…."

The pink haired medic gasped turning pale knowing exactly what she was going to do' oh no she's not going to…'

"She is damn it!" inner Sakura said freaking out.

"Everyone Sakura likes master Ryu."

"What?!" everyon shouted in unison gazing at the pink haired kunoichi.

"Is that true Sakura?!" Tenten said.

"Don't keep us in suspense!" Temari said.

"I don't know what she's talking about?!" Sakura was blushing.

"Don't lie Sakura you know I'm right" Ayane said.

"Stop it Ayane!"

"So it's true?" Hinata said shocked.

"Oh yes her and master Ryu have become quite close while we were participating in the tournament" replied the lavender haired kunoichi.

"Whoa lucky you Sakura" Tenten said with a smirk.

"I'll say" Temari replied with an equal smirk.

Sakura finally gave in admitting defeat, her blush was still present in her cheeks" so what if Ryu and I have become good friends and maybe we have gotten close. But it doesn't mean we have reach to a point where we have become a couple."

"But you have thought about it eh?" Tenten grinned.

"Whatever…" she mumble.

"No way!"

Everyone looked at Ino who was still shocked because of the revelation she hasn't said a word due that she couldn't think straight. She faced the pink haired medic with some anger and jealousy in her baby blue eyes she went to her best friend looking like she was going to start a fight with her. Sakura knew that look in the Yamanaka's eyes which means an argument or a fight could start any second now. The last thing she needed right now is to have another one of her fights with the blond when she wasn't in the mood to argue. After a couple of years her friendship with Ino deepened even more than when they were kids and they have become the best of friends. However they started having some dumb arguments about silly things it seems that after years their rivalry that supposedly died when they were twelve was still pretty much alive. They were best friends and best rivals.

She sighed at the bleach blond" Ino please let's not start another stupid argument."

"Oh damn right I will start an argument with you is it true you actually like Ryu Hayabusa?!"

"Yeah so what of it?" she got annoyed at her tone.

"You have really outdone yourself this time Sakura, you think someone like you has a chance against a hunk like him?!"

Everyone sweat dropped at the scene while the pink haired kunoichi had a vein popping on her forehead getting angry with the Yamanaka's rude comment" what are you saying Ino pig?!"

"Exactly what I say forehead there's no way you can't catch someone like Ryu Hayabusa he's out of your league!"

The pink haired medic chuckle in amusement" come on admit it you're jealous."

"I am not jealous you're the one who will get humiliated when you fail conquering Ryu's heart, I actually feel sorry for you I don't want to see you when you get rejected."

"Ha that's a laugh just so you know Ino pig like Ayane said me and Ryu have become close when I was in Japan. Can you imagine that he actually carried me in his arms all the way to my apartment?"

'After he fought you and beat you in the second round of the tournament' Ayane thought with a sweat dropped along with Kasumi.

"Oh you're so full of it" replied the annoyed and jealous Ino.

"I'm not full of it Ino piggy he really did carried me in his arms all the way to my place. It was amazing I felt his strong and powerful arms carrying me like I was light as a feather, might as well add that he smell incredible" she licked her lips in satisfaction making Ino's blood boil.

"Forehead I can't believe you will get him!"

"Better believe it piggy!"



"Billboard brow!"

"Piggy piggy!"

"Cut it out you two were supposed to be having fun not going at each other's throat!" Tenten said getting between the two kunoichis.

"I agree there's no need to fight in front of everyone let's enjoy the time we have with our new friends" Hinata said.

"Let's change the topic shall we I don't want to see a fight between two immature girls fighting over one guy" Temari said while both Sakura and Ino pouted like spoiled brats.

"Yes let's get along everyone" Kasumi said.

Sakura and Ino were still glaring at each other before they turned their backs not looking at the other in the eye. Everyone sighed as they started to talk about something else while the two kunoichis were ignoring each other. After a couple of minutes they apologized and they were talking like nothing happened between them they started laughing proving that they were best of friends. Ayane watched everyone as they continued to talk about other things besides guys but she couldn't help but smile, because she felt like she actually fit in with the rest of the group.

(Time skip)

(Location: Konoha graveyard memorial ground hidden leaf village fire country territory)

Naruto and Kasumi were standing at the grave stone of his teacher and mentor Jiraiya. The grave stone was build larger than the regular stone in a rectangular shape with the leaf symbol of Konoha and a flame symbolizing the will of fire inherited by everyone from the village. Naruto stood quiet looking at the grave stone with sorrow in his eyes it was always the same thing every time he comes to visit. He will get depressed and every single memory he had with the toad sanin came rushing to him so quickly like he was seeing his whole life before him. The same man who took him under his wing and trained him, the same man who became like a father figure to him even if he was a complete pervert. A man he gained a lot of confidence and believed in him a lot, he became strong because of his teachings. Kasumi was staring at him trying to comfort him since it wasn't the first time she has accompany him to the graveyard to visit his teacher. He smiled as he started reading the inscription written on the stone.

Jiraiya of the legendary sanins

Beloved teacher

A true ninja who live his ninja way until the end

His will of fire burn brighter than ever

"I believe that someday people will come to understand each other and perhaps peace will be achieved. That's why I became a writer I want them to buy my books so they can get along and come to an understanding even if that seems to be impossible. In any case if I don't find an answer to find peace I will leave that up to you."

The twelve year old Nauto nodded with a smile" right!"

"Hey pervy sage I'm back again…." he took some of the flowers and place them in front of the grave stone changing the old ones remembering his words on that day, words that bring tears to his eyes.

"Please Naruto-san don't blame yourself for your sensei's death" Kasumi said putting her hand on his shoulder.

"What are you talking about Kasumi-chan I haven't said anything?" the blond gazed at her giving her one of his fake smiles.

"You haven't said a word but I can see it in your eyes. I know that look in your face you're obviously thinking that it's your fault and you're blaming yourself consciously."

Naruto blinked in realization and she was right. He has been blaming himself mentally it was the only thing he could do since he didn't have a clue where Pain is. It was better to blame himself for Jiraiya's death than keep looking and not finding anything he couldn't believe Kasumi was able to see that so quickly. She didn't know him as much as his teammates and yet he felt she knew him so well like she has been with him for years. He felt happy that she was able to see through his façade when he smiled at her he knew he could trust her no matter what he wouldn't want it any other way.

He put his arms on her shoulder giving her a true warm smile" thanks Kasumi-chan you're right I will not blame myself anymore. Pervy sage would have never wanted me to feel guilty for his death because it was never my fault to begin with. But I want to be the one to avenge him as his apprentice I have that responsibility to do, that's something I can't turn my back. I have never back down on my word and I'm not going to start now."

The kunoichi nodded smiling at him" I'm glad you're feeling better don't forget that I'm here. If you need someone to talk to I'll always be here to listen to your words always" she whispered the last part with a faint blush on her cheeks.

"I couldn't be any happier to have you by my side Kasumi-chan your words have really change my thinking. I won't make the same mistake again blaming myself won't help me find his murder and fulfill my revenge, I will restore pervy sage's honor my way that's a promise believe it!"

"I'm will be there to help you in your revenge I well familiar with restoring someone's honor. I'm with you all the way" she replied with a smile.

"Thank you Kasumi-chan you don't know how much that means to me."

Kasumi nodded still feeling happy that he feels that way about her" anyway Naruto-san should we give Jiraiya-sama a silent prayer?"

"Yeah that will be the right thing to do."

The two ninjas got on their knees and closed their eyes as they started doing a silent prayer for the deseeded toad sanin. While they were praying Naruto opened one eye gazing at Kasumi still feeling due to her magical words he has never felt so happy before. It's like the kunoichi knew exactly what to say to him like she could read his mind. Of course he didn't believe of mind reading except if she had the sharingan but it was rather proof how much she knew him in such short time. After making the silent prayer to Jiraiya he made another one, this time he was praying for having such a close friend and someone who understood him perfectly. When they were done they left the graveyard walking together and smiling at each other both of couldn't be any happier with each other's company.

(Location: top of the Hokage monument Konoha hidden leaf village fire country territory)

Ryu was gazing at the full view of the leaf village standing at the highest point. He was able to see the entire length of the village from his position it was truly the biggest ninja village he has ever seen. His village and Hayate's village was nothing compare to how big Konoha is even if they were a little advance in economy, technology and man power. He could tell that Konoha was a peaceful village and looking at the faces of the people when he arrived he knew that they were good and caring people. There was no evil or any hatred which it made his hard to think how they can have hated Naruto for carrying the demon fox. The village lifted the spirits of its people and the ninjas to fight for what they believe just like he and Hayate have done for a long time. Now he knew why Naruto was so dedicated to fight for his village he was proud to be living in such village like Konoha. He continued gazing at the view not forgetting that he wasn't alone this entire time.

Next to him was Sakura who was trying not to look nervous or blush. The fact that they were in such a beautiful and romantic place it was enough to assume that they were in a date. She remembered when they went on their date back at sky city Tokyo even if it was ruined by ninjas from the black spider clan. She never wanted this moment to end to be here alone with Ryu was enough to make her giggle silly and squeal like a fan girl. But since she was an adult she wasn't going to go so low and behave like she was still twelve. But just thinking of all the women who were drooling at him, blushing, having nose bleeds and thinking hardcore perverted thoughts really made her angry. It was enough to make her blood boil and use all of her super strength to beat the living crap out of them. Even if most of them were her kunoichi friends, she just couldn't control the rage she was feeling due to her jealousy. Ryu has become someone close and dear to her and the fact that she has developed strong feelings for the dragon ninja made her lose control whenever a woman was looking at like she wanted to eat him. She hold her anger while gritting her teeth hoping that she doesn't see another woman looking at the super ninja like the term of undressing him with her eyes, she noticed that Ryu was staring at him.

"Yes Ryu?" she replied changing her serious expression with a smile.

"Is there something wrong you seem to be upset?"

"Huh no of course not it's just I'm always thinking about other things. You know how busy I am."

"Yes you told me you run the hospital medic staff due to your superiors' skills and teachings from Tsunade."

"That position is enough for me to be very busy running a whole medical staff isn't easy, it's a good thing I have a second in command otherwise I would be exhausted from work."

The dragon ninja nodded gazing at the view of the village" I can see now that Konoha is a village worthy of protection I wouldn't hesitate to fight for the people of Konoha."

Sakura smiled" I'm glad to hear that it's better now that your part of our allies you can protect Konoha too."

"Hayate can see it he can see the corruption just by looking at their faces as well as I."

"Their?" she gazed at him in puzzle before she gazed back at the view" you mean….the council?"

"The elders" he replied.

"Homura, Koharu and Danzo I don't know about the first two but Danzo I do know very well that he can't be trusted. He has his ways which are strict and he erases emotions from his own men the organization of ROOT which consists of emotionless ninja" she thought about her teammate Sai the person he used to be.

"I don't see anything wrong with getting rid of emotions."

The pink haired kunoichis gazed at him in shock" how…how can you say that?!"

"Ninjas are supposed to be emotionless killing tools that's how the logic states. We close down all of our human emotions and become cold in order to fight and kill, we don't show mercy to our enemies whether they are human or not. We protect our rights and village without the need to show mercy to the opposing forces, ninjas are technically weapon to kill that's the logic of being a ninja. Danzo is probably following that logic it will explain why trains his men by destroying their human emotions."

"So it's better to be an emotionless weapon to shed blood?" she gazed at him but Ryu remained quiet" you may be right in that logic but in Konoha we don't follow that logic. The logic to protect our friends and precious people while trying to find a way without resolving to death, however we do kill yes I will admit that but when it comes to a mission our comrade's lives are more important than the mission itself. My first lesson when I became a ninja came from my team teacher during a survival test, he said that those who don't follow the rules are considered trash but those who abandoned their friends are lower than trash."

"That is true I that logic is more understanding than the previous one. As the leader of my clan I fight and kill anyone who threatens and attacks my village. I also fight not just for my village but the whole world it's my duty and mission. As a descendant of the dragon lineage it is my life mission to destroy any evil that threatens the world it us my purpose…my life. To destroy the forces of darkness that emerges in this world that's why I exist just like my ancestors did many years ago."

"There isn't much about the dragon lineage in the records of our library so I don't know much about it" she replied with a smile always happy to have a conversation with him.

"That's because the dragon lineage has existed in our world for thousands of years before the system of the ninja hidden villages were created or other ninja villages for the matter. It has existed before the era of the sage of the six paths it's quite logical why they aren't any records about it. However they are ancient tomes that recite the greatest battles against the fiends and the members of the dragon lineage along with their allies."

"Allies?" she was amazed at the last part.

"Those of the dragon lineage were very strong warriors with superior skills but it doesn't mean that they fought alone. They had allies' random swordsmen or small clans even warriors from noble family they needed all the help they could get against the power of the fiends. Some of the ancient tomes mentioning the fiends were found in the vigorian capital of Tayron as part of the Vigor Empire. I took some of the volumes of the empire's history on my journey there, books and tomes about the wars between the fiends and those of the dragon lineage are store in the library of my village."

"That sounds very interesting I will like to read those books."

"You can since both of our villages have become allies you can visit my village and take a look for yourself."

"Right I can't believe I forgot about that maybe when I had the time I can visit your village Ryu."

"I will be honored if you visit my village Sakura we maybe heartless to our enemies but when it comes to allies we can be very kind and polite."

"I know" she replied with a giggle.

They stood quiet continuing gazing at the wonderful view. Sakura was having an internal battle with her inner self whether to tell him about saying goodbye or not. She knew it will hurt her that he leaves again but what she can do there was nothing she could. Ryu was the leader of his clan he was needed in his village he can't stay in Konoha. Suddenly she started acting like how Hinata used to behaved whenever Naruto was close, she started fidgeting a little like she was a shy girl trying to tell her crush her feelings. She blushed slightly and cursed in her mind to why she was feeling like this for crying out loud she's eighteen not twelve so why couldn't she help it but feel nervous like she was going to ask him out on a date, or better yet like she was about to confess her feelings to him.

"Hell yeah this is my chance I don't want to say goodbye!"

"I'm impressed you were able to learned one of the medical jutsus from my clan" Ryu said catching the pink haired kunoichi's attention.

"Oh well you know me I have become into a great medic nin I learned from the best" she replied erasing her silly blush.

The dragon ninja nodded" most of the medics from my village are good at chakra manipulation but they don't have the potential to learn the most advance medical ninjutsu. We have been teaching and gathering more forces to become medic nins since the last attacks to my village long ago."

Sakura gasped hearing that" what you're village was attacked when?!"

"A long time ago the first attack was made Doku lord of the greater fiends from the Vigor Empire. He was searching for the dark dragon blade which it was an evil blade that feeds on all the malice in the world, the more it feeds the more powerful it becomes. My clan has been guarding the blade for many generations until Doku came with his men and burn my village to the ground killing most of my brothers and sisters."

"I'm sorry I didn't know you have experienced something so horrible. It must be so hard to have your own village attacked and lose people from your clan killed" Sakura's jade eyes softened at the horrible image.

"The second attack was worst than Doku's. Genshi the leader of the black spider clan attacked the village searching for the fiend statue another item the Hayabusa clan has been guarding for generations. It was the key to open the fiend realm which the door laid at the top of Mt. Fuji they were more casualties and my father got wounded fighting Genshi."

"I'm really sorry about that but don't worry now that Konoha have become allies with your village, Tsunade-sama can send medical assistance to as well as back up. I will also go there and treat your people if another attack comes I will do my best and make sure no one dies" she smiled at him determination filled her heart she was sure of herself because she was that good as a medic nin.

"Thank you Sakura I know you will not let us down."

"Ryu?" she replied softly wanting to tell him.


"I know….I know that you have to go back to your village but I want you to know, that I'm not ready to say goodbye to you…."

"Then don't say goodbye it's that simple."

"But you're leaving!"

"And yet you will see me again due that our villages are allies now like I told you Sakura back at the tournament we will meet again. I believe that our destinies are filled with good karma."

"Karma?" she looked at him confused.

"It's basically the will of our actions whether it's good or bad depending which side one is good or evil. Each karma is different when you're in a different side good karma leads to hope, interesting possibilities and even peace."

"I see I get it now then I hope my karma will lead me back to you."

"I believe it will but until then…" Ryu offered her hand as an act of a handshake.

Sakura smiled taking his hand in the handshake" until we meet again Ryu."

"Until we meet again Sakura"

Sakura smiled at the handshake knowing she will see him again she had a strong feeling and she believe in Ryu's words because she has gained a high trust and faith in him. In her mind she felt sad because she felt like he didn't like her, she knew he like her as a friend but she wanted to be more than friendship. For now this was going to be enough for her and hope that she will have better luck with the dragon ninja in the future.

'Ryu is that what you only see me….as a friend I wish you could see me more than that?'

"Hell no I'm not going to give up I will work hard to earn the right to have his heart!"

(Location: Uchiha clan district Konoha hidden leaf village fire country territory)

Sasuke was showing Ayane around the clan district all of the places that were important in the clan's history. He showed to the clan's grounds, the former police station, and the shrine where the clan had their reunions. They were now walking the streets of the empty clan district although it wasn't a happy tour at least for Sasuke. Ayane took a glance at him and she knew it pained him to walk such empty streets with no one around to say hello to him or even say good morning. Yet she felt happy that he has taken his time to show her around his clan grounds, it was something personal to him yet precious to the Uchiha. It was a proof how much he trusted her he has chosen her to enter and get closer to him so she can be part of his life. Even if she couldn't believe that she was actually in an official relationship it was still new to her but so far she liked it, she got annoyed sometimes at his attitude but she wasn't bothered at all. It's like she enjoy arguing with him it was part of being together as a couple she realized that they have arrived at his house which it was a little bigger than the others since it belonged to the heirs of the Uchiha clan.

Sasuke slid the paper door leading her inside of his house before they removed their shoes and sandals. He led her to the hall way leading to the main part of the house. Ayane was amazed at the sight it was a little bigger inside than the outside she also noticed how clean the house looked. Everything was set in place all the decorations and the furniture was rightfully clean, anyone could tell that he has done a good job in keeping the house clean. It amazed her a little that he can clean such a big house all on his own he probably knows how to take his time to do the cleaning. Someone as skilled and strong as Sasuke probably was always busy doing missions so she was surprise that he has time to clean the house even when he was busy. Sasuke showed her to the dining room where his family used to eat and talked about their lives and how his day went along with Itachi, the entire house brought him happy and sad memories. She got on her knees sitting on the short table as the Uchiha left to the kitchen, minutes later he returned to the table bringing two cups of green tea. He waited for her to taste the tea and await her opinion hoping that it was a positive reaction. She drank her tea before staying quiet gazing at the Uchiha without showing a reaction.

"It's good…"

"Really….thanks I guess…" he replied trying not sound too flattered' looks like I did the right thing in following Sakura's advice in making green tea.'

"This place is big you must get lonely being her on your own" she took another sip from her tea while keeping her eye on the raven haired Uchiha.

"I got used to it besides Naruto, Sakura drops by often as well as Shikamaru we always play shogi so it's not so lonely living here…"

"And the whole district don't you get lonely walking the empty street?"

"I always skipped walking the street I used a teleportation jutsu to get to the village district" he replied walking the streets of the Uchiha district reminded him so much of that horrible night.

"I see…." she took another sip from her tea staring at her boyfriend someone who has become very dear to her" listen Sasuke….thanks for showing me around your clan grounds."

"No problem I'm usually busy but today is an exception. I don't mind showing you around of what once was the Uchiha clan" his onyx eyes stared at his green tea not wanting to make eye contact with the lavender haired kunoichi.

Ayane stared at her green tea before looking at him" it's not over yet, the Uchiha clan is not dead. You're still here standing as long as there's one the revival of a clan is inevitable."

"That's what I have in mind I want to revive the clan once again and make it powerful and popular like it used to be long ago, it was one of objective in life" he didn't wanted to think about the other objective.

"You fulfilled the first part then second one will be easier…"

"I know….but still…."

"What's wrong?" she kept her eyes on him.

"I can't help but feel like I did a mistake in killing Itachi. Don't get me wrong I had to do it he had to die after what he did it was my reason for my revenge, I just don't understand this uncertain feeling in my gut."

"It's not easy to take the life of a love one or a family member. I know about it there were times I hesitated in killing Kasumi even if I held a grudge of envy for her. I had second thoughts that I couldn't pull it off which it angered me. I am a ninja I'm suppose to obey my orders and yet the times I encountered her I…I follow my orders but a voice in the back of my head kept telling me no. In the end I was so glad that I didn't kill her….I have never felt so relief to follow that voice in my head."

"I don't know if I heard that voice in the back of my head when I fought Itachi. I was so determined to kill him and finish this once and for all and my hatred pushing me too, so I couldn't tell if I had second thoughts back then. I admit I missed him just like the rest of my family and my clan but I can't forgive him for everything he did…"

"Who said that you have to forgive him for his crime?" Ayane said getting seated next to him very close" you can't forgive him and you will never forgive him for what he did, he killed your clan and betrayed your village there's nothing to forgive. I still harbor hatred for the man who was once my father….I hated Raidou with every bit of my strength for everything he did. Betraying my village stealing the scroll of the sky torn blast, injuring Hayate and raping my mother allowing my birth to happen I no longer think my birth was a mistake I am born so I can live an honest and better life than his."

Sasuke chuckle" looks like you have finally buried your past for good that's good. I'm glad you no longer feel like it was a mistake for you to be born" he took a sip from his tea.

"Not anymore I leave my past behind and buried it when Naruto beat Hayate and brought us together as a family I will never forget what he did for us, yet he doesn't expects a thing in return he only offers his friendship."

"The dobe works on mysterious ways he can change the darkest person into a whole new person filled with light."

"Lame…" she replied for his comment before taking another sip from her tea and Sasuke sweat dropped at her comment" but anyway I also have to thank you for what you did for me."

"For what?" he looked at her before he felt Ayane's arms wrapping around his neck making him blushed at the close proximity with the kunoichi.

"For what you said about facing the past to move on with our present and the future, I really took your advice to heart and you were right. When I killed the Raidou clone I was finally able to move on with my life you're I immediately thought of your advice. I am grateful for you and your friends I have become a new better me and I have to thank you and Naruto for changing my heart."

"Thanks….I'm glad you feel that way we are allies now so we have to watch for each other's backs from now on…." Sasuke trailed off gazing at her eyes his brain wasn't working anymore, the only thing in his mind right now was to kiss his kunoichi.

"It will be hard to say goodbye again to you Sasuke…." She replied in a whisper as she reached with her hand and touched his cheek in a tender way.

"I feel the same way too…it will be pure torture if you leave" he whispered back as he touched her cheek equally it was only making him want to kiss her even more.

"Glad to hear that you feel that way I have that effect on you I'm honored" she finally cupped her hands on the side of his face.

"Ayane…." Sasuke's blush got worst.

Slowly the kunoichi pulled the Uchiha towards her leading his face inches from her own. She guided his face namely his lips towards her ready to give him a kiss. Sasuke felt his heart beating like crazy this was perhaps the sweetest kiss he will be receiving from his girlfriend. Ayane gazed at him sweetly while she licked her lips seductively at his boyfriend dying to taste his lips. Just before their lips were so close feeling their tickling their noses she quickly pulled him back preventing the kiss from happening. The Uchiha blinked expecting to have a kiss from his girlfriend he was caught off guard by her sudden action. Even if he was dying to taste her sweet lips again due that he will never get tire of kissing her lips.

"Ayane?" he was confused by her action.

The kunoichi grinned at him" well I will see you next time thanks for the tea farewell."

She quickly vanished leaving the house and leaving a dumbfounded Sasuke behind. He was still trying to catch what just happened one minute he was about to kiss his girlfriend, and the next minute he didn't got a kiss but a goodbye from the lavender haired kunoichi. Soon his puzzlement became anger and annoyance not believing what just happened he got up from his table gazing around the place. He activated his sharingan and noticed that he didn't saw traces of her chakra anymore, she was gone.

"I don't believe it….that's it she did the whole kiss on purpose then says goodbye and leaves…I don't believe I was so stupid and fell for that, how could she leave me high and dry?!"

Suddenly he never noticed Ayane appearing again next to him shocking him a lot" I got you stupid…."

She quickly pulled his in a passionate kiss with some tongue action she wanted to make sure she tasted his lips real good since she won't be seeing him again for who knows how long. Sasuke was shocked at first but he quickly gave in accepting the kiss with equal passion and using his tongue to have a friendly war with her tongue. They were kissing for a couple of minutes but to them it felt like forever but they wanted to enjoy this kiss due that they won't see each other again for a while. They finally broke the kiss and Ayane was grinning at him in amusement like she enjoyed the little prank before the big goodbye kiss. Sasuke on the other hand was blushing but he was frowning at her prank he didn't like it one bit compare to the kiss which he like it very much.

"I hate you…."

She waved her hand at him as a way to get back to him for what he did to her back at Japan" I know I hate you too."

(Time skip)

(Location: village gates south entrance Konoha hidden leaf village fire country territory)

Team seven with Kasumi was standing in front of their new allies as they were ready to leave Konoha and returned to their rightful villages. As much as they didn't wanted them to leave they needed to return to their homes since both Hayate and Ryu are leaders of their own clan and Ayane was about to be promoted to leader of the Haji Mon clan. Sakura gazed at Ryu with a smile although she was crying on the inside not wanting him to go, to leave her again was going to be true hell. Ryu gazed at her and gave her a nod remembering what he told her about karma and their destinies he wasn't worry he knew they will meet each other again. Sasuke gazed at Ayane who was only staring at him with sad eyes and she was holding the urge to cry she was going to miss him as well as him. They only smiled at each other hoping that it won't be long until they see each other again. Kasumi was gazing at her brother smiling at him she was going to miss him but she didn't have to worry about seeing him again knowing she will she has gotten use to live in Konoha and she couldn't be any happier with her new home. Naruto was gazing at everyone happy to have met more friends and allies, not to mention that he was the one keeping the alliance with Hayate instead of the leaf village. Hayate gazed at both his sister and his new friend Naruto knowing that he made a good decision making the alliance with him and letting the blond be with Kasumi.

It's time for us to return to our villages" Hayate replied.

"Do you guys have to leave already?" asked Naruto while Sasuke and Sakura's eyes lit up slightly because they wanted them to stay just a little longer.

"We must we are needed back in our villages" Ryu said.

"We have stayed here for too long we can't keep everyone in our village waiting" Ayane said.

"I wish you guys would stay a little longer" replied the blond jounin.

"Quit your whining dobe didn't you hear them they need to go now?" Sasuke said annoyed at his friend's comment in his mind he wished they could stay.

"They have their duties and responsibilities to fulfill back at their villages" Sakura said hiding her sad tone.

"Not to worry we might meet again depending on the circumstances" Hayate replied.

"Until we meet again everyone" Sakura said while Sasuke nodded.

"Hayate I…." Kasumi started.

"Kasumi you will do just fine I know you will make Konoha proud just like our clan. I don't care what the elder might say but I'm already proud of you."

The kunoichi had tears forming on her eyes as she nodded" thank you….my brother."

"Kasumi-chan what are you waiting for give him a goodbye hug?" Naruto smiled at her while giving her a small push standing in front of Hayate.

"Hayate?" she gazed at her brother with tears in her eyes.

The ninja leader sighed smiling at his sister" yes Kasumi you can."

Kasumi went to him giving him a big hug as she sobbed softly. Hayate accepted the hug happy to have her finally safe from her fate as a traitor. She was finally part of a village where she has decided to give her loyalty to and fight for the village as well as her friends. Everyone smiled at the sight before the two siblings broke the hug smiling at one another. Kasumi went back to Naruto's side while Hayate nodded to the blond seeing that the two were happy together.

"Naruto I'm counting on you to take care of my sister."

The blond jounin chuckle" she doesn't need my protection but I'm still going to protect her" his comment made the kunoichi giggled.

Hayate before he turned to Ryu and Ayane" let's go!"

All three of them vanished. Ryu vanished in a swirl of leaves followed by Hayate in feather and Ayane in butterflies. They were now alone at the village gates while Sasuke and Sakura were down at their leave and Naruto was smiling hoping to meet them again. After everything they went through back at the tournament he has forged a deep bond with them. They fought each other and earn a strong trust and respect in each other he wasn't going to forget them.

"They're gone…" Sakura said finally showing her sad tone.

"Yeah…." Sasuke replied in the same tone.

"Come on you guys don't get so down we'll meet them again it's a high possibility!" Naruto said making an attempt to cheer his teammates up.

Sasuke snorted" easy for you to say Kasumi is here so there's no need for you to mope around."

The blond blinked while Kasumi was blushed" what Kasumi-chan what do you mean Sasuke?"

Sasuke, Sakura and Kasumi sweat dropped at his comment.

'Still dense' thought Sasuke.

'I swear Naruto can be so dense' thought Sakura.


"Why are you guys looking at me like that?" asked the puzzle Naruto.

"It's nothing I better get going I have to attempt the hospital for my shift" Sakura said leaving.

"I have training to do" Sasuke said before vanishing in a blink of an eye.

'They really missed them very much looks like I'm not the only one eh?' thought Naruto before gazing at Kasumi the only person who was with him at the moment.

He saw her smiling at him and suddenly he remembered her confession from when they were back at the DOATEC facility. He remembered his heart beating fast hearing her sweet words from her confession. Images came back and forth from the time he first met her at the cruise ship until the last one every single image of him spending time with her and the fun he had with her. Whenever he was with her his heart skipped a beat and the warm feelings he felt were unique, it was completely different when he was with Tina. What he felt for the kunoichi was such a great feeling that he didn't understood to this very day what was this warm feeling in his heart. He just wanted to be with her no matter what and be by her side forever he smiled at her as his cheeks had a tint of pink in them. He may not know about these feelings he had for the kunoichi but he was going to find out.


"Yes Naruto-san?" she smiled at him.

The tall blond scratched the back of his head in embarrassment while blushing" I was wondering if you….would like to eat some ramen with me…I mean I understand if you're busy and you can't…what do you say?"

Kasumi blushed as her heart skipped a beat her upper lip started trembling' he's….asking me out!"

Naruto sighed seeing her reaction looking like she was scared he thought she was going to say no" it's all right Kasumi-chan if you don't want to go I understand honest."

"Yes I will love to go with you!" she quickly replied blushing.

Naruto was shocked" what?"

"I said I want to go with you Naruto-san…."

The blond quickly smiled as he took Kasumi heading to the streets of the village" all right then let's go!"

Kasumi blushed as he was holding her hand but she smiled looks like her stay in Konoha was getting even better her dream has come true. She was going on a date with the blond ninja who stole her heart maybe she can finally get together with him and perhaps become an official couple.

(Location: somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean below the sea)

In the depths of the deep blue ocean a large submarine with the mark of thumbs up and colored yellow was navigating with its bright lights for illuminating the dark surrounding of the ocean. The submarine was also equipped with a large powerful ray it looked very heavy. Inside of the yellow submarine in the control room were none other than Zack and Niki. The young woman was wearing a silver colored outfit while her boyfriend Zack has changed his hair colored to white and he was wearing a white tuxedo with a white cape. The couple seemed to be looking for something using their submarine while Niki was driving the underwater machine she was also checking on the radar in order to locate what they were looking for. Zack was gazing through the window keeping his eyes ahead in the ocean looking anxious. He wanted to find it already to start his big plans and probably the best vacation ever that is if he finds it on time because he was getting a bit impatient. He gazed at his girlfriend who was looking calm driving and watching the radar.

"Any sign of it?" he finally asked losing his patience.

"Not yet radar hasn't picked anything yet."

"Can the radar locate things faster?"

Niki sweat dropped at his comment" the sub is going as fast as it can just be patient we'll find it."

"I don't remember that it took us this long to find it the last time" he replied with a sigh.

"Zack give it a rest I know you want to start rebuilding the island but we have to find it first please be patient for me okay?" Niki winked at him.

"I know but I really want to test the new gravity ray this time its water proof. It's not like the last time that I have to buy an air craft to carry the gravity ray. I would have never been able to buy it if it wasn't for the money Naruto gave me from the tournament."

"You will test it soon sooner than you think" she replied with a smile as the radar started beeping" good news Zack the radar is picking up something."

"Is it my island?!" replied the shocked Zack.

"Could be let's check the coordinates" she pressed a button from the radar showing the exact coordinates to whatever is that it located.

"Those coordinates yes it is my island I will never those coordinates yes!"

"Looks like we're not so far from it" said Niki.

"Then let's get there already full speed ahead!" Zack pressed the button for the turbo engine.

"Wait Zack!"

The submarine went turbo heading to their destination as they were getting closer judging from their radar. Zack turned off the turbo pressing the same button again as he was in shocked with a smile. Niki composed herself from the wild ride sighing before she gazed at her boyfriend, seeing his reaction she decided to look from one of the windows. She smiled as she was looking in the distance the sink island of Zack it was déjà vu all over again when they went to raise back to the ground the last time. Zack was beyond happy thinking of all the possibilities his dream was so near.

"We did it Niki!" he hugged his girlfriend happily.

"It took a little longer than last time but we finally found it."

"Right it's time to start operation back to the surface!"

Niki nodded activating the controls for the gravity ray" systems online!"

The large ray equipped on the submarine started glowing in purplish glow as a sign that it has been activated.

Niki smiled gazing at her boyfriend" the ray is ready on your call."

"Fire away baby!" he hit the button hard.

The gravity weapon shoots a powerful purple ray hitting the entire sink island. In a just a couple of minutes the island started lifting from the ground and slowly it made its way upwards heading to the surface. The couple were smiling seeing how the island have completely reached the surface they shortly follow with their submarine reaching the surface. The opened the hatch gazing at the island which it was a mess because of the last disaster that occurred which it the volcano was erupting for the second time. Both of them cheered before giving each other a hug.

"We did it!" Niki said.

"Sure thing pumpkin but it's not over yet now comes the best part it's time to rebuild my island. It will receive the best make over and it will look even better than ever!"

"I contacted the construction team before heading out and gave them the coordinates it will take them a couple of hours before they arrive."

"Yes man everything is going according to plan once the teams rebuild my island from head to toe I will turn it into the best beach and resort and the place to have the best vacation ever!"

Niki giggled" will there be a third beach volleyball tournament?"

"Pumpkin that's like asking if the sky is blue of course there will be another tournament we need some competition to keep the spirit of my island alive!"

"Don't forget to keep your end of the bargain."

"Huh what end of the bargain?" Zack answered pretending that he didn't know.

Niki frowned at him" don't play dumb you promised Naruto you will invite him to the island for giving you part of the winning prize money from the tournament."

"Oh right of course how I could forget about that of course he's coming to Zack's paradise."


"And what?"

"Come on Zack I can't believe you forgot what you told me before you entered the tournament. I told you that when we raised your island again you promised me you will invite the guys too."

"What but pumpkin my island is supposed to be for girls only!"

"Naruto is coming too…"

"He's coming for keeping my promise as part of the deal but no other guy is coming here besides him and that's final."

"Please Zack cutie pie" Niki gave him the sad puppy face.

"No don't do that stop it!" Zack backed away and he felt from the submarine landing in the water.

The young woman giggled before resuming her cute adorable face" please sweetie pie you promised me you wouldn't break your promise to me right?"

"Okay fine I'll do it I…..I will invite the guys from the tournament too."

"What I didn't hear you?"

"I say I'll do it I'll invite the guys too!"

"Thanks sweetie pie but I will like to be the one to send the invitations to all of them."

"Fine whatever you say pumpkin" mumble the not so happy Zack because he wanted his island to be male free just full of women so he can try and peep at them especially peeping at Tina.

Niki giggled gazing at the island" this is going to be the best beach volleyball tournament ever!"

"A volleyball tournament with guys and the ladies I guess that doesn't so bad. Who knows maybe it can work?" Zack replied getting happy as long as there were women and his girlfriend it was enough for him.

To be continued: end of part 1 Tournament arc

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