Chapter 1

The man was running. He was a lieutenant of a terrorist organization. He awoke this morning with a whole entire building filled with dead people.

Scared he ran through the warm jungle.

Swoosh! The man stopped. A blade had gone right into his chest. He looked at the man who did it. He was a tall sturdy man with long greasy hair.

He pulled out the blade violently ripping a whole in his chest. The lieutenant fell to his knees. He could feel organs slipping down his shirt. He only felt a bit of pain because Sam Fisher had brought down the blade on the top of the man's head.

He pulled the long knife from the mans. Sam was angry. He saw this piece of crap and many others execute a family yesterday. He wanted vengeance.

America was still looking for him. He killed Lambert and most of the J.B.A. The U.S.A. and the surviving J.B.A. members were looking for him. He is in Mexico. Moss, Dayton, and Emile came very close to killing him in California lately sending a bomb to where he was hiding. He was picking wood out of his ass for a week.

He slowly walked back into his car and drove back into Mexico City. What an overpopulated place. Some idiots tried to steal his car after he got over the border. He pummeled there asses into next year.

He stepped out of the car and walked to the top floor where his apartment is. When he got to the top he opened up his door to go inside.

Immediately he realized that he was in for it. Carson Moss was standing in the hall that connected to the door inside of his apartment. Lucky Sam was wearing body armor because he was sent flying backwards from a bullet that hit him square in the chest.

He got up as fast as he could and tackled Moss to the ground. Moss being twice his size literally threw him when he was on the ground. They both got up. Sam threw a jab which Moss blocked and countered with an upper cut hitting Sam in the chin. Moss grabbed and tossed Sam into a mirror. It shattered on impact. Moss was going to grab him again until Sam grabbed and snapped his fingers literally in half. Moss screamed and went backwards. Sam delivered blow after blow. Moss would swing and he would duck and give an elbow to the chest. Sam tried to use both hands to bash his temples. Instead Moss caught both hands and delivered a powerful front kick into Sam. He was sent flying over a table. Sam took the table and used it as a club. It was small and circle like. Missing Moss when he swung the table at him, Sam was greeted with a punch to the face. Sam dropped the table and pushed a chair with his leg forward. Moss was hit by it and fell to the ground. Moss got up.

They looked at each other. Both were exhausted. Sam pulled out his knife and lunged forward. Moss ducked in time and brought up his shoulders sending Sam flying over his back. Moss came at him with all his strength. Jumping through the air to end the fight. Sam saw this when he was on the ground. He held up his blade.

The blade cut right into him. If someone were to walk into the apartment they would be surprised to see a large man being held up in the air by a smaller man on the ground with his hands on a knife that he is pushing into the other mans chest. Sam used all his strength and pushed Moss off putting him on his feet. Sam got up. Moss was in shock and looked as if he was going to pass out. Sam pushed Moss and he stumbled and fell right through the glass and out the window.

A women driving suddenly had a large man fall and explode into blood when he hit her windshield. This surprised her so much that she fainted instantly.

Sam looked down. He finally killed Moss but were where the others.

He quickly grabbed his gun and ran out of the apartment as fast as he could expecting to be attacked at any moment.

The attack never came. He sat up all night at a hotel a couple of blocks away waiting to be gunned down in the night.

Sam the next day was tired. Walking down the street made him feel anxious. It his terrorist friends knew were he was so he would have to find another place to live. He looked around. He was in the Downtown of the city and almost immediately he noticed something wrong. A man in front of him had pressed his hand against his ear. Great he thought to him self. Agents. He walked slowly into an apartment building and noticed he was being followed by ten buff looking people. Slowly he drew out his knife as he was walking up the stairs.

He looked down a couple of minutes later. He was five stories up and when he looked down they where right behind him.

All hell broke loose. One pulled out a gun. In seeing this Sam sprinted into an apartment hall way. The first one passed around the corner. He grabbed and spun the mans arm ripping it out of the socket. Sam using his other arm pulled out his 9millimeter and shot a bullet which hit one of the men coming around the corner square in the chest. He fell backwards into to the others.

Sam pushed the agent he was holding into the rest of the agents. When he did that an apartment door opened up and Sam ran through it. Using his stealth skills he jumped up and grabbed a pipe that was on the ceiling. He rapped his feat around it. He was now on the ceiling where no one could see him. The apartment owner was so scared when Sam ran into the room that he booked it out of the building.

Sam knew his odds. There was eight agents left. He didn't know if he could take out all of them. Four agents walked into the room. They trudged right under him. The last one to go by didn't realize he was going to be dead in ten seconds. Sam let go of the pipe with his hands. Hanging upside down Sam grabbed the agents neck and snapped it. Pulling out his gun as fast as he could he shot the three others in three seconds flat while upside down. Two fell while the other whipped around just to get a bullet in the head.

Sam quickly saw a way out. Letting go of the pipe and falling from the ceiling Sam sprinted and jumped right through an open window and landed on the roof of another building below the one he was just in. Rolling to keep his ankle from snapping he quickly got back up. He ran as fast as he could. He went into the roof's door and quickly got to the first floor when out got on a bus and got out of their.

Chapter 2

Emile was not happy. Sam had escaped again. He also killed one of his best soldiers. Moss said he could take care of him by himself. What a lie.

Killing Sam was a nuisance but it was something he needed to do. He had crippled his plans. Now he must pay.

Standing in front of him was Dayton. He also wanted revenge. Sam killed Moss. Moss was his friend.

Emile thought to himself. Originally the J.B.A was at least fifty soldiers. Now there is only twenty five.

"Dayton" Emile said in his tough voice. "Go take a team and go kill Fisher and don't fail me like that idiot Moss did. Avenge your brothers and kill that fuck". Dayton knew he was going to say this. "With pleasure sir" and he walked right out.

Grabbing his machine gun Dayton looked at the eight heavily armed soldiers. They looked tough but he wondered if they were going to be tough.

Dayton couldn't wait to bash out Fisher brains. This should be fun.

Sam had gotten back into the United States. They would suspect him to go down further to South America. Slowly he got up. It was three in the morning.

Every where he went he felt tired. He wanted to sleep. He needed to sleep but he knew he couldn't. Falling asleep would be a mistake. He was being hunted. He needed to stay alert. No exceptions.

"Uh oh" he said out loud. Several large Latin Americans where coming up to him. They were covered with tattoos. He was in L.A. and was about to be attacked by his Mexican friends.

"Wat da fuck you doin in are neighborhood cracker" said the largest one of the angry looking thugs. "I'm just lost" said Sam who felt like he was about to fall asleep. "Listen to me you piece of shit I would get walking." No sleep for several days screwed him.

Sam Fisher had passed out while walking away.