Sam Fisher slowly crawled through the vent. He was sneaking into a minor N.S.A. facility. It was a risk but, he really needed money and didn't feel like stealing from innocents.

He was sneaking into get a A.T.M. card specifically designated to a man name Clay. He never met Clay because Clay didn't exist. It was a name the N.S.A. used to trick people with if they happened to hack into his file. It was like his codename.

It was a risk taking it but he was going to use it to get as much money as he could. They wouldn't have a tracker on it but once he uses it, it will find the bank he used it at.

He found it. Sam got out of their as fast as he could.

Several hours later Sam was carrying 200 and was walking into a extremely large super market. He was so hungry that he couldn't wait. Also public areas make it harder for him to get spotted. So he thought.

He was in the meat section. Sam was lost. Walking out of the aisle Sam saw his worst fears.

Dayton felt good. He was in this Super Market. It was insanely crowded, but still he felt good.

Dayton saw something that just made him happy beyond belief.

In front of him, about 20ft ahead of him stood a man. This man was named Sam Fisher. He brought out his light machine gun as fast as he could but Sam had predicted it and rolled into the Pastry aisle.

Dayton fired his gun. People started screaming. His team he had assembled looked extremely dazed and really confused. Dayton had shouted as loud as he could "Get Fisher you retards".

Like someone slapped them in the face to bring them back to reality they all jumped up and pulled out their weapons.

"Spread out" Dayton yelled. Finally he found him. He was going to kill him.

Sam was scared. He was looking for any type of exit out of this place.

Running around a corner he ran right into a large man. The man had dropped a gun. Crap he thought because now he had to kill him. Grabbing him by the neck as fast as he could he snapped the his neck. Sam got up and pulled out his gun.

The store was in panic. Everyone was running in every direction.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw another man with a gun. Crack, Sam's weapon went as the hostile was struck with the bullet in the chest. He fell right through a stack of Lucky Charms. He wasn't so lucky.

Quickly he sprinted to were he thought the exit was.

Crack went a gun behind him and the bullet that came out of it nearly hit Sam.

Sam spun around as fast as he could. Saw his target and pulled the trigger two times. Both shots hit.

A terrorist with a machine gun open fired. Sam ducked behind a register counter. He watched as many bullets hit the people around him. A women dropped down next to him.

Blood was squirting out of her neck.

Sam watched as she slowly died. She suffered painfully.

Sam heard the firing stop. He quickly jumped out from his cover and fired insanely in anger over the dead innocents around him. He wasn't even aiming.

One bullet hit the man in the wrist. He dropped the machine gun.

Sam was now out of ammo. He quickly ran were the machine gun was. He grabbed it and hit his target with the butt of the gun. It was an

AK-47. The mans jaw cracked right in half. The bone hung of his face under the skin freely.

Sam grabbed some ammo and booked it out the store. Behind him he was followed by Dayton.

Dayton aimed and fired hitting Sam in the back.

If it weren't for body armor Sam would be a dead man.

He felt a large hit to his back. Nearly falling Sam kept his pace.

He ran through an ally and stopped. There were people on the other side of the ally. A good number of people.

Behind him Dayton came flying into the ally.

Dayton lifted up his gun and pulled the trigger. No ammo.

Sam heard the click of the gun. He didn't know what Dayton was doing in the market because he had only fired three bullets.

Dayton ran as fast as he could tackling Sam to the ground.

Sam had his blade in hand and tried to slash at Dayton while he was punching him.

He stabbed him right in the gut. Dayton flew off him grabbing at the bloody wound.

Sam stood up. "Hello" said a deep but friendly voice.

Sam's body armor that was under his shirt was now falling off. It would help him no longer because it was in shreds. The gang of Latino's helped with that. They had tried to tear it up to patch up holes in their house but instead had just destroyed it. Sam's lucky that bullet was blocked by the armor because it would block nothing anymore.

Sam took off the armor. He looked at the man who said hello. "Who the hell are you" Sam said in a very tired voice.

"Where here to take you in" the man said and at that moment he shot a taser into Sam's chest.

Sam lost all control of his muscles and fell to the floor. Another man quickly walked over and injected him with a sedative that made Sam pass out.

Dayton saw this and tried to get out of their. He was hit with a taser in the back of the neck. He was out cold right when he was hit.

The N.S.A. agents looked at their knew captured criminals. The head agent smiled. This was a good day.