Me: Sorry I haven't written in so long

Me: Sorry I haven't written in so long. This one randomly came to be reading an Oban star racers fanfic. I was having a writers block so I was reading and… this came to me. You know I don't own Storm hawks so don't bother. Enjoy

Piper stood in the doorway of the bridge, her hand on her abdomen, scared of what she had to tell her boyfriend, Aerrow. They'd been dating about a year and a half, since her 16th birthday, and her 18th birthday was in a week but that wasn't in her head. Aerrow stood at the table, his 18 years still making him look hot. He turned and Smiled at Piper. Finn looked at Piper and saw the fear.

"Aerrow… we need to talk." Piper told him. Aerrow stopped smiling and nodded, and followed her out of the room.

"Oh man… he's gonna dump him. That's so going to screw up her birthday party." Finn whined. ( Before I forget the ages are Aerrow 18, Junko:19, Finn:18, Stork 19, and radar Idk) Junko frowned.

"Yep… we're doomed." Stork commented.

- - -X

Mean while, with Aerrow, Piper lead him to her lab. She locked the door and sat down at the table.

"Piper, Is something wrong?" He asked.

"yeah… you know how you sent me to the doctor to find about my little morning sickness? Well… he says nothing is wrong…" she started.

"Piper, that good news, but how's that bad?" Aerrow was confused.

"He… gave me a maternity test…"

"A maternity test?" Aerrow stared at her… even more confused.

"The results… came positive… I'm pregnant… with your child." Piper told him. Aerrow stared at her, in shock.

"Piper… that's great." Aerrow was excited. His plan would work perfectly with this. Piper looked up at him, alarmed.

"Aerrow! That's not a good thing! I'm only 17! And pregnant!" She exclaimed.

"But you'll be 18 next week. Relax. You'll almost be 19 when you give birth. How old was your mother when she gave birth to you?" Aerrow exclaimed, being a smartass.

"She was 18 years exactly. She gave birth to me the day after her 18th birth day.

"Exactly. My mom gave birth to me before her 18th birthday. Relax, your not gonna raise the kid alone like your Aunt did. I'm not gonna desert you like that." Piper's aunt had raised her kid on her own because the father ran off at the phrase 'I'm pregnant.' Piper signed and let Aerrow hug her. She relaxed into Aerrow's strong hold and let him kiss her forehead.

"I will never desert you like that." He told her. Piper smiled and pulled back.

"I have things to do." Piper told him. She walked off and went to her lab where she started to experiment with her crystals. Aerrow walked back to the bridge. The guys looked at him confused.

"It was about her doctor's appointment. It was nothing. Piper's worrying over nothing again." Aerrow told them. Finn nodded, his face lightening up slightly.

- - -X

Meanwhile on Terra Rex, A girl with brown hair, currently dyed blond, with blue eyes and a curvy form and full soft lips walked through her house and kicked a door on the way down the hall, a little girl about age 4 ran down the hall with blond hair and purple eyes and grabbed her leg.

"Auntie Saphire! Guess what?" The little girl asked.

"What is it Daine?" Saphire asked as she scooped up the little girl who was clinging to her leg.

"Aunty Piper is turning 18! And we're invited to her party on Tropica! Isn't it good?" The little girl, Daine, exclaimed.

"Yes. But there is even bigger news. Her boyfriend is up to something." Saphire told the little girl.

"Uncle Aerrow?" Daine asked.

"Yep. I'm praying to the atmos that he'll ask her to marry him Won't that be nice?" Saphire asked the little girl.

"It'll be purdy." The little girl exclaimed as the sound of foot steps came down the steps.

"Saphire, what silly stories are filling my daughter's head with now?" Harrier teased as he came down the stairs in his uniform.

"I'm not telling her any stories Harrier. Where you going?" Saphire asked her brother.

"I've got patrol, duh." Harrier replied.

"DADDY!" Daine exclaimed, holding her arms to her father. Harrier gave Daine a kiss on the forehead and left the house. Starling came down the staircase.

"Don't tell me my husband just left…" Starling exclaimed.

"Yep. Where's Jimmy?" Saphire asked, talking about the 2 year old little boy of Starlind and Harriers.

"He's in his crib still sleeping. I've turned on the baby monitor. Keep an ear open for him for me? I gotta catch Harrier and then head to work."

"Don't worry Starling. Your kinds will be fine with me. I am your sister-in-law." Saphire exclaimed. Starling smiled.

"I know I can rely on my sister-in-law but just because I have one doesn't mean I can rely on her. My friend, Her sister-in-law tried to drown her kid. I gotta go." Starling kissed Daine. " Bye sweety."

"Bye bye Mommy!" Daine replied, sticking her thumb in her mouth. Saphire gently swatted the child's hand away from her face.

"Stop that. Do I need to put the nasty stuff on your thumb?" Saphire asked. Daine shook her head, laughing as Starling smiled and ran out the door.

- - -X

Me: That's chapter one. Don't ask where this story came from. I started it a long time ago so I continued it today and it turned into this. Stupid plot bunny. ( gets attacked by a bunny and knocked out of the room)

Finn: Was that a Bunny?

Piper: Yes it was stupid.

Finn: HEY!