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(Seen but not Found)

As she descended the winding black staircase into the world below, Issura could still hear the sounds of Hercules battling a Titan behind her; the Rock Titan, by the sound of it.

'That guy has some terrible insults.' She winced as the Rock Titan roared out a bad earth pun; something about 'burying Hercules alive', or something equally dumb.

Shaking her head and pushing the Coliseum from her mind, Issura tensed as the nearby save point glowed, indicating someone was disembarking from a Gummi Ship. Reacting impulsively, she dove behind a nearby stalagmite, peeking out and watching as Sora, Donald, and Goofy appeared in a flash and rolled out, landing in a heap.

"Huh?" Sora's voice echoed throughout the deep cavern, not even dripping water and odd distortion by the vast expanse able to disguise his confusion.

She watched as the three stood, the dog, Goofy, asking as they looked around, "Are ya sure this is the Coliseum?"

"It's that way!" Donald warbled, making Issura jumped when he pointed in her direction. She could tell, though, by the context of the conversation that he was pointing to the staircase she had just descended, which was right beside her.

"Oh…" Sora laughed slightly and shrugged, "Guess we were a little off." He began to led his two teammates to the stairs when there was a scream, then Issura watched them as they turned and ran back to help Megara, Hercules's girlfriend, who was being chased by Heartless.

After the trio had saved Megara and had a quick conversation with her, they changed their destination from the Coliseum to a blue door to the right of the staircase. When they had stepped through the door, Issura stepped out of her hiding place and made to follow them.

"Hey! Emily!"

Issura froze, blinking and turning to Megara. She smiled nervously, "Yes, Meg?"

Megara frowned, "Where are you going? Don't you know who lives down there?"

"Ol' Blue Face himself; Pluto. Right?" Issura's smile widened, "Don't worry. I'll be fine."

"And just why are you going down there?" The older woman pressed.

Issura fell silent for a moment as she thought, then the nervousness in her smile faded and she answered, "I don't know." Leaving Megara and herself thoroughly confused, Issura turned and ran to the door, leaving no room for further questioning.

In the first chamber, a wide, circular area, bare of anything except for a few tall candlesticks.

Issura looked around, blinking, "Well… if this isn't an obvious battle sight, then I have never fought before in my life." Rolling her eyes, she walked on to the doorway in the back, ignoring the Heartless as they morphed into existence around her.

They were new species that she had never seen before, but, like their predecessors, they held the basic instinct that told them what she was and held back, sticking with slinking around her carefully rather than approaching her directly. The only time they would ever attack her would be in the Coliseum arena, and even then it would be with some reluctance.

Issura was just walking through the archway into a long, winding, downward sloped cavern when a corridor of darkness opened in front of her and a black cloaked figure ran out, crashing into her and sending them both toppling. The next moment, Issura was laying on her back and staring at the stalactites on the ceiling, dazed and confused, with a long, lanky body sprawled across hers, the persons head resting on her chest.

For a moment, neither did a thing.

Then, the cloaked figure wrapped their lithe arms around her waist and nuzzled their head against her chest. "Mmmmmm… warm."

Having dealt with the owner of this voice on several occasions, Issura was barely thinking about who the person was with and more of who the person was and reacted accordingly.

"DEMYX, GET THE HELL OFF!!" She roared, flicking her nightstick out of the sleeve of her jacket and swinging it across her body, catching the boy upside the head and sending them careening into the wall.

"Owie, owie, owie, ow ow ow ow ow!!" The cloaked figure rolled around for a moment, clutching his head, then rolling on his back and whimpering as Issura stood and glared down at him.

Livid, Issura clenched her hands and glared down at him, hissing, "You little prick…"

The person stared up at her, then braced his hands against the ground above his head and rolled his body up onto his shoulder blades, legs rising into the air and arching out, then falling forward and landing squarely on the ground as he vaulted off of his hands and back onto his feet. Then, he quickly pulled back the hood of his cloak and spun around, the green-eyed mullet-haired youth staring at Issura with wide eyes.


Tensing, Issura took a step back and bit her lip, "I'm not—"

"Like hell!" Demyx cut her off, pointing at her with a grin tugging at the corners of his mouth, "I'd recognize you anywhere if you were angry!" He blinked, then giggled a bit, "What happened to your hair?"

"Long story." Issura rolled her eyes, deciding to skip denial and move straight to anger as she crossed her arms and glared at him. "What are you doing here?"

Demyx gapped. "What am I doing here?! What're you doing here?!" He shook his head as he went on, "We've been looking for you forever!! Do you have any idea how pissed Xemnas was after you left?! Not to mention how many of the heartless went out of whack! We had to kill a majority of them and Xemnas spent almost half a year trying to figure out how to breed new ones!"

Issura dramatized a yawn, "Yeah, yeah, that's nice. Well, if we're done here, it's been great seeing you, but…" She turned to leave, only to be stopped when Demyx threw his arms around her shoulders, pulling her back and resting his chin against her shoulder.

"Sorry." He muttered, "But we were given strict orders to bring you back to The World That Never Was if we found you, and I'm pretty sure this constitutes as finding you."

Sighing and closing her eyes as the cold blackness of a corridor of darkness opened beneath them, Issura tightened her grip on her nightstick and said, "Sorry, but I don't plan on going back." Issura spun around, shoving the butt of her nightstick up into Demyx's diaphragm.

Demyx choked and wheezed, the corridor of darkness flickering and fading as he began to sink to his knees, clutching at his chest.

Issura wrapped her arms around him and eased him to the ground, then jumped over his writhing form and took off down the long stone hall, not daring to look back.

Stone walls rushed passed her in a blur of grey, as did four figures that ran back the way she came, barely pausing to shout back at her. So determined was she to get away from Demyx that Issura hardly noticed the Underworld passing her by until she came to a dead end; an empty throne room-looking place with a large chair in the back and a circular depression in the center.

'Must be Pluto's 'evil lair'.' She thought as she leaned against the wall, panting.

"Why, hello."

Issura tensed, turning slowly to stare at the figure.

Floating above the depression in the center of the room was an older woman, wearing a blue dress and a long blue coat, with braided brown hair and blue eyes. The woman was smiling in a motherly way, but there was something in her eyes that told Issura she could be cruel if she had to.

Fortunately, this didn't seem to be that kind of situation.

"I am Rayne." The woman said, smile widening.

"Uh…" Issura blinked and shook her head, "Issura… I mean Em…" She stopped, biting her lip and cursing herself internally.

Rayne, though, just nodded, "Go on. What would you rather be called?"

"…Emily?" Issura muttered, unsure.

"Alright." Rayne nodded seriously, "I can do that. I know how important it can be to keep… certain truths about yourself to yourself. Now, then, Emily, I have a question."

Issura blinked, "Yes?"

"Have you seen my husband? He's a rough man in a red coat carrying a giant sword, and he's not a very good people person."

"No, I—" Issura started to answer, then stopped, remembering the four blurs she had passed on her way down. One of them had been red… "Wait… I think so. Was he headed towards the main entrance of the Coliseum?"

Rayne frowned, "I'm not sure…" She sighed, crossing her arms over her stomach tightly and shifting her weight to one hip, "I hate to do this… but could you go check on him for me? I don't know what Hades wants with him, but it can't be good…"

Issura frowned, "Why can't you?"

"Because…" Rayne smiled bitterly, raising one hand and slowly sticking it out until it crossed the rim of the depression. When it had crossed the threshold, it began to dissolve. "I'm dead." She explained when Issura gasped, "Auron was the one that was summoned, not me. I was just nearby when he was summoned, so I was brought this far, but the spell doesn't cover my leaving this area so I'm stuck here."

"I…" Issura winced, "I'm so… sorr—"

"Don't apologize." Rayne cut her off, smiling, "I've lived enough for several lifetimes and I regret nothing. All I want is my husband back so he and I can rest."

"I can understand that. I'll… look for him for you. And I'll tell him your waiting."

Rayne blinked, her smile widening, "Thank you very much, Emily. This is greatly appreciated."

"No problem." Issura nodded, smiling. "Well… I guess I'll be off, now." She turned to walk out, then paused and turned back, "And if any guys in long black coats come asking about me, I wasn't here."

"Who wasn't here?" Rayne called after her, making Issura smile as she shut the door.

On her way out, Issura walked passed a fuming Hades, who in his anger didn't notice her until she called out after him.

"Beaten by a boy, Pluto?" She giggled, diving through a corridor of darkness when he roared and turned to throw a fireball at her.

In that corridor, though, she was met…

"Hey, Issura!" Demyx cheered, throwing his arms around her neck from behind and hugging her, "C'mon, you should know better than that! When we're looking for you, it's a bad idea to use a corridor…"

Issura twitched, flailing and looking around.

Demyx kept a firm grip on her, though allowed her to turn and look, turning with her and keeping behind her.

"Just you and me." He said when she had turned a complete circle, "Don't worry; I haven't told Xemnas yet… Thought I'd give you the chance to come back on your own."

"…I'm not coming back, Demyx." Issura said, clenching her hands, "I like life out here… And I don't want to serve the Organization anymore."

Demyx sighed, "You can't do that. The Organization's on the move; they're going to every world in search of hearts. You'll be found sooner or later, Issura, and it's better if it's by me rather than one of the others. They won't be this allowing…"

Issura smirked, leaning back in his arms and glancing over her shoulder, "C'mon, Demy, you and I both know that you aren't trying to take me in by force because you're afraid of getting you ass kicked."

He grinned widely, "Yeah, that, too." He paused, then said, "Hey, random request, but could I get a good look at you? Last time all I really noticed was your hair…"

She thought about it, then nodded, stepping forward and turning around when he let her go.

Demyx looked her up and down, smirking and nodding, "Nice, nice. Though, I gotta say, you looked better in the black coat. Formfitting shows off your figure…"

Issura twitched and smacked him.

"That was a compliment!" Demyx whined, rubbing his reddening cheek and looking at her sullenly.

"Pervert." Issura blinked, "Wait… The Organization is on the move again?"

He stared at her for a moment, then nodded, "Yeah."

"And what are you here for, then? Surely you're not just screwing around…"

Demyx shrugged, "Lookin' for the Keyblade Master."

Issura blinked, "Sora? That kid's here?" They knew? Already?

"So our sources say. You haven't seen him, then?"

"No." She growled. This wasn't good. If the Organization knew Sora was here, then more of them just might come. Demyx she could handle, but if Luxord or even Saix showed up, she'd be screwed… "Demy, it's been great seeing you, but I—"

"No!" Demyx lunged and tackled her, latching on to her waist, "You can't run again! The Superior will kick my ass if he finds out that I saw you and didn't bring you back! C'mon, Issy!" He looked at her and pouted, "Can you really live with knowing that I got hurt because of you?"

Issura twitched, "First off, get off of me. Second, don't call me 'Issy'. Third… yes. Yes I could."

Demyx stared at her flatly, "Bitch."

"Brat. Now, get off." When he didn't move, she sighed, "Look, Demyx, Xemnas won't find out if you don't tell him, ya dig?"

"…" He smirked, "Did you just say 'ya dig'?"

"…Damned catchy human phrases…"

Demyx giggled, then stared at her, "Are you suggesting that I… lie to the Superior?"

She shrugged, "It's not lying if you never bring it up in the first place, now is it?" Issura paused, then met his eyes and stared at him imploringly, "Please, Demyx… don't make me go back there…"

"…You really don't want to come back, do you?" When she looked away, he blinked, "Was it that hard for you, Issura? …When Vexen died, I mean."

Issura flinched, turning her head away. She had held no love for the scientist… for more reason than the obvious fact that it was impossible for her to love. If anything, she should hate him for everything he'd done to her, for what he'd made her. Even if that hate was false… she could at least pretend she had it. Vexen deserved no more than that.

Still, part of her still felt closely tied to him, even after he was dead and she had been released from his control. Some part of her… still felt something for his loss.

'Was it that feeling that I ran from?'


Issura smacked Demyx again, "I said don't call me that…" She looked down at him, "Demyx, what does Xemnas want me back for?"

He blinked, as if the answer were obvious, "To run the labs, of course."

"That's all, then?…" That, of course, was indeed the obvious answer. Still…

"…I won't turn you in."

Issura blinked, "Eh?"

Demyx sighed, "I won't turn you in. You'll get caught at one point or another, anyway, and I'd rather not have to fight you if I can avoid it." He stared at her stubbornly, "But I wanna see you again before I leave this world. When can I meet you?"

Issura stared at him, then sighed and smiled, "I have some business in the upper world of the Coliseum. I'll take care of it, then come back to the Underworld and find you. How does that sound?"

"…Good." Demyx crawled off of her and stood, holding out his hand and pulling her up when she took it. "Things're different around the castle without you. It's… colder, not having somewhere to go and someone to bug."

She rolled her eyes, "Honestly, Demy, I was only had my free will for a short while… You can't have enjoyed it that much in such a small window of time."

Demyx just stared at her, then shrugged and turned away, exiting the corridor.

Issura stared after him, then sighed and made her own exit.