Just One thing



Part One

Tara's POV

When I saw Buffy and Willow walked into that bronze for the first time it was magic. I mean, she has to be the cheerleader or a prom Queen but Willow was so much more. I sat there and I just watched them over and over again, I swore they were a couple but Oz kissed her and she was straight. Now what really happened is that she never met me but know I'm using my power to go back….

Tara walked to Willow very quietly and she felt her vibes, she said, "Hi." Willow turned and said, "Hi." "My name is Tara." Tara said and Willow shook her hand. "Do you want to sit?" Willow asked and Tara sat down. They talked about going to school together and other things as well. As Oz was playing, she notices another blonde girl noticing Oz and the name was Veruca.

Tara POV

If someone had warned Othello about Iago, the tragedy would never have happened and so do I tell her or do I dropped a hint?

"He plays very well…" Tara said and Willow responded, "He does." "My lover used to play with a band and I would see….this….guy watching my lover, I thought it was nothing…." Tara said and Willow responded, "Why do you say? Oh. Is it nice with a…..woman?" Willow asked….

Tara POV

Willow turned slightly to the cheerleader and then back to me. One step to the left, one more word and everything changes.