Disclaimer: JKR. Not TP. Sadly.

Warning: Slash, set in third year.

Challenge: People on Bebo and LiveJournal are giving me prompts for Sirius/Remus fics, and I'll write one (or just biff the lot and write whatever I want) per day, posting them there, and here. This'll go on for the whole of May, so feel free to pop over to my LJ (link in my profile) and drop me a prompt!

Prompt: "The marauders third year at hogwarts. Its xmas hols, and everyone has gone home, bar a few. Sirius and Remus, at the tender young age of 13, have discovered their love for each other (or are beginning to), and spend a quiet afternoon or evening in the dormitory getting to know each other, and trying each other out. Exploring each other. You know in what way i mean. It had better be long :D" Thanks Tahlia. Pervert.

A Beginning

The dorm was silent. Too silent, for a room containing Sirius Black. The boy was poring intensely over a book, the first time Remus had ever seen him touch a book of his own free will.

"Sirius?" Remus blinked, confusedly flopping down next to Sirius on his bed. "What're you reading?"

"I'm studying the Animagus transformation." He said, not taking his eyes from the page.

"But we're not starting Animagi until after the holidays! What's the hurry?" Remus asked, really quite alarmed by this change in his friend's behaviour now.

"I know. I want to become one."

"Become one? Sirius, it takes years to learn, even in a ministry controlled training setting! You have to wait until you're an adult for that!"

"But I can't." Sirius removed his eyes from the book at last, turning them instead to bore into Remus' own, stormy grey meeting shining gold. "Remus, werewolves don't harm animals. What if they don't harm animagi either? We could keep you company on full moons!"

Remus' eyes widened in shock. "You... you would do that for me? But you can't! It's illegal! And so hard! You'll never make it!"

"Of course we will!" Sirius smiled, a glint of mischief entering his eyes. "We're the Marauders. We can do anything."

Remus was filled all at once with so many unbelievable emotions; such a display of friendship was almost too much for him to bear. He felt relief, hope, amazement, and most of all, he felt love. He loved Sirius, Sirius who cared for him always, and Sirius obviously loved him too, to care that much. Without putting any real thought into it, Remus moved forward, pressing his lips to Sirius' in a clumsy kiss.

Sirius responded awkwardly, both of them hesitant; unsure of what they were doing. Teeth clicked and noses bumped, but it was good, so good. Their fingers laced together almost unconsciously as they kissed, knees touching softly. They parted after a minute, foreheads resting together, faces flushed, shy grins on their faces.

"So." Sirius said, all of his usual cool gone out the window.

"Yeah." Remus said, the awkwardness of Sirius' voice echoing in his own. Then they both laughed, and the tension was broken.

They reluctantly pulled their heads apart, though their fingers remained laced, knees still pressed against each other.

"I didn't know you liked boys too." Sirius smiled shyly, an expression Remus had never seen on his face before.

"I didn't either. And I didn't know you liked boys." Remus said, grinning.

"Neither did I." Sirius smiled. And then they kissed again.