A/N: Just to clarify, the timeline on this fic is when Sam is finishing up his second year of college, during those oh-so-mysterious years when the boys were separated. Now, for all those of you who are as nerdy as I am, I know that the writers have said that it was a mistake in the script when Dean said he hadn't seen Sam for two years (in the pilot), and that it should have been either three or four years. But the fact is that once it's there, it's there, so this fic is my attempt at explaining why Sam and Dean may have been on friendly terms for the first two years of his college and distinctly unfriendly terms for the second two years. With that said, please, enjoy. :)

Open Secrets


A grinding noise rang loud in the silence, compounded by the acoustics of the cave.

"Sam? What is that? Is that him?" asked the little boy.

Sam coughed to clear his throat. He didn't bother to open his eyes. "It's the stoneā€¦over the entrance." His voice shook; he was still shivering.

"Should we try to escape?"

Sam cracked his good eye open a sliver and looked at Jordan, whose face reflected trust and optimism: he still believed Sam could get him out of here. Sam closed his eyes slowly and let his head rest against the cave wall behind him.


He tried to force his eyes all the way open this time, but only one made it; the other was swollen almost completely shut thanks to their recent visitor. Jordan moved closer and peered at him closely.

"Should we try to escape?"

Sam swallowed thickly. "No. We should just stay here."

"For your brother to come?"

Sam nodded, allowing his eyes to slide closed again. "For my brother to come."

Jordan slid down the wall and sat next to Sam. "You're still sure he's gonna come?"

"I'm sure," Sam said, but it was a lie. He wasn't sure. He was tired and cold and sick, and starting to lose hope.

Soon all he'd be left with was his fear.