Don't you hate it when you're trying to sleep, and someone asks you a question, and then it turns into a conversation so you can't sleep?

I got the idea for this one from something a friend said to me once... Yeah, don't ask...

Note: This story fits in my Solace universe.

It had started out as a simple innocent question, one asked by Sideswipe to his brother while the two were lying down for the night in their individual berths: "If you were an animal, what kind would you be?"

"Wha?" Sunstreaker asked his brother in confusion. "That question totally came out of the blue..."

"Well?" Sideswipe asked impatiently, looking over at his brother.

"Hmm... I'd be a peacock," Sunstreaker answered.

"Do I even have to ask why you chose that animal?" Sideswipe shook his head.

"Peacocks are beautiful, just like I am," Sunstreaker smirked.

"Funny... If you take the "pea" out of the word, you've got the other part of your personality down pat."

"Go fuck yourself, Sides," Sunstreaker growled.

"Yeah, see? Exactly what I mean."

"What about you, then? What kind of animal would you be?"

"I'd be a llama."

"Why a llama?"

"Because llamas are teh awesome!"

Sunstreaker gave his brother a bizarre look. "Actually, I think you'd be more like that rabbit from that Skittles commercial."

"What?!" Sideswipe rolled off his stomach and onto his side to better see his brother.

"Have you heard yourself sing in the shower lately?"

"How would you know how I sound when I sing in the shower? What, do you get off on watching me bathe, or something?"

"Eww, no! Why would anyone want to watch you bathe? I just can't help overhearing you when I walk past the shower room. You're so obnoxiously loud and tone deaf!"

"Okay then Sunny, if that's how it's gonna be, you'd be Chim Chim from Speed Racer!" Sideswipe shouted back angrily. "You look just like him and everything!"

Sunstreaker sat up quickly and let off an insulted grumble. "You'd be the Aflac duck!"

"You'd be that bear from the toilet paper commercials!"

"You'd be the Trix rabbit!"

"You'd be the GEICO mascot!"

"You'd be Puff the Magic Dragon!"

"You'd be Triumph the Comic Insult Dog!"

"Oh, that's it!"

Sunstreaker lunged at his brother and soon the two were wrestling on the ground, beating the slag out of each other. They both paused when their door flew open, Sunstreaker on top of Sideswipe, about to punch him. They both turned their gazes slowly towards the door and saw Jazz and Ironhide standing there, staring at them. Jazz seemed amused. Ironhide looked about ready to go on a homicidal rampage.

"Hey, can you two lovebirds interface quieter? Blurr and I can hear you from all the way back at our room," Jazz teased.

Ironhide glared at them both. "My sleep...When he doesn't sleep...I don't get any sleep...and when I don't get any sleep...PEOPLE DIE!! GOT THAT?!" The twins quickly agreed. "Good...I'm glad we had that little discussion." He and Jazz both turned around and left.

"Ironhide would probably be a jackass..." Sunstreaker said, looking back at his brother.

"I was thinking a cow, but okay," Sideswipe replied.