Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB CHARACTERS…but man Haruhi is my dream girl lol

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB CHARACTERS…but man Haruhi is my dream girl lol

Chapter 1.

"Haruhi, do you know where Renge is?" Hunni Looked up at Haruhi's disheveled appearance.

"Umm, I don't Hunni why?" Haruhi looked down at Hunni with big innocent eyes.

"Cause you were the last one to see Renge, you guys were working on the tape for her great movie idea"

"Hunni I was just trapped in the Host Room all night, I have no idea where anybody is."

"Ok well if you see her please tell me or Takashi, I have to ask her something important about the video"


Haruhi watched Hunni walk away and breathes a very much needed sigh of relief. She looks behind her at Renge's room and walks quickly toward the door to the outside world so she can change into nicer clothes for school before it starts.

Yesterday before the host club closed:

"Haruhi, did you happen to finish that video clip that I asked you to finish?"

"No Renge I couldn't because I've had to work on all these other projects for school, I'll try to get to it later ok?"

"Haruhi I need you to stay after today then cause the video will be done by tomorrow probably."

"ARGH, Ok fine I'll stay after with you today and finish it, Christ, why is this video so important anyway?"

"We will discuss this later Haruhi ok? Ok."


"Bye Tamaki, Were almost done so I will lock up the room when we are finished"

Renge closed the door loudly and with a huff sat down next to Huaruhi. Haruhi looked at Renge with very tired and worn out eyes.

"How much longer do you want me to edit this clip?"

" I don't, it's perfectly fine the way it is, I was just waiting for Tamaki to leave so I could have you here alone, which is what I have been intending this whole night."

"Why would you possibly want me all alone?"

"So I could do this."

Renge quickly rested her lips on Haruhi's and they moved together for 3 seconds until Haruhi broke apart.

"Renge I'm not gay or bi or anything….but goddamnit I can't get enough of you"

Haruhi leaned in for the kiss and was not disappointed. Renge put her hands around Haruhi's waist; Haruhi responded by putting her arms around Renge's neck. Haruhi's head leaned slightly to the right as Renge's went slightly to the left of Haruhi. They sat and molded their lips together for a long time searching each others mouths for something different or new to explore. After a while they both laid down next to each other on the couch they had been sitting on. Renge was playing with Haruhi's hair and they were staring each other in the eyes.

"Haruhi, I love you"

"I…I don't know how to respond because I've never felt this way for a girl ever, Renge, I'll that I know is that I want you right here and now"

"Then take me Haruhi, I'm yours"

Both girls got up, and holding hands, walked to the bed and laid down next to each other. Both too nervous to do anything yet cuddled and kissed for a while, until Renge found Haruhi's spot on her back. Haruhi moaned uncontrollably and softly, and bucked her hips slightly forward. Renge looked surprised but pleased and dragged her nails across the spot again, Haruhi bucked harder and moaned just as soft. Renge tried to do it a third time but Haruhi rolled on top of her and began to take of Renge's shirt, while kissing Renge's neck all the way down to her stomach. Renge pulled off her shirt and Haruhi started to bite Renge's neck very soft but hard at the same time. Renge moaned out Haruhi's name as she bit harder. While she was biting Haruhi tried to take off Renge's pants but failed miserably and stopped biting for a second while she unzipped them and slid them down revealing Renge's black lace underwear.

"I have a feeling you don't wear those everyday do you?"

"Only on days when I hoped this would happen."

Haruhi took off her own shirt just showing her white bra, and slowly took off her pants one leg at a time. Renge reached up and stroked Haruhi's stomach and grabbed her chest. Haruhi laughed and laid down on top of Renge, while she started kissing her again Haruhi's hands went underneath the strap of Renge's underwear and she started to slide it down. Renge broke the kiss and rolled Haruhi over so she was on top.

"Now it's my turn" she said as she reached behind Haruhi and unclasped her bra. Haruhi instinctively covered her self but moved her arms as Renge guided them away. Renge pulled off her bra completely and Haruhi's nipples became harder in the sudden cold. Renge said "How could I not fall in love with such a perfect girl?"

She leaned down and gave Haruhi the most passionate kiss of the night. Renge's hand slipped in between Haruhi's underwear and felt the wetness almost immediately. Haruhi moaned a soft "Renge" before being over come by breathlessness as Renge sucked on her breasts and slipped a finger in her wetness. Renge started to move very quick and hard pushing Haruhi over the edge very quickly. As Haruhi moaned hard Renge took out her hand and said very quietly "not yet". In a lustful anger Haruhi flipped over again making her on top and she pushed her hand underneath Renge's underwear and started to rub her clit very slowly in circles. Renge moaned loudly and Haruhi began to bite her neck again while rubbing Renge harder and faster hitting her G-spot every time. Renge was pushed over the edge but Haruhi didn't stop and Renge came hard over Haruhi's hand. Haruhi looked pleased but ravenous and Renge flipped her over again and they almost fell off the bed. Renge immediately stuck her hand under Haruhi's underwear and Haruhi moaned from the cold skin on her moist, hot skin. Renge stuck in 2 fingers this time and started to fuck her hard. It only took a few minutes and Haruhi was ready to come. After a few more strokes Haruhi came very hard and long on Renge's hand. Renge took out her hand and licked off anything that was there.

They both lay down next to each other and fell asleep cuddled, both dreaming of the other girl until Haruhi woke up and looked at the time. She jumped out of bed quickly and put on her clothes rushed. Renge looked at her and asked her why she was in such a rush.

"Because I have class in 30 minutes and I need to change my clothes so I don't look like I did yesterday."

She leaned over Renge and gave her a long and passionate kiss. Renge was turned on all over again and watched Haruhi leave with very bad thoughts on her mind. Then Haruhi ran into Hunni and split as fast as she could.

Ch2 will be coming very soon so don't worry if you liked this chapter you probably can't wait for the next one lol. :D