They were eating a normal lunch in the Host Room so they wont get disturbed or stared at. Haruhi and Renge had been dating for some time now, both had lost count of the days and all they did now was count the moments and pray and hope and never stop loving all of them. You could almost say that life had gotten pretty routine. Wake up next to each other, go to school, go home, and tell everyone else that they were doing projects for the Host Club. On nights when they couldn't sleep together they talked to each other on the phone untill they both fell asleep. Life was back to normal after the fight and nothing had happened since then to threaten thier relationship.

2 Weeks Later:

" HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?!" Tamaki came into the room, angry, annoyed, pissed off, and scared for Haruhi. He liked Renge and respected their relationship but Haruhi was still his number one.

"No, what?" Renge looked up at him with an arched eyebrow.

"Someone's been posting these all over the school hallways and lockers!!"

Tamiki pulled out a regular peice of paper that looks like a flyer for something. It had a picture from very far away of Renge and Haruhi kissing. In Red letters it said "Lesbians in Our School! This is an Abomonation and One of Them is a Scholarship Student!! Sign the Petition! Kick Them Out ASAP. We Will Find You."

"WHO THE FUCK WOULD HAVE THE NERVES OR THE BALLS TO WRITE THIS??" Renge yelled, Haruhi just looked sullen.

"They can't just sign a petition like this, it would never pass through the school!" Renge looked at Haruhi for help.

"Yea they can Petition it but the school cant kick us out for being what we are. Theres just no way, It's against the law and it would be breaking the school Honor Code."

"Thats a relief but still, someones spreading lies all over the school and this is going to get ugly for everyone involved."

"We can't abandon them." Tamaki said with a slight twinkle in his eyes.

"But we can also use our wits, and money to investgate who the hell thinks its a good idea to hurt 2 very innocent, loving people."

With that everybody left the room except for Renge and Haruhi. No one had noticed but Haruhi was silently crying where she wa sitting. Renge noticed but didnt want to say anything to anybody. Renge got up and hugged Haruhi close to her. Both girls started crying harder. Both trying not to imagine life without the other. They eventually laid down and just kept crying through the rest of the days classes. Both puffy eyed with leaky noses and splotchy cheeks.

Haruhi, after 3 hours of no talking finally said, "I'm so scared right now. I dont want to leave you. I dont want to leave the school. It looks like the only solution unless we can cath that asshole that thinks its funny to hurt other people."

"I highly doubt that they will make us leave school. In fact i think that if you left it would make it so they win. Don't let them win and just keep pushing along foreward holding my hand and never letting go."

Renge and Haruhi got up and walked into Renge's room and closed the door for the night. They woke up at exactly the same time, in the exact same manner. They had been facing each other all night and they opened thier eyes at the same time. As soon as they realized the other was awake they moved closer together and started kissing. At first just normal morning kisses, but hungry for each other it got a bit more passionate. They got so close to eachother you couldnt put a piece of paper between them. Thier legs were intertwined, hands and arms feeling each other up and down. Haruhi reached farthest down first. She slid her hands into Renge's undewear and started to finger her hard. Renge let out moans of pleasure that Haruhi loved to use as encouragement. Haruhi started getting faster and used 2 fingers. Renge came fast. She stared into Haruhi's eyes. "I love you, dont ever think that leaving is the best option." Haruhi looked into Renge's eyes, "I love you too, I know it's not an option. It was only a thought I promise."

Renge then flipped over Haruhi and started to finger her and kissing her. They never stoped touching. Renge got faster and Haruhi's moans of pleasure built up louder untill she came. They then laid down next to each other. Still Hugging each other and fell back asleep untill the alarm clock sounded 2 hours later. Haruhi got up first and got dressed since she actually had class. Renge watched her get dressed. Haruhi noticed this while putting on her socks and she fell hard onto her butt. They laughed uproariously together for at least 5 mins. Then Haruhi finished getting dressed and kissed Renge goodbye.

1 Week Later:

Haruhi and Renge had mixed reviews of people. Almost everybody supported them, but there was still a select few that didnt agree with it at all in any way. Tamaki had set up a public speech from both of them this afternoon. They would both speak out about themselves and to the Administration for not cracking down on the punks that started it. Renge was speaking first.

"Everybody, please quiet down. Listen, we are not abominations. We love each other. Its not our fault that we fell in love. I never want to nor will i ever leave her. I love her way too much to cause or inflict pain to her or her heart. I know you guys can frown down on us because you dont agree with it. But don't you believe in love? Most of you guys right now are dating somone in this school. Dont you feel like if you leave that person your whole world will come crashing down around your head and you would be nothing? Thats why im not leaving Haruhi. We shouldn't even be classified as lesbians because we know if we left each other no one would be good enough to date. Please know that when you call us names in the hallways or when you look at us, we aren't looking at you with those same faces when you date someone. Its the same thing. Be respectful."

Renge got lots of applause for her speech, even from some of the people that didnt agree with it at first. Haruhi was next.

"Look, we are who we are. Nothing will change that. Kicking us out of the school would only cause a revolt from all of our friends. You just need to learn to accept us because if your against this so much why dont you just leave. Instead of making us leave your actually the problem not us. Everybody but a select few accept us. Your the minority here. Not us. We may be 2 of the few of the lesbians here that doesnt mean were the minority. Its means we have the most supporters. Our crowd stands stronger than you. So accept the fact or get the hell out."

Everybody that was there applauded. Everybody. Schhol administrators, the people who were originally against it, the allies, and especially the Host Club. In the quake of the excitement Renge grabbed Haruhi, wrapped her arms around her and kissed her completely in front of everyone. Everybody cheered now. It was all in all a good time for people. Girls and guys that had been holding back thier sexuality, shouted out at the top of thier lungs "I'M GAY TOO!!" These people the met in the middle of the circle. The girls started kissing and so did the guys.

Afterwards everbody couldnt stop talking about both of the speeches especially Haruhi's. No one said a word about anybody bad that went to that school. It had become the most accepting school with in 24 hours. But it also has its consequences. People were starting to come out of the closet. But to who, and why?