She sighed; it had been a long time, a very long time. Aerith played with her ribbon, impatiently, twirling it many times around her braid. Her mind was somewhere else when two large hands reached over and covered her eyes.

"Guess what I saw…" he chuckled.

"What? Where have you been?" She giggled. That was the reason she loved it here so much. He was the reason she liked it here so much.

After removing his hands, he quickly kissed her and started playing with her curls.

"After eighty-three years, ninety-seven days, four hours, seventeen minutes, and six seconds…guess who I ran into…," he sang.

"I can only guess, Zack."

He clicked his tongue and pointed behind his shoulder. There, was an odd, old, little man. He looked quite confused.

"I had pudding…where's my pudding? I could have sworn…I was eating pudding…wait, where am I? Who are you people?" the grey-haired man rambled, and pointed over to the two youngsters.

"There's…no…way…" she gawked.

Zack could not help but laugh at her reaction, the confused old man, that little, old, old, man, had at one time been her boyfriend.

"Yeah," he smirked, "he's let himself go hasn't he?"

"No…no…" she lied, staring at the ex-SOLDIER. There was no doubt though, in Zack's mind that he was going to have some fun with this…

"I can fix it, you know…" he smiled an evil grin.

"Really, Zack? How?" She asked.

Zack pretended to roll up imaginary sleeves, "Let me work my magic…"

Aerith waited patiently as Zack strode over to the old man. He awkwardly put one arm far in front of him and greeted Cloud.

"Hey, Cloud. Long time, no see?" He grinned. "Wait, you can see me, right?"

"Who are you?" Cloud managed to wheeze out.

"You don't remember your best friend? Cloud, I am offended," Zack, pouted.

Then, Zack did something that no one should do to the elderly, but considering that this was in fact Cloud…it didn't really matter much to him.

Zack's arm whipped out and hit Cloud smack in the back of his head. With a low chuckle, Zack inspected his best friend.

"Why the heck did you do that for?" Cloud yelled, voice cracking.

Zack muttered something under his breath, causing Aerith to get curious.

"What was that, Zack?" she asked.

"I said his hair was still a bit grey!" He yelled. Immediately, his hand swung through the air, smacking a fifty-year-old looking Cloud, back into his early twenties.

"How's that, Aerith?" Zack asked, squinting his eyes at his work. He smirked, "can I do it again? This time, no age effects, promise."

"I'm not sure…" she giggled.

"Please, I'm begging. NO MORE!" Cloud was practically on his knees!