"Cloud…" Aerith said both patting Zack's head and holding Cloud's hand. Her green eyes sparkled, which captivated both boys. "Don't you remember Zack?"

"…No…I…don't." His brain was practically smoking.

"Remember…please? Zack, Zackary Fair?" She pressed. Aerith took his hand with both of hers. "You do remember your family, correct?"

"Yes, but…Oh my GOSH! IS ZACK OKAY?!" Cloud immediately leapt to his feet.

"Is he okay?!" Cloud asked again.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine," Zack said, smirking, "took ya long enough!"

"…Zack," Aerith whispered, "he wasn't talking about you. Have you forgotten about Zack, Zack?"

"Um…yeah." At least he is honest!

"He's with Tifa, he's absolutely fine," Aerith comforted, "Don't you remember who you named Zack after?"

"I remember!" Zack yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Yes," Cloud recalled, "we named him after a…a hero…some guy…that saved my…life. His name was Zackary R—,"

Zack clapped his hand over Cloud's mouth, "if you say that name aloud," he hissed, "you'll die…again."

"Yo, he's only been here for… like what, twenty minutes…and you're already threatening to kill him?"

Everyone knew who that voice belonged to.

"What do you want Reno?" Cloud demanded.

"Great," Zack hissed, "he remembers Reno."

"Shuddup, Zack," Aerith whispered.

"Awwwww," Zack mumbled, "You swore…"

"Not really, you've said worse."


"Oh, a SOLDIER fight," Rufus greeted, walking into the middle of the scene, "this is something I've been waiting to see for a long time."

"Oh look at me," Zack and Reno mocked in unison, "I'm Rufus Shinra and I'm a pretty boy who has so much money and I have enough to help with the better good, but you'll never see it! Ahahahahaha!"

Both men leaned backwards for emphasis of their comment.

"We weren't really gonna fight," Zack mumbled, crossing his arms.

"Yeah!" Cloud stated.

"Cloud," Rufus welcomed, "good to see you. Hey, did you know your wife, Tifa, is still alive? Why don't you go haunt her or something?"

Then he added, "Zack why don't you help out?"


Neither man knew where this was going. His former boss' son annoyed Zack, and well, Cloud was being…Cloud.

Let's just get one thing covered. Rufus kinda had a thing for Aerith. She was very oblivious towards his feelings and always thought of him as a good friend. Who would have thought, right?

"Yeah, sure, whatever," Zack said, blowing off Rufus and roughly dragging Cloud away, "C'mon Cloud."

"B-but I don't wanna haunt Tifa!" Cloud yelled, digging his fingernails into Zack's arm.

Zack just rolled his eyes, "Cloud," he said, "haunting people is fun. You get to become an animal and follow people around like a stalker! It's really great."

Zack's definition of a "haunting" wasn't the type that made Cloud feel really warm and fuzzy inside, but did he honestly have a choice?


"Soooo Aerith," Rufus tried, "What's up?"

"The sky!" she answered cheerfully.

"Not exactly what I meant," he sighed.

"It wasn't?"


"Oh, okay then!" Aerith turned and skipped away.

"She isn't the brightest, is she sir?" A young Turk was standing behind her boss.

"No Cisseni, she isn't."

Rufus turned to meet a girl with reddish-brown hair. He had heard her story before; she had died from an explosion three years after Zack. When Rufus came to the Lifestream, he met her and she automatically dropped everything and started her job again.

"Now I see why Zack loves her," she sighed, "She's beautiful and has no clue whatsoever."

"Yep, that's so true

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