I think these fics are so fun. I see them all the time in the Harry Potter fandom, so I thought Code Lyoko needed one.

This fic is one that I'm probably not going to update regularly. It's sorta like a side project that I work on whenever I've hit a block with the fics that I'm mainly working on. I'll try to update when I can, but I don't know when the next chapter will be up. I hope that won't stop you from reading.


1. If truth be told, she's actually getting tired of the color pink.

2. The librarian figured she got the book out about Canada because she was homesick, but really, she just wants to learn about where she tells everyone she's from.

3. When Aelita is mad at Jeremie, she turns to Odd. When she's mad at Odd, she turns to Yumi. When she's mad at Yumi, she turns to Jeremie.

She's never really mad at Ulrich, but she never really turns to him either.

4. Every Father's Day, she sends a virtual card into the internet so that, just in case her daddy's still there, he knows she's always thinking about him.

5. She rarely likes Odd's girlfriends.

6. She spent the night at Yumi's house and was fascinated by all the Japanese culture.

Aelita wishes with all her heart that she could remember her culture.

7. Of all the strange sensations on Earth (sleeping, sweating, wearing socks), the strangest was when she bit down and the cherry tomato popped in her mouth. She really hadn't been expecting that.

8. One summer, they all decided to go to the beach. Aelita watched as the others entered the ocean and sobbed, sure that they would be lost forever.

Jeremie was the one to promise her that Earth's ocean wasn't the same as the digital sea, but it was Odd who persuaded her to put her feet in the tide.

9. She waited until she was alone in her room. Then she broke down crying. They had to save William, they just had to. She knew what it was like to be trapped on Lyoko.

10. If Bloks didn't try to devirtualize her all the time, she'd think they were cute.

11. Everyone knows she misses her mother, but no one knows she blames her mother for losing her father. Why was she taken away?

12. Sissi is much worse than XANA sometimes. XANA is eviler, but Aelita doesn't ever see his malicious stare. Sissi, on the other hand, looks disdainfully at Aelita with a sneer in her dark eyes.

She shivers as Sissi's eyes narrow.

13. She stole a picture of Odd's family and kept safe under her mattress. Before she goes to sleep, she looks at the picture and pretends that they all wish her a good night.

After all, they're supposed to be her family, too.

14. Jeremie is her best friend. So when she watches the movies where the best friends fall in love, she blushes profusely.

15. She loves Earth, really. But she'll miss Lyoko.

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