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Dedication: Almighty Tallest Angie - you were Jim's biggest fan, so this chapter is for you. I used a lot of your ideas for different facts for him.


1. It's not that he'd rather not talk about it. He just hasn't found anyone worth telling.

2. His sister was the first person to call him Jimbo.

3. He was an international dancer. He served in the army. He worked for a secret underground agency. He was once honored by the president of a small corporation.

Out of everything that he's done in his life, working at Kadic is the best experience.

4. If he could, he'd spend his days barefoot. Grass tickling his feet, the feel of the earth under him. Shoes just restrict him, and he can't stand it.

5. First the nurse and then the science teacher… He always had a thing for women in white.

6. He thought that maybe if he went under a pseudonym, no one would recognize him as a dancer. Boy, was he wrong.

But when he started to sign a few autographs for the students, he realizes that maybe every now and then, he should want to talk about it.

7. He goes through one box of bandages approximately every three weeks.

8. He's such a typical guy, he never knows which gem is which. But after Suzanne gives him a green stare through her silver lenses, he knows he will always remember "emerald."

9. When Chris first told him that he was going to start a rock band revolution, Jim was the only one that believed he could do it.

10. Of all the many jobs he's had, he's never had to work in a stuffy office. And every day, he is grateful for that.

11. Yes, he's a Star Trek fan. Yes, he's a Trekkie. Yes, he, to this day, still has a man-crush on William Shatner. Yes, he dressed up as Captain Kirk to several conventions.

But only because he couldn't get his eyebrows to look like Spock's.

12. As hard as he tries to remember, he can't think of a time when the students ever respected him.

Actually, come to think of it, he can't think of a time when the teachers respected him, either.

13. The smell of the ocean always relaxes him, no matter how stressed he is.

14. He doesn't remember offering to teach Suzanne to dance (or even remember how he worked up the courage to do so). But the music is playing, she's smiling, he's holding her lightly in his arms.

It's perfect and he doesn't even care that she has a date later because, right now, they're together.

15. He doesn't always report Belpois for skipping class. For the life of him, he can't understand why he doesn't. But something in the back of his mind tells him that maybe Belpois isn't being lazy. Maybe he's doing something more important.

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