-near a town somewhere in the mountains-

-near a town somewhere in the mountains-
A young girl who looks around fifteen runs out of town, the villagers chasing after her. She ignores their shouts and insults and continues running, dodging the things they throw at her as the wind blows her short red hair. She trips and lands face first in the dirt, her pale skin covered in dust and dirt.

"She's a worthless mutt! Get her!"

"She'll destroy the village if we don't kill her!"

"Leave me alone! I didn't do anything!" the girl cries out, fear showing in her ruby red eyes.

"You're a mutt, a demonic filthy mutt. You can't be trusted."

"I would never do anything to harm anyone in the village! Please believe me!"

"If you were a half-demon we might believe you but you're less than that. You're a mutt, a worthless mutt."

"Be silent and leave the girl alone," a cold male voice says as a tall, white haired demon steps in front of the girl. "Kikyo Yuna is not a threat to you or your village."

The girl's eyes widen at the demon's words and well up with tears.

-Kikyo Yuna-
My eyes widen and begin tearing up at my old friend's words as I look up at his back.

"S-sesshomaru? Y-you're here?" I ask, not believing that he's standing right in front of me. I haven't seen him in at least the fifty years it has been since his brother was bound to a tree by a sacred arrow.

Sesshomaru looks back at me and nods, golden eyes reflecting the light from the moon behind us.

"L-L-Lord S-Sesshomaru?" one of the villagers who had been chasing me asks as he takes a step backwards. "W-what brings you here?"

"You were hunting my friend," Sesshomaru replies, his voice laced with a coldness I'd never heard from him before. "Go back to your village."

The villagers leave with out a word and run back to the village the moment Sesshomaru finishes speaking.