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POST-EDIT SIAPNIAN: This has now been fully integrated into the series following "Distraction"! Woo! I have, accordingly, changed the title and a little of the content. Sorry if this confused any of you.


"And then you have the kinetic destabiliser, which—"

Rose gritted her teeth together and counted to ten very, very slowly. And then she did it again, in Gallifreyan, backwards, which was interesting because she wasn't entirely sure what constituted the number ten in something that was base seven. Did she count to seven, or did she count to seven-plus-three? She could ask the Doctor, but she knew better than that, as he'd start babbling and doing exactly the same thing he was doing now, which was so irritating her that she had to be counting and wondering in the first place and this wasn't helping, Rose, pull yourself together.

She counted to seven-plus-three. Backwards. She could sense a very stupid idea coming on and she needed to resist.

"...went into complete meltdown..."

She felt a growl building in her throat. Resist, she told herself firmly. Resist. Do not do it. Not to get him to be quiet, not to see his reaction, not to test out the vague and probably untrue theory that had been niggling at her since the day Mickey'd left them.

Even though he'd done it to her first.

"And then..."

Those were the words that finally broke her.

Call it revenge, she thought, and acted. Without warning and with considerable force, she grabbed his head, pulled it down to hers and snogged him. He made a muffled noise for a moment as he tried to talk before he realised precisely where he was and what she was doing with his mouth, and he was promptly completely quiet, completely still.

She pulled away, eyes blazing, breathing unexpectedly laboured.

"Doctor," she said.

"Mmph?" he inquired, apparently forgetting that he could actually use his mouth now. He blinked at her, eyes wide, glittering faintly in the dim light from the single window of their cell.

"Stop talking and get us out of here, yeah?"

Later, she would insist that she had done it just to shut him up.


And so we have a companion piece to Distraction. Which, by the way, is a series that will go on for as long as people give me challenges for it, and don't tell me to play with banana-flavoured shower gel because I've already got that one and I'm not writing it.

And give TCASM a hug, yeah?