A Little Too Excited

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This is a little thing with the characters I created in my fan fic Blood or Chocolate (check it out if you haven't and review)

I do not own the loup-garou or any other of Mrs. Klause's amazing themes or characters but I do own Jacque and Charlie and some of the other places and characters in this one-shot. See blood or chocolate (my ff) chapter 6 for some Jacque/Charlotte background.

This is just a little something I wrote to stave off writers block for blood or chocolate. I may do more I haven't decided yet, maybe if I run into more blocks…what do you think? R&R!

A Little Too Excited (p.s. I was feeling a strong twilight influence when writing this so notice a few Jacque/Edward similarities, but Jacque has a personality all his own, trust me, I created this one.) (a/n: this dabble is strictly romance, no drama and complications…just a girl and her loup-garou in a barn loft….)

Charlotte's PoV

We walked arm in arm down the street toward our secret hide away in old Reilly's loft. We would have to be careful using it now that that other pack bought the land. Oh well for tonight it was ours.

Jacque didn't say anything as he took me in his arms and carried me up to our pile of hay in the loft. He laid me gently down and kissed me lightly.

He was so careful with me, I didn't want him to be careful. I wanted him to be wild with me, to bite me and make-out with me like he would one of his own, but he didn't. He was too concerned with my safety. Afraid he might change and destroy something. Or me. Jacque had quite the temper when he was in "wolf" form and he did not want me in the middle of it.

I kissed him back with more force and Jacque let us enjoy the sweet burning sensation of a mildly rough kiss and the desire that bubbled from it but too soon he pulled away like always. He was way too aware of our five year age difference.

I opened my mouth to his hoping to catch him off guard. I did and took the initiative to push him back into the hay and run my hands up his chest.

"Charlie…" He started, taking my hands in his.

"What?" I asked defensively.

"You're doing it again."

"Doing what? I'm trying to get my boyfriend a little exited for once. Is that so wrong?"

"Yes, when he's a violent monster and is five years older than the minor girlfriend in question. Besides I get way too excited anyway with out you helping me along." He smirked down at me and kissed me lightly once more.

"I don't mind helping you along." I murmured against his neck when he pulled me into a tight embrace, letting my fingers trail down to the button of his jeans.

He held my hands again. "I know you don't, that's the problem." Jacque shook his head and smirked, "How about this, I'll give you control for a few minutes and then it goes back to me. We'll take turns."

"I like that idea…." I said kissing him deeper than he would have dared pushing my body against him, willing him to respond.

Jacque, to speak figuratively was only human, or should I say only male and that fact alone was in charge as he pressed back, hands trailing all over making me shiver in delight, goose bumps rising along my body until he noticed and kissed them away.

I wanted to do something great while I was in control, but a little under a year with Jacque and no previous relationship gave me little experience to deal with, not when Jacque was so adamant our relationship stay PG-13, nothing above even in the most heated of our moments…

I kissed him again distracting his mouth so I could slide my fingers up under his shirt, I had down this before, but nothing could beat the feel of his warm smooth skin under my hands. Jacque, knowing what I wanted took off his shirt, "I don't care if you're in control, that's it." He mumbled into my lips as I pushed him down once more and kissed his nipples until they were hard under my lips. I bit one lightly experimentally, to see what rough movements would arouse him, it took a few more bites and kisses and licks before he pushed me down into the hay, taking control in a good way.

He kissed me and bit my tongue enough to sate the animal desire I had filled him with, he took to trailing his hands up and down my body kissing, nibbling at my neck moaning into my skin as I passed my hands under the back side of his pants, he had a tight ass. I knew he would, he is after all the fittest guy I know but, it still made me pant to actually feel it. I licked my tongue over his enjoying his taste…

Jacque really took control now, he was allowing us to go much further than ever actually taking off my jeans to run his hands up and down my smooth legs, along the inside of my thighs…I couldn't move or speak as he moved his mouth down there to run kisses up and down my inner thigh, he was driving me crazy with desire, and he knew it too, he was keeping me from exciting him too much…

But then he moved on to my shirt. He tugged it up so he could graze his lips and tongue over the sensitive skin of my abdomen. It tickled in a turned on kind of way and I wanted his lips on more sensitive skin, the skin of my breasts. I wanted to feel his reaction to them. They weren't big but they weren't small either, I had always though they fit my body, but I wanted to see what he thought, feel what he thought. Taking control again I tugged my shirt up more, ignoring the scratchiness of the hay beneath me, I slid his hands up to feel my bra…

"Stables! We can have horses for guests to ride like in Virginia!" Vivian, that new pack bitch was telling her mate as he showed her the stables.

Jacque who had virtually given into me froze. I silently cursed the new pack leaders, I had liked her earlier she and I have lots in common I think, but that did not mean I didn't curse to the bowls of hell for interrupting me when I was finally getting my boyfriend of a year to loose control…

I was silently praying she wouldn't ask her mate to see the lofts when I heard the leader chuckle softly, "Come on babe, and I'll show you the rest of the place."

He knew! He knew we were here he must have smelled us…she must have been too excited about the new place to notice! I silently thanked him and we waited until they were out of my hearing range before Jacque tugged my shirt back down and handed me my pants.

"Damn them." I cursed.

Jacque ignored my comment until he had his shirt back on and I was fully dressed. "Awe well…serves me right for getting a little too excited.."

I hoped you liked my attempt to wave off writers block with a different story …I'm aware its not very good but give me your opinions anyway…tell me if you like it and would like Jacque and Charlotte's story to continue…if it does I assure you Blood or Chocolate will still be my first priority and that the plot to this will get more interesting then: will he get excited?

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