-Two months ago, near a neutral village outside the Fire Nation-
A gray haired Fire Nation general leads a group of maybe five soldiers on komodo rhinos to a village of refugees that has remained neutral since the war began. General Iroh is hoping to make a deal with the village leader, the grandson of the noble who founded the village in protest of the war as a place where all four nations to live together freely. The general has given his soldiers strict orders not to harm or threaten anyone from the village but yet he has a feeling of apprehension of something going horribly wrong.

As General Iroh and his soldiers near the village, they are greeted by the village's head family and the village benders and warriors. A brown haired, green eyed man in a blue and red warrior's outfit and a black haired, blue eyed woman in green and orange fighting kimono stand at the front. They are the head family of Atarashii Kazoku.

"What is it that you want with our village General Iroh?" the village leader questions, his hands resting on the hilt and sheath of a broad sword at his side.

"Calm down Izuku. I only wish to speak with you about a proposition on behalf of the Fire Lord Ozai. There's no need for violence," Iroh answers.

"The Fire Lord has never shown any concern for this village before. What does he want from us during this time of war?" Izuku's wife, Iraia, asks harshly.

"Fire Lord wishes for the Avatar girl within your village to be handed over to him so that she may be trained to fight on our side to win the war once and for all," one of the Fire Nation soldiers states proudly.

"What?/No," Izuku and Iraia gasp, fear and shock in their voices for the Avatar girl the soldier spoke of is their only child, their eight year old daughter Akiko who, thankfully, is safe at home, or so they thought.

A spunky, defiant little girl with brownish black hair and dark blue-green eyes is hiding just off the forest path her parents and the Fire Nation soldiers are on. In Atarashii Kazoku, the New Family village, the little girl, Akiko, is called the Avatar girl because she is the child of a family that can bend the four elements and shows signs of having inherited the abilities of her parents.

"Izuku, Iraia," General Iroh begins, "Fire Lord Ozai has offered to train your daughter as a Fire Nation soldier and in exchange for your allowance of this, your village we be protected as though it was the Fire Nation capital itself."

"And what if we refuse?" Iraia questions cruelly. She is ready to fight if she must to protect her daughter as is her husband.

"We will take her by force," the soldier who spoke earlier announces as he and his fellow soldiers prepare to fight.

"You will do nothing of the sort!" the general orders. "I gave orders that no one would be harmed!"

"If they will not agree to Lord Ozai's demands, then they will be forced to!"

"Iraia, everyone, prepare to fight," Izuku says as he opens the leather skin on his right side and creates a water whip in front of him while the waterbenders behind him do the same.

"Fire Lord Ozai will not take my daughter," Iraia's voice darkens. The earth and airbenders behind her prepare to attack on her signal, her dark voice a sign that she will kill if it's called for.

"Attack!" the soldier calls and he and his fellow soldiers charge forward on their komodo rhinos to attack.

Almost instantly, the lead soldier is sent back off his rhino and into a tree by a blast of air from Araia and is pinned to said tree by an earthbending attack from the woman. The trapped soldier's rhino charges at Araia but is stopped by one of the other earthbenders, the creature's feet encased in hardened earth. Iraia and the earthbenders do the same to the rest of the rhinos while the airbenders fend off the attacks of the firebenders.

General Iroh shouts commands at his soldiers to fall back. Only one listens but not after finding out how dangerous Izuku is. The soldier had ran at Izuku and tried to hit him with a blast of fire. Izuku had defended himself with waterbending and retaliated with his own firebending attack.

The other village waterbenders fend off the firebenders but one of the attacks gets past the waterbenders and sets a tree on fire. Iraia earthbends a large clump of hardened earth and sends is at the firebenders who haven't yet fled and chases them away while the water and airbenders try to put out the fire before it reaches their village.

Akiko's eyes widen as the fire nears her. She is both fascinated by fire and terrified of its destructive power. With the flames spreading towards her home faster than her parents and the village benders can contain them and the flames getting closer to her, she runs away from the flames as General Iroh and her father bend the flames away from the trees and towards the holes in the ground from Iraia and the earthbenders' attacks. Some of the flames had come within an inch of Akiko's hiding place, scaring her badly.

Akiko's little feet carry her away from the flames threatening her home and to the nearest city, the capital of the Fire Nation, the place her life would change forever.


Author's Note: I honestly don't know if I'll finish this story or not but I at least have the first three parts done.