Title: Practice Makes Perfect

Author: Amethyst Hunter

Rating: G

Word count: 345

Warnings/Spoilers: None.

Notes: Based on a springkink prompt. Prompt – "camaraderie"/"let's be bad guys"

Disclaimer: GB and its loverly transporters sadly aren't mine.

Summary: Being bad has its perks, especially for jilted transporters.


"You," Akabane said calmly as he addressed the terrified young man bound spread-eagled and clad in only that rope and a pair of boxer shorts, "will apologize for your dereliction. Or you shall suffer the consequences."

"I said I was sorry, mister! It's just a hat, for Chrissakes!" howled the young man from the playground equipment that he was strapped to.

"Not to me," Akabane insisted quietly. He laid a hand upon his female companion's shoulder. "To Himiko-san."

"I didn't do nothing!" The boy, who had been caught with another girl at a movie theater on the same night as he and Himiko were supposed to have met, wriggled like a helpless worm on a hook. "I told her I had other plans!"

"Plans that included breaking our date and then cheating on me?" Himiko fumed, wishing she'd torched more than just his clothes with her flame perfume. "You two-timing dirty little scum-sucking piece of - "

Akabane coughed delicately. "If I may, Himiko-san, I suggest expressing your hostilities in a more constructive and satisfying method."

She glanced at him as she kicked the merry-go-round into motion. "How?"

"Reconstruction therapy," Akabane announced crisply. "The client learns through a series of experiments to disengage from destructive socialization patterns and enact proper behavioral sequences in response to particular interactive scenarios."

"What, you a friggin' doctor or something?" chattered the boy through clenched teeth as he was spun around once more.

Akabane smiled at Himiko as he fanned out his scalpels. "Flaming arrow?"

"Hey man, any chick that stalks guys is the one who needs to practice some therapy!"

Himiko's eyes narrowed as she plucked forth her flame perfume. "Flaming arrow." She paused. "We should do it blindfolded. More challenging. Fun."

"I have a handkerchief," Akabane purred.

"Good." Himiko finished igniting the tips of his knives and lifted one, aiming it at the blubbering boy on the spinning wheel. "Practice does make perfect!"