Author's note: This story is another one that's typed rather oddly. Hopefully, it'll turn out ok in the end.

Italics - Suna Tsuki

Bold text - Suna Yaiba

Normal text – everyone else/both Tsuki and Yaiba


"Suna-tsuki(Sand moon), let's go already!" my older brother calls to me as he pounds on the door to my room. "Temari and Gaara have already left."

"I don't want to go!" I shout back from my spot on my bed, knees against my chest.

"I know you're scared sis but you have to come with us."

"I am not scared!" I sense my brother take a step back. My eyes widen in fear suddenly. "Kankuro, I'm sorry."

"It's alright. Suna-yaiba(Sand blade) wasn't going to hurt me."

"I know but I still don't trust her-myself completely."

"Just relax. Guru'll be with you."

"Really?" I ask as I open the door and Kankuro nods. "Awesome!" I shout and hug my brother. In case you're wondering, Guru is my nin-monkey. Our dad, the Kazekage, trained Guru for me himself.

"You ready then?" I nod and grab my bag of equipment, clothes, food, etc. "Then lets go. Off to the Chuunin exams in Konoha."

"Are you stupid Kankuro? There can't be a team of four people. Only teams of three are allowed to enter. You know that."

"No duh Suna-yaiba," Kankuro snaps at me. "You really need to listen to Suna-tsuki more often. You, Suna-tsuki, and Guru are going as one team while Gaara, Temari, and I are going as another team."

"Oh...," I look down sadly. "I really should try to listen to her more I suppose."

"Good. Are you two going to switch back before we leave Suna?" Kankuro asks as we walk towards the village gates.

"No clue," I shrug. "There really isn't much difference between us except our tempers and jutsu."

"True but you should still let Tsuki take over until we reach Konoha," Kankuro gulps uneasily. "You and Gaara-"

"I'm gone then," I snarl and regress into the back of my mind. "You mentioned Gaara didn't you, Kankuro?"

"What gave you that idea Tsuki?" Kankuro smiles innocently.

I smile back at him while I mentally glare at the goof from the corners of my mind. I mentally glare at Yaiba and sigh in aggravation. And for anyone who's confused, yes, I have a split-personality. I, Suna-tsuki, Tsuki for short, am the one who's normally in control but my other half, Suna-yaiba, Yaiba for short, can take control whenever I want when Tsuki lets her guard down for even a moment. Yaiba, stop interrupting me! Make me!

"What took so long Kankuro?" Temari asks when we finally arrive at the village gates. Kankuro looks from me to Gaara and back again and Temari nods in understanding. All three of them know how Yaiba is. Our sensei, Baki, motions for us to go and we set off for Konoha, the Village Hidden in the Leaves.