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1. I love the episode The Gauntlet in AF! Oh yeah, Kevin's gets his ass kicked several times and Ben and Gwen get together (not together together mind you). More like a 'hey wanna grab a smoothie?' kinda way. Plus Gwen realizes that Kevin isn't worth it! Hello? About time!

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15 year old Ben Tennyson hears the school bell ring, waking him up from his semi-unconscious state.

"Finally! Bout time for class to end." He says with a relieved look as he picks up his backpack and proceeds out the school door. As he pushes aside the two swinging doors he is met by his newly acquired friend Rick.

"Yo Ben! How's things goin?" Rick says giving Ben's arm a soft jab.

"Alright I guess. Pretty same stuff." Ben says smiling. He never actually told Rick about his aliens nor his adventures nor his Grandpa or cousin Gwen for that matter. Not even the Omnitrix. When Rick asked him what that metal thing on his arm was, he simply shrugged and told him it was a fancy watch bought to him by his Dad when he went abroad.

"You got plans for the weekend? Maybe go out with a special someone?" Rick teases. "C'mon dude? You hardly talk with any of the girls here. Maybe you should try dating for once. You know, to break that continuous loop of average stuff happening in your life."

"I'm not exactly comfortable talking to girls. Never been with one." Ben says softly. He had a point. The only girl he has ever made conversation and contact with was with his cousin Gwen. But she's his cousin. It's different from actually interacting with females 'cause doing stuff with family doesn't feel awkward. Besides, he never actually looked at Gwen as a 'female'. More like family.

"Tell you what. I could set you up with someone. You know a blind date. My sister constantly jabbers bout this girl. She raves bout her day in and out day bout how pretty she is and blah blah blah. I never actually listen to her but maybe this girl might suit you. Just give it a shot, you might like her. Waddya say?" Rick says smiling as if saying 'c'mon dude just say yes".

"I guess I can give it a try." Ben says finally cracking a smile.

"Excellent. I'll just give you the 411 later if my sis can persuade the girl. Fill you in on the details. Just wait for my call. See ya dude!" Rick says waving his hand goodbye as he dashes the opposite direction.

I swear all Rick thinks about are girls; always flirting with 'em and stuff but always gets rejected. Poor guy, you can't blame a guy for tryin' though. At least he can muster up courage to approach 'em. I wish I wasn't that awkward with girls. My fault anyway for being too shy. Sigh…maybe Gwen can give me advice.

Before Ben would proceed to his own home he planned to stop at Gwen's first. He rang the doorbell and Gwen's dad answered.

"Oh, hey Ben. If you're looking for Gwen she's not here at the moment, gone out with some friends. I'm sure she'll be back."

"'Kay. Thanks anyway. I guess I should be headin' home." Ben says looking quite bummed.

"You take care now Ben." Gwen's dad says waving his hand. "I swear those two always are inseparable, would check up on each other now and then. Guess time's change. At least it's a whole lot quieter when those two are together than when they were ten. Thank God for puberty." Gwen's dad says shaking his hand before closing the door.

It was now late. Ben was curled up in his bed thinking of that summer 5 years ago. I sure miss goin' hero, kicking butt, joking around with Gwen. Heck, even Grandpa's cooking…okay maybe not his cooking. I wish me, Gwen and Gramps can spend more time nowadays. I wonder what Gwen's doing now?

His train of thoughts was suddenly interrupted by a telephone ring. He sighed, a little frustrated of having been disturbed from his reminiscence of happy memories, and sloppily picked up the phone.

"Hey, this is Ben. What's up?" He says groggily.

"Hey man. It's me…Rick. So…you still want to go on that blind date? Cause the girl agreed!" Rick says quite excitedly.

"Really? Okay, can you fill me up on who this girl is?" Ben says with slight joy.

"I…uh…kinda don't know who is she nor did I tell my sister who you are so I doubt the girl you're going out with has any idea what your name is. I guess it's really a blind date 'cause…you know…both of you…don't know each other." Rick says sounding a bit embarrassed.

"Can you at least tell me something useful? You know…location? Time?" Ben said a little aggravated by his friend's ignorance.

"Well, the girl did say she would like to dine at that fancy restaurant 'Bleu Meiunt' or something like that. That fancy French (why always a French restaurant?) resto a couple of blocks away."

"Sounds good. Did she say anything about the time?"

"She doesn't like being picked up in a car 'cause she experienced had an ugly break-up with an ex or something. She said he was hard-headed and short-tempered so she dumped him and well, things turned for the worst."

"Is she okay? And what about the time Rick?" Ben asks a bit worried.

"She's fine. No harm done although she refuses to go with guys sporting hot rod cars anymore. She'd prefer if you meet up with her at the resto in about seven o'clock sharp?"

"Did you meet up with her? So she had an ex before? Good thing I'm not old enough to drive yet but if I HAD some wheels I'd sport that snazzy vintage blue-schemed car. It looked awesome."

"I didn't really meet up with her. My sister told me this and I'm surprised I even remember them. Her relationship was short-lived so I don't consider it an official one so don't worry. I bet she isn't one of those cheerleader-type dates. She'll be wearing somethin' green so you can spot her easily. I saw the car you were dreaming 'bout. Really looked awesome but I doubt you can save enough for it. Well you better get ready for tomorrow night. As for me, I have a date with "Grand Theft Auto". I need a quick lay after that frustrating date I had. Was that girl BOSSY! Hehe, later dude!"

"Yeah, later man." Ben said hanging up the phone. Rick is one weird dude but he's dependable. I wonder what I should wear. Should I go for the same thing I always wear? I should. Wouldn't want to be too formal and end up looking like some dweeb. Dweeb… that insult really brings back memories. Gwen…

Ben closed his eyes and before he knew it, he was fast asleep.

Time Lapse! Fast forward to 6:00 the next night…

Ben was getting ready for his big date. He was feeling a bit uneasy seeing as this is the first time he went out. He keeps looking at the mirror to check his hair, glances at his watch repeatedly and realizes every time that the Omnitrix doesn't tell the time. He felt stupid continuously doing this but his tension easily makes him forget.

"Oh man, I'm getting worked up about nothin'. Maybe I should try easing up a bit." He says as he walks downstairs at towards the door. As he turned the doorknob he heard a sudden squeal behind him. It was his mom.

"Look at you Ben, all dressed up for your date. So, who's the lucky girl?" her mom says raising her brow.

"I…uh…kinda don't know who she is. This is…a blind date." Ben said rubbing his head.

"Oh. I see. Well have fun and don't stay out too late."

""Kay, Thanks. Bye!" Ben says as he exits his house. It was 6:30. Only a half hour left. Better hurry. When he arrived he noticed the place jam packed with people but he wasn't worried. He was prepared.

"Do you have a reservation?" The man asks him.

"Yeah. Ben Tennyson."

"Ahh yes, table for two. Very good. Follow me." The man says as he shows Ben to his table. It was already 7:00. I was getting worried that my date wouldn't show up. I know it only has been a few seconds after the designated time but I feel so uneasy. What if things don't go smoothly? I might become nervous and clumsy and the classic 'spill drink all over her dress' might happen. My thoughts were suddenly disturbed by the soft chime of a bell. Someone had just entered the restaurant. The staff had place a bell by the door to signal the arrival of a potential costumer. Every restaurant does that. Ben turned his head around and became shock as he realized who the person was…

Gwen?! What is she doing here?! She was wearing a lovely green dress, probably just coincidence. Is she on a date too? With Kevin no doubt. Not exactly a thrill for me knowing that my favorite cousin is dating that psychopath. What can you do? She's free to make her own decisions but I'll be watching closely. If Kevin even lays a finger on her without her permission then I'm opting to give him an early funeral. No way am I letting someone hurt Gwen. Why am I so overprotective of her? Sure we have become closer after spending an entire summer together. We do make a perfect team. Two sides of the same coin. Sure we don't agree at times but we do care about each other.

Ben was so deep in thought that he didn't realize that Gwen was already passing by him. Only after he caught a glimpse of her red hair did he snap out.

"Hey Gwen." He called out softly.

"Oh hey Ben. I didn't realize you were here. On a date?" Gwen said smiling. Gwen always did look pretty when she was happy. Not that I knew how to make her smile. I only knew how to irritate her but that was 5 years ago. Our quips to each other are much better now. I could get her to let out a few laughs. When she did I felt relieved. Hearing her laugh just soothes me for some reason.

"Yeah, although I'm still kinda waiting for her. How bout you? Going out with Kevin again?" The minute I mentioned his name Gwen's expression suddenly changed. Not one that was sad anyway, more like guilt.

"Actually…I broke up with him days ago." Gwen said softly. Yes! I never thought it would happen! Finally, Gwen understood how stupid it was to go out with Kevin! But I have to act sympathetic. Wouldn't want her to know I was waiting for this to happen.

"What happened?" Ben said putting on a fake frown.

"Well, while he was driving me home, we kinda had a conversation and I discovered that he was still up to no good. He had a deal for some illegal alien tech waiting and not to mention his long list of past criminal records he had hidden in his glove box. But the worse of all was how he used me as cover. He joined our team to fend off suspicion from the Plumber Organization. He was in it for the money. He always was. The back of his car was filled with stolen tech. He was going to meet with the Forever Knights and that's when I…" she suddenly stopped.

"Go on…" Ben said wanting her to resume.

"That's when I dumped him. He was a no good thief and a liar. I thought he really changed. He said I knew too much and wanted to get rid of me although he hesitated for a moment. After he could throw me off I…well…blew up his car, along with the illegal tech. But when I looked at the burning wreckage he was gone."

"I know he's still out there. I always did tell you Gwen. You can't trust someone too quickly especially if he had a bad rep from the start. He may want to take you out now before he becomes a wanted man if you relayed what you saw to the Plumbers. We have to take more precaution."

"I'm really scared. What if he finds me?" Gwen said shedding a tear.

"I don't have to remind you do I? I'm still here. I always will be. If he even comes within a mile near you I'll be there ready to kick some butt. Try to enjoy the night without worrying too much." Ben said with a smirk. Something about Ben always makes me feel comfortable being with him. Every time I look at him I feel safer than being with other people. I know he'll always look out for me.

"So…are you on a date with that girl Julie?" Gwen says forcing to say the name without changing the tone into disgust. Why do I get so uneasy every time I see Ben going out with Julie? There's nothing wrong with her. In fact she's an okay girl. But I feel sick to the stomach every time these two go out. (That's called JEALOUSY Gwendolyn)

"Nope. She's not my type. We stopped seeing each other weeks ago. Why are you here anyway if you're not with Kevin anymore?" Ben said a bit curious.

"How bout you when you're not with Julie?" She countered.

There was momentary silence. Finally both cousins were able to say in unison. "Well…I'm kinda on a…blind date."

The moment the two uttered these words did they realize what was going on. They were shocked; speechless at the least as they stared at each other.

"You're my date?!" They both said in unison.

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