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That ends the creepy conversation with yours truly. Now on with the second chapter. Rolling!

Ben and Gwen were both in initial shock. I'm on a date with my cousin? This is way weird. Sure we've both been together lots of times but to go on a date?! This is just too awkward. (They were both thinking this FYI)

"Man, this is just…I mean…" Ben didn't know the right words to say. His mind is just as jumbled up as his sentence.

"So much for friends trying to set up dates." Gwen said trying to change the mood that was becoming evitable. Ben let out a slight chuckle before becoming serious again.

"I'm really gonna kill Rick when I see him. The dude didn't even know who he set me up with and it turns out to be my cousin Gwen. Good job Rick." Ben said smiling a bit.

"So, what now?" Gwen says feeling a bit uneasy again. We can't possibly assume this is still a date. I mean c'mon, I just found out my blind date was my cousin! But I can't just leave. That would be rude.

"Look, I'm sorry all this happened. It was a huge misunderstanding caused by bad communication. If you wanna leave now Gwen then it's fine with me. We can forget the whole thing. Meanwhile, I think I'll stay for a little bit longer and down a few drinks just to clear my head." Ben said rubbing the sides of his head. Rick is seriously gonna get a butt-kickin' tomorrow.

"Well, you did go to all this trouble so I guess it wouldn't hurt to stay for a while. But this isn't a date!" Gwen said, blushing a bit. Ben simply smiled at her. Whatever you wanna call it I still consider this a date Gwen. Okay…suddenly I wanna have a date with Gwen. Now that's just weird. Whatever…

"May I take your order?" said a waiter suddenly appearing in front of them.

"Ladies first." Ben said trying to sound gentleman-like. I wonder if I can impress Gwen by being the perfect gent. I haven't really tried wooing a girl before and Gwen is not a sap for this punctual stuff is she? Wouldn't hurt to try. Back up…now I'm trying to impress Gwen? Either I've gone nuts or I just fell for my cousin.

(Ben sounds too casual for a guy who just realized that he fell for his cousin. The reason is simple: Weirder stuff has happened over the past 5 years and to Ben this realization is nothing new. Alien ancestry, intergalactic wars and secret agent grandfathers; nothing can surprise Ben anymore)

"Uhhh…thanks" Gwen said opening the menu. Ben is so nonchalant about this. It's like he looks at this as a…date. Maybe he's just trying to be polite.

"Are you ready to order ma'am?" The waiter asks suddenly snapping Gwen from her deep thought. She scanned through the menu quickly in hopes of finding a suitable meal. I hope Ben didn't realize that I just spaced out.

"Uhhh…yeah. I'll have the…um…salad." Gwen said softly.

"How about you sir?" The waiter says turning towards Ben.

"Burger and fries." Ben said smiling goofily. The waiter nodded his head and proceeded to leave. How can Ben stand eating that same stuff all the time? He practically runs on that junk food. Ben is just so strange. Gwen couldn't help but giggle at her own thought.

"What's so funny?" Ben asks smirking.

"Nothing. It's just that you always order that same stuff. Don't you get sick of it?"

"Nope. Why do you McDonalds is still popular?" Ben says sarcastically. I swear he is still immature at times but I guess that's what makes Ben well…Ben.

"So…um…how are things going?" Gwen asks trying to start a conversation.

"Okay, we both know each other too well to talk ice-breakers. Let's cut down to the chase. You just dumped Kevin a few days ago and now you agreed to go on a blind date? What's up with that?" Ben asks with a worried tone.

"I don't really know why either. It just feels lonely at times you know. You just want to spend some time with a special someone when you find the right person…"

"Like how you found Kevin?" Ben said still sounding worried. I don't get your taste in boys, Gwen. Let's see if we can probe a little more out of Gwendolyn Tennyson. What kind of guy does she like exactly? "If you felt lonely, why didn't you just come visit me then?"

"Ben, family comfort is different." Gwen said, her face a bit flustered. Why would Ben even suggest that? He knew what I meant didn't he?

"Well…" Ben said his voice a bit lower "I can comfort you in a non-family way. Heck, I can even be your boyfriend." His face was obviously blushing. He wanted it to come out as a JOKE but it came out sounding rather serious. His eyes caught with Gwen's and he realized the shocked expression she has. Okay, that was a stupid thing to say…

"That wasn't funny Ben. You don't make jokes like that towards your own cousin. Especially if you don't mean…"

"But what if I do?" What the heck are you doing Ben? Gwen's gonna hit you for this! Think fast! Think fast! Dammit! Stupid hormones! What if she freaks out and tells her parents?! I am so screwed! Smooth move Ben! I am such a jackass!

Gwen fell silent. She is an intelligent girl. Surely she would have caught on to what Ben was implying. Oh my God! My cousin has just fallen in love with me! This shouldn't even be happening! What were you thinking Ben? You know why this can't happen! Gwen wanted to say something but Ben beat her to it…

"Save it Gwen. I know what you are going to say so. This is wrong. We're cousins. I shouldn't be saying this…"

"You're damn right you shouldn't! Ben, you know very well why not!" Gwen said raising her voice which attracted a lot of attention.

"Gwen, could you tone it down a bit. You're making a scene." Ben whispered. Gwen calmed down a little but she was still furious. A lot of other emotions swirled in her head; confusion, shock, regret, delight, guilt…even love. She shouldn't even be feeling these things in the first place. It's like she was sad yet happy at the same time knowing how Ben felt about her. Could she have possible fallen for him too?

"I'm sorry Ben but it's just not possible. I think I better go." She could clearly see depression mounting on her cousin. It was like his heart has just shattered into millions…no…billions of tiny pieces. Rejection is bad enough but being rejected by the person you cared for the most was even more painful. The thing about crushes is…sometimes you get crushed but the thing about love is…sometimes it leaves wounds that never truly heal.

She was about to walk out the door when she noticed Kevin passing by the restaurant. What is he doing here? Did he manage to track me down? She hurriedly went back to her seat besides Ben.

"I thought you left." Ben said his words barely audible.

"No time to explain. Just kiss me." Gwen said panicking.

"What?" Ben said a bit shocked.

"Just do it!" and with that Gwen pulled Ben towards her locking his lips with hers. Kevin suddenly bursts through the restaurant doors. Ben was surprised to hear the noise and wanted to turn around but Gwen pressed her lips to his even tighter as if urging him not to look. If Kevin sees them there's bound to be trouble. Innocent people might get hurt.

"Excuse me sir, do you have a…" Kevin flings the waiter aside and scans the room. He fixes his eyes on the two 'lovers' who were busy at the moment. They seem familiar. They remind him of Tennyson and Gwen. Couldn't be, if those two are them then they wouldn't be kissing now would they. (What a moron)

"I thought I caught a glimpse of Gwen here. There's no use running. I'll catch you sooner or later." He says pounding his fist into the wall. He then exits the restaurant. As soon as he does Gwen broke the kiss. She felt her cheeks burning. Who to thought you could feel excited and nervous at the same time? She did enjoy the kiss but wasn't that willing to admit it

"That was close. Are you alright Ben? Ben?" Gwen looked on Gwen who registered a blank expression except for that goofy smile, probably daydreaming. She waves her hand in front of him but he doesn't notice. She then gives him a slap.

"Ow! Why did ya do that for? I was in the moment." Ben said rubbing his cheek.

"If I hadn't kissed you Kevin would've spotted us and this whole place wouldn't gone down in smoke."

"Really? Then I never thought I'd be glad to have Kevin appear for once!" He grinned. He is such a doofus. He really knows how to get on your nerves yet charm his way out. Maybe that's why I feel so attracted to him.

"You don't find this strange. I mean how you feel about me and all." Gwen said, blushing a bit.

"Hmm…not really. Why? Do you?"

"Of course I do. I mean…we're cousins after all and..." Ben placed his finger on her lips as if wanting her to be silent.

"If you want me to stop then I'll stop but not until you decide if it felt right. If it felt natural."

"What is it exactly?"

Ben didn't answer. He simply pulled her towards him, drawing her into a deep passionate kiss. She didn't pull away. In fact, wrapping her arms around Ben, she was more than happy to deepen the kiss. She was enjoying this warm feeling as her body pressed into Ben's. That was all the answer Ben needed.

It did felt right. It did felt natural.

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