The Summerville Heat

The Summerville Heat

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Summary - Troy and the Wildcats are all pumped up for a great vacation that is before his rivalry team , the Knights land up in the same resort causing trouble , and the worst problem is Troy is starting to fall for the Knights captain's girlfrnd , the very perfect , Gabriella Montez.

Genre- Romance/General/ Angst /Humour/ Friendship

Rated – Teen

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Chapter 1 – Don't cross lines

Troy Bolton , aged 23 , Wildcats superstar with looks to kill for emerged out of the bus breathing in the fresh air. (just pretend wildcats in an actual team name)

He smiled a wide grin, his chestnut brown hair shining even more in the sunshine , his enchanting ultramarine eyes scanned the area and he sighed contentedly. He had needed a break from all the papparazi , the rigid tight schedules , the endless practice sessions .. but he had to admit , it all paid off in the end , they had won the championship trophy , and he proudly deserved and needed a break.

" Ow " he heard a yelp and turned around to face his best buddy , Chad Danforth.

He shooted his friend an amused smile.

" Dude , come over here and help me here " Chad said stuck in the doorway with baggage in his hand.

Troy shook his head and dialled the hotel management number leaving a voice message indicating their arrival.

In about 5 minutes time , a limousine pulled up , and his other team mates scrambled onto each other falling onto the way like pins in a bowling alley , Troy laughed incessantly at the gracefulness and coordination of his 'team mates' and friends , secretly happy that he stepped out first.

Finally composing themselves all of them entered the limo still awestruck at the treatment they were receiving after winning the championship trophy , they hurriedly grabbed the welcome drinks sitting fairly invitingly in the ice box.

Troy just chuckled in amusement,

"We know that you are the captain but –"

"We never expected – "

"Our win would be – "

"This big "

"What are you Zac Efron ?"

"Isn't this drink so refreshing ?"

"Hey there are even snacks here "

"Guys "Troy shouted with all his strength successfully silencing them.

"Thank you for your attention "he said in a polite voice "Now could you please SPARE MY EARDRUMS." He yelled the last part.

" Sorry " they all muttered sheepishly in unison and all of them fell into complete pin drop silence before Troy chuckled and all of them joined in howling with laughter , Troy joined merrily in their rattling , whooping , shouting , cheering , singing (which could be considered howling ) , whatever humane noises one could possibly make.

Finally the limo halted and they all scattered out taking in the beautiful scenic view in front of them , they stood outside a huge sign reading ' Summerville' along with which two palm trees stood complimenting it perfectly. The place was a hue of colours with flowers of different kinds, blossoming beautifully.

As they entered the lobby, they all scanned the place, it was comfortable and cosy , the atmosphere was calm and relaxing , the lights were subtle and the cream coloured chairs seemed to fit perfectly with the wooden tables adorning intricate designs on them. While each table had a single rose in between making it look all the more perfect.

They were interrupted by a sweet and polite voice " Excuse me , may I have your attention please." The lady spoke sweetly , in her formal green coloured formal attire with her hair tied in a tight bun , boys being boys some of them checked her out while others remained calm seemingly remembering they had girlfriends " Thank you , I am Rosy , allow me to assist you as and when required. Your hotel rooms are ready and you can collect your room keys from the front desk. We are honoured to have you as our guests and hope you have a pleasant stay in Summerville." She smiled and walked off and Troy thanked her good naturedly.

"So guys "Troy clapped his hands together to get their attention "You all want to relax ?"

Everyone remained silent exchanging looks.

"Who wants to hit the pool?" Troy asked in an enthusiastic voice.

"We do "they all cheered shouting in unison.

" And what team ?"


"What team?"

"Wildcats "

"Wildcats "

"Get your butts in the pool "Chad finished erupting laughter from his team mates.


20 Minutes later , the guys scrambled near the poolside in their swimming trunks , most of them adorning well chiselled bodies due to the workouts they went through , still Troy stood out due to his well defined chiselled body complete with abs and muscles.

Troy smiled at seeing the glistening water, taking in the view of the wonderful landscape and serenity of the place. 'This is gonna be a perfect vacation.' He thought.

He was suddenly jolted out of his thoughts as he heard a sneering voice,

" Look who it is " Raul said menacingly in his black swimming trunks with his entire team behind him , the Knights.

"What are you guys doing here?" Troy asked frowning at the idea of his vacation being ruined.

Raul smirked viciously " We are on a vacation ."

" Unluckily on the same spot , losers " Chad said butting in between.

Raul came forth and the two rivalry teams exchanged dirty looks at each other.

" Don't you Wildcats cross the Knights " Raul said in a warning tone.

" Who wants to cross your way anyway " Troy said nonchalantly shrugging his shoulders with a carefree attitude.

" Bolton " Raul hissed coming nearer.

" Stop it everyone " A female voice interrupted the oncoming World War Three.

Everyone whipped their heads to focus on the brunette that had stepped forward.

" Hey Babe " Raul greeted her keeping a protective hand around her bare waist.

Now that she came into view , Troy fisted his eyes upon her , her beautiful brown orbs dancing invitingly , her long dark ebony curls cascading down her back , how her blue bikini exposed and complimented all her curves perfectly , his eyes glued to her perfect figure and he stood still and breathless for a moment absorbing all her mesmerising features.

He cringed inwardly as Raul kept a hand on her waist , indicating she was taken.

"You guys can stay without killing each other." She said keeping her hand on Raul's chest making Troy sting from inside.

She noticed a pair of bright blues staring at her but quickly tore her gaze away to focus on her boyfriend.

" Lets go Raul " she said glaring at the Wildcats as she spoke.

" Come on let's go " Raul said giving Troy one last deathly look before they scattered in different directions.

" Smart girl he got there ." Zeke said murmuring and smirking at the same time.

Troy smiled as he watched her going with her boyfriend , swaying her hips torcherously in the process , suddenly someone clicked fingers in front of his face.

" Dude , what are you thinking ?" Chad asked seeing the forlorn look on his captain 's face.

" How did he get a chick like that ?" Troy questioned still keeping his eyes on the Latina girl.

End of chappie

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