Hello everyone! This will be my first Shugo Chara fan fiction and I have been working on this story line for many months. There are still some gaps but I have most of the story planned out, so I hope you will enjoy reading my story. This will definately be an Amu/Ikuto story.

Just to warn/inform you, Tadase will not be some sort of jerk in this story. I don't like Amu/Tadase, but I find it ridiculous when people make Tadase some obsessed, Amu stalker or some kind of over-exaggerated weirdo. Of course, I still end up reading those stories since the Amuto action is very exciting XD.

Anyways, I hope to keep most of the characters not OC, but Amu will be a bit OC because of the amnesia.

I may possibly add some Amu/Tadase and Amu/Kukai within this story, but I'm still not sure whether I will or not. Also, sorry for the confusion that this chapter might have. Chapter two will explain it all.

Also, there will be spoilers throughout this story, you've been warned!


The sirens were blaring, they could be heard from a far distance. Despite that, it could not bring consciousness to the young, Sakura-pink haired girl.

All she could do was lay there on the stretcher in the ambulance, unconscious and broken.

How could a once happy, spirited girl end up like this?

:10 minutes earlier:

Eleven year old Amu Hinamori was rushing to get to school. She had woken up late and barely had any time to get ready so she could make it to school on time.

"Amu, why can't we just character transform? It'll make things faster!" Ran exclaimed.

"No, there are too many people around, plus it'll be weird if someone spots me flying to school!" Amu huffed, already running out of breath. She stopped at the red-lighted crossing sign. After a couple minutes, the cross sign flashed green, indicating that it was safe to cross the street.

Amu quickly rushed across the street. At that exact moment when Amu was in the middle of the street, a driver that suddenly spotted her tried to stop the car from colliding with the young girl. It was skidding to a halt, but the car had driven too fast to stop in time to avoid hitting Amu.

The car crashed into Amu with the sickening sound of broken glass and bones.

The last thing Amu could remember before she blacked out was the numbness engulfing her whole body.




When a pink-haired girl opened her golden orbs, she noticed she was in a completely white room. The smell of bitter medicine filled her nose.

She was stirred awake by the beeping of the heart monitor. The continuous pattern of beeping somehow lured her out of her long, five day coma.

The door suddenly opened and a woman and man walked in. When they noticed the young girl, they brightened up with tears in their eyes.

"Amu, you're awake!" Her mother let her tears run freely down her face as she hugged her daughter.

"Amu…?" The amber-eyed girl repeated, confusion filled her eyes. "Is that my name?"

The man and woman suddenly lost the happiness in their eyes. Sadness filled them instead.

"I guess the doctor was right. He told us it was likely that you wouldn't remember anything." The man said, his voice cracking a bit.

"Amu," the woman said gently, taking the girl's hand in her own, "I'm your mother, and the man with me is your father. Your name is Amu Hinamori and you're eleven years old. You live in XXXXX, Japan with us and your little three year old sister Ami."

Amu's only reply was a confused look.

"I…I don't remember…" Tears began to fall down her face.

"It's alright Amu! It's okay, we didn't expect you to remember." Her mother held Amu in her arms as if she were still a young child.

Amu wept helplessly.

Ikuto, along with Yoru, went over to Amu's balcony to go visit and tease Amu a bit. It was nearly a week since Ikuto last saw or heard from Amu, and he really did miss seeing her. It was normal for a boyfriend to go visit his girlfriend, right?

Yep, it was true; Amu and Ikuto had become an official couple a few months ago.

But as Ikuto came closer to the house, he noticed that the light was off in Amu's room.

Ikuto didn't even have to go in to notice that something was wrong. When he reached the balcony, there were no curtains on the balcony doors. With the moonlight streaming into the room, he could see that the room was completely empty, cleared of any furniture and items.

"Nya, Ikuto, what happened? Why is that girl's room empty?" Yoru wondered.

Ignoring Yoru, a concerned, worried look spread across Ikuto's face as he slid the balcony door. It was opened. Gently stepping in, he opened the door leading out of Amu's room to see if the rest of the house was empty too.

After looking around he was right, it was all empty. It was then when Ikuto looked at the front lawn he saw the sign 'For Rent'.

Ikuto's eyes widened.

'Why would Amu leave without saying good bye?'

"Tadase, what happened to Amu-chi? She hasn't come to school for nearly a week!" Yaya exclaimed. She was just as worried as everyone else about what happened to Amu.

"I don't know Yaya. Why don't we all go to Hinamori-san's house to see her?" Tadase said.

Yaya, Kairi, Rima, and Kukai (who came over to the Guardian meeting after his middle school day ended) all agreed and they headed out to Amu's house.

Once they got there, they were more than shocked to see that there was a 'For Rent' sign in the front yard.

"Hinamori-san is…gone?" Tadase was in complete disbelief, as was everyone else.

Only the silence replied to Tadase's question.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Sorry for the extreme shortness, chapter two will definately be longer. Chapter two will explain why Amu's family moved out of the house and what happened to Amu :)

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