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Amu laid on her bed after finishing her refreshing shower as she thought of how her day went. She remembered about how butterflies would flutter in her stomach whenever she was around Tadase, yet she couldn't stop the mysterious churning feeling deep in her gut every time she thought about Ikuto. Groaning in frustration from too much going on through her mind, she flipped herself onto her stomach as she felt her cheeks redden again at the memories of the events that happened today with Ikuto.


The warning bell rang, echoing across the outer campus, signaling that the students had five minutes left to get back to class after lunch.

It had startled Amu and she jumped up a bit from fright and surprise. She heard Ikuto chuckling quietly in response to her actions. Realizing she was still hugging him, she quickly pushed him away; her reddening cheeks were inevitable.

"W-we need to head back to class!" She said as she quickly turned away to go back into the building, not wishing to be late and wanting to get away from the awkward situation that she was in.

"Fine, but when school ends you're going to explain why you don't remember me. Don't think I'll forget." Ikuto smirked as he jumped up onto a high, sturdy tree branch. Having moved quickly, he disappeared from sight.

Amu could only gap at how quickly and coolly Ikuto had left.

But the sound of her stomach grumbling interrupted the silence.

'Darn, he made me forget to eat! Now I'll be hungry all day.'

Turning away, she quickly sprinted to the building in hopes of making it back to class on time.

::End Flashback::

Since Amu was a new student, her being late to her class wasn't too big of a deal. She moved through her remaining classes quickly but with worry plaguing her thoughts. As soon as the bell rang, signaling that school was over, she darted and ran back home in hopes of avoiding Ikuto. Thankfully, it had worked and now here she was, at home with wet droplets seeping into the cloth of her pillow after her shower and her forehead creased with wrinkles as she thought back on her day.

There was a sudden interruption from the string of thoughts in Amu's head.




The sound of impatient tapping on her glass balcony doors quickly caught Amu's attention.

'What in the-'

Her hands clutching the fabric, she carefully pulled back the curtains in caution, peeked out and saw…Ikuto?!

'What is Ikuto doing here and how did he get here?!'

Quickly unlocking the balcony door, she slid the door open to allow him in. The cool evening wind gently blew into the room, but Amu hardly noticed.

"How do you know where I live?!" She demanded, wondering if he was possibly a stalker.

'Well, he's one hot stalker!'

Amu's eyes widened at the sudden inner thought and quickly tried to block any more perverted thoughts that might flow into her mind. It was fortunate for Amu that Ikuto didn't notice Amu's odd expressions that were fluttering across her face.

"Relax. I used to come here all the time through there." Ikuto said with an offhand tone without looking at her as he glanced around the room.

For some reason, Amu knew he was telling the truth and visibly relaxed her body as she wondered what he was doing here.

"I'm here so you can explain why you don't remember me and why you left so suddenly."

Amu's eyes widened in surprise and she couldn't help but have a childish thought of wondering if Ikuto knew how to read minds.

Breathing deeply to steady her mind and gather her thoughts, she said, "First, I want to know how you know me." Amu tried to say it with a tone of authority, but it came out a too shaky and weak.

"I told you before, I'm your boyfriend." Ikuto easily brushed off Amu's 'tough' tone. Amu felt the blood rushing to her cheeks at the sound of the word 'boyfriend'.

"But, I don't remember having a boyfriend!" Amu quickly exclaimed in response. Then realization dawned onto her.

"Actually, I don't really remember much ever since three years ago…"

Ikuto gently grabbed Amu's hands.

"Why?" He asked, fiddling and entwining her tiny pale fingers with his fingers while looking deep in her eyes, his eyes piercing through hers.

Amu tried to keep the blush down and was about to protest to this behavior, but decided that it was okay. Strangely enough, it felt nice and calming. A bit nerve-wrecking too, but definitely not bad. Amu opened her mouth to begin her story.

"W-Well, I was in a car accident three years ago. Because of the accident, I barely remember anything of my past." A sudden spark of realization occurred to Amu like a light blub turning on.

"Do you think you could tell me about my past?" Amu didn't realize that she had leaned in closer to Ikuto, practically breathing down his neck when she said that.

Ikuto shivered without meaning to, causing Amu to blush and realize how close she really was.

"A-ah! Sorry!" She squeaked out, trying to push herself back, but Ikuto's arms were already tightly, but carefully, wrapped around her small petite frame.

Ikuto smirked mischievously and replied to her question, "How about I show you instead?"

Her confused expression, yet chaste innocence lightened upon Amu's face, made Amu so damn irresistible to Ikuto at that very moment.

Catching her lips with his, his tongue easily gained entrance to her warm, sweet-tasting mouth. Slowly but surely, Amu responded back to his silent confession of love. Pushing his luck further, Ikuto picked the pace up and deepened the kiss until soon enough, they were both kissing each other feverishly in a frenzied passion of raw lust and love. Hands started roaming, tiny pale hands fluttering across the fabric on the hard-abed chest and large, sturdy hands running through the soft sakura-pink hair.

Amu knew she should stop, but something about Ikuto was so tempting. He radiated trust, sadness, loyalty, confusion, love, want; there were so many different elements about him that made Amu know that she could trust Ikuto and that she knew Ikuto trusted her.

Amu ignored any opposing thoughts that screamed at her to stop as she continued kissing Ikuto, putting forth more passion and indulging herself in the desire she wasn't aware of till now.

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