This is my first fic enjoy

This is my first fic enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of the characters.

Ino's Chance

"Naruto-kun!" Sakura yelled as she ran up to Naruto. Naruto turned around and was surprised to see Sakura running full speed towards him.

"Hey Sakura-chan…" Naruto stopped mid sentence as he just realised that Sakura added 'kun' to his name.

"So…Um…Naru-kun I was wondering…would you go out with me?" It took Naruto a few minutes to process the information and when he did his jaw hit the floor.

"Ahh… um …wait what?" Naruto asked making sure he heard right.

"Awww come on!" Sakura whined as she pulled on Naruto's arm. 'Yes now I can have Naruto All to myself' Ino thought from inside Sakura's mind.

'Get the fuck out of my head' inner Sakura yelled.

'Fuck you I know you want him as much as me forehead!' Ino yelled back.

'Do not! Don't make things up Ino-pig' inner Sakura threatened while pumping her fist into the air.

'Whatever forehead I checked your memories you think about him while your masturbating, thinking of his hot body on top of you pumping into you, you want it as much as I do!'

'…' For the first time ever inner Sakura was speechless.

'See just as I thought,' Ino laughed.

"Are you okay Sakura-chan?" a very concerned Naruto asked.

"Huh! Oh no perfectly fine just thinking that's all." Ino laughed nervously as a light pink blush rouse to her cheeks.

"Are you blushing Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked with a slight smirk on his face.

"Maybe" Ino replied looking away from those beautiful blue orbs that for a moment seemed that he knew she was in Sakura's body.


'Yeah I know I think that Ino may be in Sakura-chan's body.'

'YEAH YOUR RIGHT! I THINK YOU SHOULD HAVE SOME FUN WITH HER BEFORE YOU TELL HER.' Growled the kyuubi with a huge grin on its face.

'I know just what you mean.' Naruto said with his own foxy grin.

"So Sakura-chan where do you want to go?" Naruto asked flashing her a huge grin.

"Anywhere is fine…Naru-kun"

'Aren't loosing your nerve are we Ino-pig' inner Sakura grinned in victory at the blushing form of Ino.

'Shut up forehead or I'll jump him right here!' Ino shouted.

'You wouldn't!' inner Sakura whispered with a huge grin on her face.

'Try me bitch!' Ino yelled laughing triumphantly for winning again against inner Sakura.

"Well Sakura-chan we could always go to Ichimaru's for some ramen." Naruto suggested.

"Okay Naru-kun" Ino replied blushing slightly as she looked up at Naruto's eyes.

(At Naruto's house)

"Wow Sakura-chan you sure can put it away…for a second there I thought you where going to eat more than me!" Naruto smiled very excited by Sakura's appetite.

"Well it's been awhile since I ate like that." Ino replied blushing madly at Naruto's comment about her appetite. Naruto just laughed before a huge grin appeared on his face.

"So is there anything you want unfortunately all I've got is water, milk and more ramen if you want?'

"Well…there is something." Ino replied looking away from Naruto and down at the floor.

"Yeah and what's that?"

"Um well…y-you s-see um…"

'Ah is Ino-pig blushing how sweet." Inner Sakura said while rolling on the floor (in her mind) laughing.

"I-I'm not blushing!" Ino shouted as she ran towards Naruto pulling him into a kiss.

'Oh shit you just kissed Naruto with my mouth" screeched inner Sakura.


'Hey wait that feels good.' inner Sakura whispered to herself.


'…Hey what you doing deepen the kiss already!' inner Sakura screamed at the still speechless Ino.

'… His not kissing back." Ino said just above a whisper.

'Huh! What you mean, shit pull back already I don't want to embarrass myself in front of Naruto!' yelled inner Sakura.

"…" Naruto just stared at Sakura/Ino.

"I-I'm s-so s-s-sorry Naru-kun I don't know what came over me" Ino said trying to move away, before Naruto stop her and turned her back towards him and gently pressed his lips to hers. Ino's eyes shot open in surprise, but soon closed again as she started to enjoy the kiss.

Both inner Sakura and Ino where both speechless before they felt Naruto's tongue pressing against there Sakura's lips.

'Open my mouth Ino-pig!' Yelled inner Sakura, which Ino happily did. The invasion in there mouth was warm and wet as he gently begun to coax her tongue with his before gently flicking it. Ino as well as inner Sakura moaned into Naruto's mouth enjoying every moment of it, neither of them could help but get aroused by this feeling.

'THAT'S THE WAY KIT I CAN SMELL HER AROUSAL, DO IT, DO IT NOW TAKE HER!' bellowed the kyuubi from inside Naruto, Naruto followed the kyuubi's advise and pushed Sakura down on the couch.

"I want you Sakura-chan" Naruto whispered into Sakura's ear.

'I want you to Naru-kun!' screamed inner Sakura.


'What the fuck Ino-pig hurry take him, take him now!' yelled a slightly pissed Sakura.

'He doesn't want me he wants you' Ino sobbed

'…Look I'm not happy that you are going to be with me and Naruto for our first times, but if it wasn't for you then I woul-…' Sakura's sentence was cut short as the sound of her top ripping went threw the room.

"Naru-kun" Ino whispered as Naruto took one of Sakura's breasts and gave a light squeeze.

"Sakura-chan if you want me to stop just say." Naruto said between his teeth as he took one of Sakura's nipples between his lips to gently suck on it.

"Oh Naruto…oh yes no, no stop!" Ino screamed while pushing Naruto off and covering Sakura's breasts. Naruto cocked his head to the side slightly before moving forward and whispering in Ino's ear " I want you to Ino-Chan"

Ino just stared at him for a few seconds before Naruto Spoke up "Ah come on Ino-chan don't stop now." Naruto teased

"W-w-what d-do you mean it's me Sakura" Ino stuttered looking away from naruto.

'What the fuck does he mean he wants you too!' yelled inner Sakura.

'I-I-I can't take it anymore!' Ino yelled before releasing the jutsu. Sakura's body fell limp before her eyes shot wide open. Naruto looked at Sakura before she tackled him to the ground.

" Um are you okay Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked bracing himself for a beating.

"Hell yeah I'm okay I can't believe Ino…" Her sentence was cut as she felt naruto's member pressing against her thigh as she looked down she saw Naruto blush bright red before an idea hit her. 'Better thank Ino later she thought.' As she started to move her hips back and forth on Naruto's lap. She then took her one breast in her hand and started rubbing it. Naruto finally catching on to Sakura's hint stood up grabbing her by the legs and walking towards his room before placing her on his bed.

(At Ino's house)

"How did he know?" Ino kept asking herself the same question over and over again she was about to get up before she felt a familiar wetness between her legs. Without a moments thought her right hand rose to start messaging her breast as her left lower to ply with her moist folds. Then Sakura's popped into her thoughts as she thought of what Sakura would do when she found herself laying half naked on top of Naruto.

Then it hit her. 'Sakura wouldn't take advantage of the situation would she?' Ino's mind was flooded by thoughts of the two having sex it turned her on even more as she pushed a finger into herself.

(At Naruto's house)

Naruto was down to his boxers and Sakura was only in her panties.

"Are you sure Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked scared she might regret this later.

"Yes Naru-kun" she said kissing him as reassurance. That was all Naruto needed to hear before he removed the last of there clothing. He slowly trailed kisses down her jaw to her neck to her collarbone. He went lower until he found her breast and lightly suckling on her nipple while rubbing the other with hid free hand. He stopped what he was doing and lowered from where he was and stopped at the pink patch of hair above her dripping sex. He hesitated before he gently rubbed his index finger along her slit. Sakura watched in perverse amusement how Naruto rubbed against her entrance before he slid a finger in. Sakura had masturbated before, but it never felt this good she gasped as his thumb accidentally pushed against her clit. A huge grin appeared on Naruto's face before it disappeared and he slowly lowered his head to her clit and gently started suckling it. The feeling was too much for her and she knew she was close. Another finger entered her as he also began flicking her clit with his tongue. Sakura was moaning louder now and then suddenly a picture of a very wet and very naked Ino popped into her head. She shook her head before desperately trying to focus on the overwhelming pleasure she was receiving from Naruto. 'What the hell is wrong with me? Why the hell am I thinking of Ino…' her thoughts were interrupted by Naruto fingers bending up inside of her. Sakura moaned louder and came instantly as naruto bite down gently on her clit again.

Sakura was in utter bliss her eyes where glazed when she looked up and saw Ino bending over her. She blinked a couple of times before naruto came back in to sight she smiled she was so happy that he first time was with the man she loved, but there was something missing, someone…Ino. Then out of now where an image of naruto thrusting fast and hard into her, with Ino screaming in pleasure.

"That's what I want." Sakura said not realizing that she said it aloud.

"What do you want Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked looking her dead in the eye.

"Naru-kun please I want you inside me please." She said as she leaned in and placed a kiss on his whisker marks.

Naruto positioned himself at Sakura's entrance just as he was about t enter her Sakura pushed him back onto his back. Naruto looked at her wide-eyed before he felt sakura's hand on his erection before slowly pumping her hand up and down. She lowered her head and lightly lick the tip of his cock a shiver ran through Naruto's body, he couldn't think of anything else at the moment except of Sakura's soft pink tongue. She licked it again before tacking the whole thing in her mouth and some even down her throat. She pulled her head back and looked back at his manhood admiring its size before slowly sucking it again. She started pumping faster and faster pulling on to his cock with her mouth then she felt him start jerking beneath her, she felt him try to pull away, but gripped him tightly before he could move.

Naruto knew what she was doing and asked, " Sakura-chan a-are y-you sure?" the only answer she got was her tongue flicking his tip before he came into her mouth. Sakura greedily drank up all of his cum enjoying it all as it slid down her throat.

"Hmmmm…Naru-kun you taste good." Sakura said seductively as she gave the tip of his head one last lick. Naruto took control of the situation and pushed her back on to the bed and bent over her whispering into her ear.

"That was great Sakura-chan, but now it's my time to give you something." He took his erection and rubbed I against her slit before pushing into her slowly. He heard her whimper and slowly moved backwards.

"No don't stop Naru-kun." Sakura pleaded. Naruto moved a little backwards before pushing into her fast and hard breaking her barrier. Sakura screamed loudly, but was silenced by Naruto's mouth on hers.

"Are you okay Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked looking into her eyes as he slowly started pumping into her.

"Yeah Naru-kun."

"Is there anything I can do to make it better?" Naruto asked pumping into her even faster than before.

"Well…um…there is o-one thing t-that I would like" Sakura said blushing madly as she looked away.

Naruto moved her head back and kissed her before asking, "and that is?"

Sakura looked him dead in the eyes and could tell he would do anything she asked.

"I-I've a-always… wanted t-t-to…could you …um m-maybe bring out a INO CLONE!" She yelled the last part as she looked away. Naruto grinned as an Ino clone appeared and started groping Sakura. It surprised Naruto even more as Sakura started passionately kissing the fake Ino. He lifted Sakura's legs up and started thrusting even faster and harder as Sakura moaned into the fake Ino's mouth. Sakura started groping and on the fake Ino's breast as they came again.

(At Ino's house)

"AARGHH!! I can't stop" Ino moaned as she came again, pumping three fingers into her faster and harder than before. "Damn forehead got me so hot thinking about her and Naruto fucking each other!" Ino's back arch up as she slowly inserted the last of her fingers.

"I'll get her and Naruto I'll have them both."

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