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Chapter 9

Naruto looked out towards the village from his bed. It was a nice day, but he just didn't have the strength to get out and enjoy it. The previous night had been amazing, pretty much the best welcome back party he had ever attended, but at the same time the worst. He was completely spent it almost felt as if not even one ounce of energy remained. His whole body felt like lead, it wouldn't even move an inch from the spot he had woken up almost an hour ago. So now he was stuck looking out the window at the clouded sky.

Gathering all the strength he could he made his way towards the bathroom, but the loud growling coming from his stomach was making it even harder for him to move. He really needed something to eat and desperately. After a quick shower his body felt a little better, the warm water had done wonders on his tired muscles, but still one pain persisted and the worst one of all. After getting dressed he found that the two had eaten everything in his house and left nothing absolutely, nothing for him.

A huge smile suddenly made its way to his face, if there was no food in the house then he'd have a good reason to enjoy some of his favourite food, not that he needed an excuse.

He headed towards Ichiraku's Ramen, barely greeting any of his friends, only one thing was on his mind at this moment and everything else was nothing more than a big blur.

As he neared his haven he could feel his heart beat increase as the excitement and joy of eating his favourite meal in the entire universe overwhelmed him. When he finally arrived he was glad to see Teuchi standing there with an extra large bowl of hot steamy pork ramen. Without even greeting the old man he dived head first into the bowl of ramen, eating at a pace none had ever seen before.

"Not looking to good there Naruto" Teuchi said with a slight hint of humour in his voice as he placed another extra large bowl of ramen in front of the extremely hungry teen. He barely received a mumble from the young blonde as Naruto started with his second bowl.

"Morning Naruto-kun! ~" Ayame sang as she entered from behind the screen leading to the main house.

Naruto looked up from his half empty bowl of ramen and gave her a quick smile before jumping back into his meal. A soft gasped escaped her mouth when she saw the state of his face, never in her life had she seen his face so drained of life. Usually he was full of life and jumping around with energy, but now he looked like a zombie. His eyes where barely opened and the bags under his eyes where almost bigger than his ramen bowl.

"Naruto-kun what's wrong? Are you sick? Should I take you to the hospital?"

"I'm fine just a little tired is all"

Before Ayame could say anything else Teuchi put down another bowl of ramen in front of Naruto.

"That nice girl Sakura came by early this morning and told me you'd be coming in for breakfast." Teuchi said as he picked up the two empty bowls in front of Naruto.

There was a long moment of silence as Naruto finished his third bowl and placed it down in front of him. He looked up and immediately noticed Ayame staring at him.

"Thanks Ayame-chan for worrying, but I'm just a little tired is all. Thank Teuchi for the food, bye."

Ayame watched as Naruto suddenly got up and left, but what was even more shocking to her was the fact that he had only eaten three bowls of ramen. Something was definitely wrong with him.

Naruto started heading home, but then suddenly walked into someone. Falling back he noticed the other person was completely dressed in black. He looked over at all the files scattered across the floor and then up at the face looming over his.

"Are you okay Naruto-kun?" came Shizune's familiar voice. Naruto slowly got up and looked at her.

"I'm fine really just a lil' tired." Naruto answered as if it was rehearsed. He was sure how many times he had said that today, but it was getting irritating.

"Um…If you want I could help with that." Shizune said as she started collecting all the files that surrounded them. Naruto watched her as his mind processed the information. He had never felt this drained in his life and right now he would do anything to feel like he usually did.

"But there is one small problem. I would like you to be the guinea pig for a new chakra energy booster soldier pill."

Naruto thought it over for a split second and then decided to o with it, it wasn't like it could kill him, and the nine tailed fox inside him had made him pretty much immune to all forms of poison.

"Sure, but it won't have some weird side effects right?" Naruto asked just been causes he didn't wanted to be as big as Chouji after this.

"No, not at all it should be fine I personally made it and Tsunade adjusted the recipe a little so it should be fine. She is the best medic Nin in the world after all. Only problem is that there all the way in my office in the hospital, but if you wouldn't mind following me I would be happy to give you one."

Naruto immediately picked up the remaining folders before leading the way to the hospital. It didn't take long at all for the pair to reach Konoha hospital, but once inside Naruto and Shizune where stuck with the impossible task of carrying the files and folders all the way to Shizune's office on the top floor.

Once they reached her office both Naruto and Shizune where panting and out of breathe. Those files and folders sure seemed a lot heavier while being carried up twelve stories of stairs.

Naruto and Shizune placed the files down on the Shizune's desk before falling back into her soft sofa. They both just sat their as they caught their breath.

"Naruto could you please get the pills for me, their on the top shelf of that cabinet over there."

Naruto got up and made his way to the cabinet, but came face to face with his beigest problem in life. Which bottle was the right one? With over a hundred bottles in the cabinet and at least twenty on the top shelf it was no wonder he couldn't find the right one.

"Shizune-chan which one is it?" He asked as he held two bottles in his hands.

"The one with the red lid and green bottle." She called from the other side of the room.

Naruto looked down at the bottle in his hand it had a red lid and it was a green bottle, but so was the other one still on the shelf. Thinking quickly he grabbed the other bottle and took both of them to Shizune. He put them down on the table in front of Shizune and she picked one up. She gave one to Naruto and took one herself. They swallowed the pill at almost the exact same time and then took a long sip of their tea.

"It should kick in soon." Shizune said before taking another sip of her tea. Naruto just nodded and downed his tea before slamming his cup on the table. It was already starting to work. He suddenly felt the urge to get up, but when he did everything went dizzy and he fell over.

When he came to he found himself lying on top of Shizune, but the problem was that wasn't the only thing standing up and if her face was any indication Shizune could feel it too.

There was a moment of awkward silence before both their mouths met in a hot steamy kiss. Naruto hand quickly found her perky breast and apparently his member wasn't the only thing erect. Shizune moaned into his mouth as his hands played with her breast and his fingers pinch and rubbed her erect nipple.

They broke apart from their kiss just long enough for Naruto to rip open her black kimono and expose her milky chest. Shizune's hands never remained idol either and soon she had Naruto out of his jacket and shirt. There lips met again for an even longer kiss, each fighting the other for dominance as well as exploring the others body with their skilled hands.

When they finally broke free from there passionate kiss Naruto lifted her up and threw her down on the wooden table, not caring about the boiling hot tea that crashed against the floor. Shizune squealed in excitement as she pulled Naruto's head down to her breasts. Naruto ravished her breasts to her delight as his own hands undid his pants and let them and his boxers fall to the ground.

His hands made their way down her body and to her hot moist entrance, but there wouldn't be anytime for foreplay as he needed her right now just as much as she needed him. Moving her white cotton panties out of the way he rammed himself into her and earned a loud scream from the older woman. Even after being with so many different woman each with their own unique desires he still felt some kind of special connection with Shizune, something different that just felt better than with any of the other woman.

He felt her legs wrap around his waist as a clear indication that she too couldn't wait any longer and he wasn't planning to. He quickly started ramming himself in and out of her each thrust feeling a hundred times better than anything he had ever experienced so far and if her moaning and shouting was any indication it was having the exact same effect on her. Suddenly Shizune sat up and wrapped her arms around Naruto which caused him to loose his balance and fall backwards. He hit the ground with a loud thump, but it also caused him to penetrate Shizune even deeper and earned the loudest scream he had ever heard from anyone. He felt her inner walls clamp down around his erection as she came, but what surprised him even more was the lustful look on her face when she looked at him.

She bent down and gave Naruto another long fierce kiss while slowly moving her hips in sync with his. He kiss didn't last long before Shizune sat up again and started bouncing up and down Naruto's cock at an even faster pace. Naruto watched her body move every inch glittered from the sweat and the light and it only turned him on even more.

Flipping her over onto her back he started ramming into her at an even faster pace than before and soon they both found themselves orgasm from the tremendous amount of pleasure. As they caught their breathe they looked at each other dead in the eyes. Each telling the other exactly what they where thinking.

They needed more.

Shizune got of Naruto and smiled when she saw his pulsing erection. She turned around and bent over her desk and Naruto immediately remembered their first time in Tsunade's office. He jumped up and rammed himself into Shizune once again and melted in the amazing feeling that was her. He started to move in and out of her at a slow pace, but Shizune had other ideas.

"Faster Naruto! Fuck me faster, harder!"

Not wanting to disappoint he started ramming into her with all of the speed and force as he could muster and it work.

"OH GOD! Yes Naruto right there! Harder! Harder!" Her voice was raw from all the moaning and screaming, but it too only added to the fuel that kept Naruto running and made him fuck her even faster and harder.

Shizune's nails dug into the wood of her desk as her orgasm rocked her body. This one even more intense than the other two it felt utterly amazing. Naruto felt her orgasm at the same time as him, as well as heard her, he'd definitely have to go for a hearing test after this or something from the way Shizune was shouting.

Pulling out of her he fell back onto the sofa where all this had started, but to his surprise he was still rock hard and Shizune had noticed to. Falling to her knees in front of him she gave his dick a long sensual lick from his tip all the way to his left ball. She licked all the way back up again before taking him into her mouth and sucking on it.

Naruto relished in the delightful feeling. The changed of pace felt amazing and her skilled tongue was even better. He watched her as she bobbed her head up and down licking, sucking and occasionally scraping his dick with her teeth. It was all done in perfect sync. Naruto felt his dick swell as his third orgasm struck him and he fired his hot seed into her awaiting mouth.

Shizune swallowed his cum before giving his still erect penis a long cleansing suck.

"See you still want more" she said as she got up and undid her kimono and let it fall to the ground leaving her completely bare before him. Naruto almost forgot to breathe when he saw her beautiful body in front of him, but luckily Shizune moved herself on top of him once again.

Without thinking at all Naruto sat up and embraced her before she impaled herself on him. She lifted his head slightly for a kiss and their bodies just merged together.

(A couple of hours later)

Shizune fell back onto the sofa, her chest bouncing up and down as she tried to catch her breathe. She had just had the best sex in her life, but now was completely exhausted.

She looked at Naruto who lay in a similar position as her and thanked god for walking into him. She had no idea he had gotten so good at, well pretty much everything. He had shown her things she wouldn't even think about and it was magnificent. Looking over at the messed up office she sighed. Things had really gotten wild, it would take a whole day to repair and clean up the mess they had made.

Looking over at the pills sprawled across the room she noticed something different. The pills where supposed to be purple not yellow. Pills rarely came in that colour well except Tsunade's special pills.

Shizune eyes shot wide open in realisation. They had taken the wrong pills. Those where Tsunade's own special brand of pills, guaranteed to increase any sexual experience by tenfold.

She looked at Tsunade's handwriting on the bottles label.


She smiled and started lightly laughing. She had definitely enjoyed them and the big smile on Naruto's face meant he did to.

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