Chapter 11 The Mystery of the Izu Temple

Chapter 11 The mystery of the Izu Temple

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AMP headquarters main office

The whole group were having a small brief with Mana, next to her Lebia was typing on her computer and an image of a Japanes temple was shown the women as well as the new addition of men from the Iluminates were paying full of attention what Mana was about to tell them.

"Al right this is the Izu temple the temple has been abandoned for many years however, police authorities have witness an abnormal activity inside the temple"

"What kind of abnormal activity?" ask a curious Kiddy

"Is it a demon?" Kai added

"Why don't find out sergeant Bombers" Mana said

Ralph went in front of the group" well according to the investigation team they have been listening to voices from inside the temple when the team infiltrate the place they all claim to have witness some kind of spiritual being, since the team obviously got freak out they didn't took a long look on the being however they knew the being was a man"

"A ghost?" Hansi said

"Maybe the team also stated that the being mention something about revenge" Ralph said

"Is this being a Lucifer Hawk?" ask Katsumi

"That we don't know and that's why I'm going to send a group to investigate the temple and get to the bottom of this spiritual being and if turns out to be a Luciferhawk then you what to do" Mana said as she gaze at the team" Nami exorcism is your specialty since you're a shrine maiden so you and Tobias will investigate the temple"

"Yes chief" Nami said

"We'll solve this problem chief Izosaki" Tobias said

"And this is a great chance to test your teamwork I mean if Hansi and Lum Cheng were able to work together then you two will be just fine" Mana said

"What do you mean I'm immature?"

The group sweat dropped as they saw Hansi and Lum Cheng doing their usual arguing.

(I spoke too soon they still have ways to go before working as a team) Mana thought

"Why do you think I'm immature?" Lum Cheng said as she glare at the demon hunter

"The way you act it's so childish" Hansi said while glaring at her

"I am NOT childish" she then stuck her tongue at him

Hansi shook his head" you see you're acting pretty childish and immature"

Lum Cheng growl as she was about to scream in frustration

"That's enough you two" Lebia said

"Anyway Nami Tobias good luck" Mana said

"Right let's go Nami" Tobia said

Nami nodded they were about to leave

"Hey Nami don't get any ideas o while you guys are in the temple" Kiddy said with a devilish grin while the group sweat dropped at her comment.

Tobias look puzzle by her comment but Nami knew what she was talking about and she blush crimson.

"You okay Nami?" Tobias said worry

"Yeah I'm….fine let's go"

They left the office and head to the parking lot where they got into one of the AMP vehicles. After a few hours they arrived at the Izu temple which was very big.

"So this is the Izu Temple I guess it's an obvious place for a ghost to be" Tobia said noticing the condition of the temple

"Well the temple has been abandoned for hundreds of years because of the ghost"

"What the ghost has been that long?"

"I don't know if it's related to this ghost"

The two went inside the temple and started looking around it wasn't a pretty sight everything was messy and dusty.

"No one has cleaned this place in years, hey Nami you said that the ghost is not related what do you mean?"

"My grandfather told me that the temple is haunted by the spirit of Moyoki Sato"

"Moyoki Sato?"

"He was the head priest of the temple exactly five hundred years ago he was the care taker of the temple he was a very kind and noble man, however back then the shogun was at war with the revolutionaries and war was waged on the land the shinsengumi was investigating every place for any signs of rebels and they did. When they investigate the Izu temple they found out that priest Moyoki was hiding and sheltering rebels he was even feeding them such actions weren't taken lightly."

"What happened to him?"

Nami shook her head" they executed him for the charge of treason the shinsengumi was a task force that always believe in justice trough swift death"

"It's always death to the traitors that's how the world works" Tobias said in a low tone

"But I don't think priest Moyoki was a traitor was he really doing something wrong? He was just offering shelter and food for people who were being hunted down; I think this conflict would have been found a logical solution without using death as punishment"

Tobias smile" Nami I didn't knew you were an idealist?"

"I guess grandfather taught me to think like that since I was little" she said while chuckling

"Okay I understand about priest Moyoki but why did you said that the ghost is not related to him?"

"Well we were just inform by the police that they have been hearing voices from inside the temple just now I think it's a coincidence that there might be another ghost involve in this"

"Another ghost huh but you can't forget what Ralph said the investigation team claim that the ghost was a man"

"We will figure this out once we search the whole temple"


The two began to investigate the temple from every corner and place they search the halls the corridors and rooms. When they finish with the first floor they went to the second floor and it was no luck either there was no sign of no one the place didn't look like it had any inhabitants in very long time. They got back to the first floor and return to the entrance of the temple their first search was not a success.

"Well we no ghost here" Tobia said

Nami reach for her communicator" this is Nami come in"

"What's your report on the investigation Nami?" Mana's voice came from the communicator

"We search everywhere and we didn't found no signs of any ghost"

"The ghost might show up at nightfall so I guess you two will have to wait until sundown"

"That will give us more time to search this place" Tobias said

Nami nodded" all right I will set the barriers in the temple"

"Good report back to me if you find anything over and out" Mana cut her communication

Tobias smirk" let's get this started"

After a few hours Nami was done putting barriers over the temple, she went to the entrance to the temple and notice that Tobias hasn't return yet she suddenly grew worry for him.

(I hope nothing has happened to him)

"Nami?" came the voice of Tobias who ran to her he was holding a very old book

"Tobias you're back I thought something happened to you"

"I'm fine while I was doing my search on the temple I went to priest Moyoki's room the place was worse than the temple but I was able to find this" he show her the book

He blow the dust over the book" sorry if it's a little dusty"

"What is it?" Nami said curious

"It's Moyoki's diary"

Nami gasp" really this is incredible I can't believe it's been here this entire time do you read it?"

"Well I try to but all of the pages are not so clear and eligible to read I mean the book it's five hundred years old it won' be in perfect conditions" he smirk

Nami giggle" I guess can I take a look at it?"

"Yeah sure" he handed the diary to her

Nami open the diary and Tobias wasn't kidding the pages were too old and the letters were half erase making it impossible to read.

"You're right Tobias I can't read any of this" she kept passing the pages" huh wait a minute I can understand a little what's written on this page"

Tobias gasp" really you can?"

"I think so I'll give it a try" she try to read the cripple text" it's says April 12 let's see…..the children came early today as usual they wanted me to tell them stories about the temple and I did I explain to them how it was built and the reign of the previous shogun. The kid enjoy the story they were hungry so I didn't hesitate to feed them the small critters were so playful I guess today is a great day"

Tobias smile" I guess you were right about him he's very kind"

Nami nodded while she flip another page of the diary" here's another page I think I can read it let's see…….April 16 I can't believe it war has rage our country the rebels want a new era of prosperity and the shogun is ignoring their demands why do they have to chose war can't they see that war will bring nothing but pain and death why can't they understand I'm worry about the children knowing them they must be so scare I hope they are all right. Just recently a member of the shinsengumi came here and warm me about the rebels he told me that they should be out looking for shelter since they have already destroy their homes I was upset by this statement however I understood and agree not to give anyone any shelter."

Nami shook her head" at first he wasn't going to let anyone from the rebellion inside the temple I wonder what made him change his opinion?" he then flsip another page" hum….I guess this the only page that can read"

"Then go ahead Nami read it" Tobias said interested to find out

She nodded and began to read" April 19 I have locked all entrances to the temple no rebels will enter here, suddenly I heard voices from outside I knew it rebels they came here just like the shinsengumi warn me they were seeking shelter I wasn't going to let them in but when I saw them I couldn't say no they were men women and children they were injure and they all look hungry. It didn't surprise at all this is the result of war I can see it in their eyes showing fear and pain, I have made my decision they are staying here I have enough food to feed all of them as for the injure I have medical kit store just in case I will make good use of it. It won't be long before the shinsengumi finds out and comes here I don't care these people needed help and I don't regret helping them but I won't let them find them I have told them about the secret passage of the temple the leads into the open road to Osu they will escape before they arrived here."

Name stop reading she was shock along with Tobias she continued reading" when the shinsengumi comes to the temple I will tell them truth I won't lie its wrong however I will keep a secret about the passage and their whereabouts I have finally seal my fate I have no regrets I'm ready to die I just hope the someday people will understand that war is meaningless."

Nami finish reading the final entry in his journal she had tears in her eyes.

"Priest Moyoki you died for a good cause" she said while drying her tears

"War is meaningless" Tobias said while chuckling" that's the same thing father Stephan says I guess he must have learn from priest Moyoki"

"If the ghost that is haunting the temple is really the spirit of priest Moyoki then I must find him and purify him otherwise his spirit will be forever roaming the temple doom to for all eternity"

"Right and don't forget about me I'm going to help you so you're not alone" Tobias said while smiling at her

She smiled back" of course"

Suddenly they heard a sound from within the temple

"What was that?" Tobia said as he drew his swords

Nami gasp" the barrier has been activated"

"The ghost" Tobias said

Nami nodded and they went inside they walk to the exact source where the barrier was activated. Nami saw the activated barrier but there was no sign of the source that activated Tobias kept his guard while looking at every direction just in case it turns out to be an ambush.

"Where's the ghost?" Tobias said

"That's strange seal barriers don't activated by themselves something must have activated"

"The ghost must be playing with us let's keep our guard up"

She nodded she took a seal tag on her left hand while on her right she had her dagger of the dragon spirit Goshinto.


The two gasp as they heard the loud screaming coming from a few feet away, they to the location where they heard the scream. When they arrived they gasp in shock standing in front of them was the ghost it was a bald man in his early fifties he seems to be very upset, Nami gasp she went closer to him she knew who he was.

"So it's true you are the spirit Moyoki Sato"

The ghost growl" REVENGE"

"I'm sorry priest Moyoki but revenge won't help you get free from your imprisonment, you may haven't realize yet but it's been five hundred years since the Edo war ended and you are imprison to roam in this temple because of the injustice act that was cast upon you, but I am here to help you I'm a Shinto priestess from the Yamaigumo clan I will help you break free so that you could finally rest in peace"

The ghost stood quiet but he then glare at Nami


Tobias sighed while preparing his swords" oh well it would be too good to be true if we didn't have to use force"

He charge at the spirit and slash him with his swords but it was no good because it went through him he trip and felt to the ground with a sweat dropped.

"Great I forgot that he's a ghost physical attacks won't harm it"

Nami nodded" right but this will" she then prepare to use her seal tag

She put the seal tag right in the middle of his forehead" weary spirit rest in peace" she made a couple of hand seals and the ghost growl in pain

(Something's wrong) She thought seeing that the ghost was screaming in terrible pain

Suddenly he change shape from the human priest to a monster he was the combination of a cat and human.


Nami glare at the new ghost" you're a Luciferhawk"

Tobias gasp" what he is? Then looks like we are lucky that decided to investigate the temple"

The ghost Luciferhawk charge at Nami but Tobias try to slash it with his swords but once again they went through him.

"Damn how are we going to harm it and you're seal tag didn't harm it either"

The Luciferhawk growl before vanishing

"Great he's gone" Tobias said

Nami check one of her seal tags" the tag made him change his form he's not the spirit of priest Moyoki in fact he's not even a ghost to begin with"

"What do you mean?" ask a confuse Tobias

"Seal tags are extremely effective against spirits but the tag didn't destroy him which means he's not a spirit I think he's an astro projection of himself"

Tobias blink" astro projection you mean his spirit separated from his body?"

"Yes that will explain why the seal tag didn't harm it"

"So how are we going to fight him?"

"We must find his body if we destroy his body he will be destroy"

"Then I guess that's why he vanish he must have return to his body to fight us"

"Maybe but right now we don't know where his body is so I might assume he's going to remain in his astro projection form until we find it"

"Then we better hurry and find the body fast"

Nami nodded" where should we start looking?"

"Hold it Nami we have to think first, we must think of a safe place in the temple where the Luciferhawk might be hiding his body"

"A secure place in the temple?" Nami said she then gasp" that's it" she pick Moyoki's diary and began searching through the pages

"What are you doing Nami?"

"I know the perfect place where his body might be, the secret passage Moyoki mentions in his diary"

"You mean the same passage he used for the rebels to escape?"

"Yes the problem is that he doesn't specifies the exact location of that passage" she started checking in the last entry" where is it has to be here….wait a minute there's more written here it's mentioning something about underground"

"The passage is….." Tobias paused

"IS UNDERGROUND" they shouted in unison

"Al right then let's check the floors there has to a secret entrance that will lead us underground"

They nodded and left they went to check every floor available in the temple since most of the floor was destroy and crumble so it won't so hard for them to find the right one. After an hour of searching they haven't found anything and it was getting a little frustrating.

"Okay this is annoying" said an annoyed Tobias

Nami sighed" well it wouldn't be a secret passage for nothing"

Tobias eyes lit up" that's it"

"What?" Nami said puzzle

"The secret entrance that leads underground it must be in Moyoki's room"

Nami gasp" yes that must be it"

"Let's go"

They headed to Moyoki's chamber which was one of the rooms that wasn't destroyed and started searching the place; it only took them a couple of minutes to find the secret entrance which was next to Moyoki's bed. They went inside and saw that the place was dark Nami use one of her seals to make it lit with fire illuminating the dark passage. While walking the passage the y heard the screaming of revenge from far away, they both nodded looks like they were in the right path after all. After a while from walking in the passage they saw secret passage that lead outside the temple and also the body of the Luciferhawk who was still sleepy.

"There he is" Nami said

"Right time to finish this" Tobias said while taking his swords (this was too easy)

And just before he was about to kill the being the ghost appear and enter his body.

(Oh damn) Tobias thought

The Luciferhawk open his eyes and charge at Tobias pinning him to the ground.

"Tobias" Nami said worry as she took a seal tag and her dagger

"I'm all right just attack him" he said while struggling

She nodded and threw a couple of seals on him making him growl in pain

Tobias got the opportunity he need it to attack he charge with his swords and slash one arm of the Luciferhwak.


"Sorry pal but you won't be doing any revenge here Nami finish it"

Nami nodded and use her dagger to call the dragon spirit Goshinto, the mighty dragon emerge and charge at the Luciferhawk killing it leaving the dust behind.

The two sighed in relief it was over.

"We did it partner" Tobias said with a smile

"We make a pretty good team"

They left the passage and return to the temple they were back in Moyoki's room.

"I guess there wasn't such thing as the ghost of Moyoki after all"

"I don't know about that Tobias some spirits are never visible to see they stay invisible to the human eye maybe Moyoki's is one of those spirits" she then put a seal tag on the cover of his diary

"Why you did that?" Tobias said puzzle

"Just in case I guess" she said with a smile she then reach for her communicator" this is Nami mission accomplish were returning to headquarters"

"Well done you two over" came Mana's voice from the communicator before the singing out

"Let's go" Tobias said

Nami nodded and they left the room

"So Tobias are you going to teach me how to cook?'

"Of course I will when I'm done with you, you'll be the best cook in your house even better than your sister" Tobias said while giving her a wink

She blush a little while giggling" I hope your right"

Back at Moyoki's room the seal tag on the cover of the diary vanish and suddenly the spirit of the priest Moyoki Sato appear he smile knowing that he was finally free from his eternal prison.

"Nami Yamaigumo thank you"

With those words said he vanished and left towards the other side where his soul can finally rest in peace.

To be continued

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