Summary: Jack and Barbossa have a childsish argument, so they're punished like childred. With a time out. Crack AWE fic

A/N: I was watching POTC:AWE, and noticed how childish they were, so I wrote this. Took me a while to write, I got writer's block. Anyway, enjoy

It had started out as an argument over who was captain. It escellated into a bitch-slapping contest. It eventually turned into the two fighting like 3 year olds, pushing and shoving, calling each other childish names.

Mr. Gibbs went out to find Elizabeth Swann, hoping she could stop the two from fighting, after he tried to stop it, but to no avail. The 23 year old came into the captain's cabin, saw Jack and Barbossa fighting like kids, and did the first thing that came to her mind.

She walked over to them, pushed them apart, and began talking sternly to the two.

"Jack Sparrow," She ignored Jacks 'captain. captain Jack Sparrow', and Barbossa's amusingly smug look "you will stop this childish behaviour, and go stand in the corner." Igoring his protests about being an adult, she pushed the pirate into the corner farthest from the door, and sternly told him to stay there, who then began to pout at her with a kicked-puppy look in his eyes.

She rounded on Barbossa, who was looking at Jack smugingly, and began laying into him.

"And you, you shouldn't encourage him." Barbossa, looking moraly outraged at her words, began protesting that he had started it

"I don't care if he started it or not, you should have stopped it. Honestly, you're pirates, not children. Now, you stand in that corner, to think about what you have done." She ignored his protests, and pushed him into the corner on the opposite of Jacks, so they could look at the other.

"You will stay there until you can apologise for your behaviour." With that, she moved away, not paying attention to the dark looks they were giving her.

When the looks were clearly not working, they focused their attention on each other, giving each other glares, and making stupid faces, not wanting to say more insults, lest they gain the attention of Elizabeth Swann, who sat on a chair near the desk, to make sure they behaved. Barbossa would sneer, Jack would roll his eyes, then they would make rude expressions at the other.

It was an hour later, that Elizabeth spoke, after being silent the whole time.

"Are you two ready to apologize?" She asked calmly, an eyebrow raised. Barbossa gave her a dark look, while Jack looked at her pitifully.

"Yes." he said, in a small voice. Elizabeth's harsh look almost softened when she saw the look Jack had on his face, but stopped herself.

"Good, then let's hear it." Jack looked down, then turned to the other captain.

"Sorry." He said in a pathetically small voice. Barbossa sneered disgustedly at him, before Elizabeth gave him a dark look. He rolled his eyes, then turned to Jack.

"Sorry." He scoffed, but Elizabeth whacked him on the back of the head. He rubbed his head, growling at the woman.

"Fine then. Sorry." He said in a sincere tone, then gave Elizabeth a 'happy now?' look.

"That's better, now go." Jack gave a double-look, before bolting from the room, leaving Barbossa and Elizabeth to stare after him in confusion. Barbossa shrugged, and left the room in more dignity than Jack did. Elizabeth sighed, shook her head, and left the room also.

5 minutes later, Jack and Barbossa were arguing again. Elizabeth sighed, and went to stop the quabbling adults.