Title: A Brighter Moon

By: Serena Russell

I needed something to do while Stephenie Meyer comes out with Breaking Dawn. I'm really trying to make it sound like her but i don't know how well i can do that... I'm carrying on the life of Edward, Bella, and the rest of the characters from the twilight series... please give it a chance... read it... review it... XoXo

Chapter 1: Alaska

"Hurry up Bella we need to get going!" Edward called from the kitchen.

" I'll be there in a minute!" I called back.

I quickly pulled on my navy tank top, dark washed jeans, and navy all stars and went to the bathroom. I brushed my hair

and put it up in a pony tail, brushed my teeth, and put on some mascara. I ran across the hallway back over to my room

and saw Edward finishing my packing. He obviously couldn't wait being as impatient as he is. I grabbed my lullaby CD

Edward made, and my photo album and followed Edward out of my room. I made sure not to wake Charlie on my way out.

I put on a jacket and locked the door to the house behind me. I ran down the steps of the front porch as Edward started

the engine. Edward had bought me a black

mustang for my past birthday. I missed my truck. I was never going to get it back. My car got totaled when an out of

control soccer mom in her mini van ran into my parked truck. I got in on the passenger side of the car and buckled up.

"We need to call Charlie when we land in Alaska." I said, my eyes still on the road.

" I know, we'll call him don't worry." He said, his voice as smooth as velvet.

Other than those few sentences we didn't really say much as we arrived at the airport.

We parked in valet and had a cab take us to the main building. We entered the huge

airport and there was a big black sign in front of us with all the flight numbers, times,

dates, and its arrival plans.

" Our plane boards in 2 hours Bella." Edward said.

We went over to our gate and sat on the bench. Edward cradled me next to his chest and

started humming my lullaby ( no doubt to stop me from freaking out about telling Charlie about a few things we didn't tell-

him yet) And kissed my forehead. When our plane arrived I heard Edward calling my name.

"Bella…Bella sweetheart…..They are starting to board the plane." He said.

I got up reluctantly and grabbed my carry on bag, and followed Edward towards the

boarding line. I was so tired, but i was able to stay up until we sat down inside. Like always, Edward loves to get his way,

and we had an argument about this a while ago, but I let him pay for first class.

srry the first chapter was so short i just wanted to get the chapter out so i could write more...plz...plz... review i really want to know if i should keep writing...i'm on all day during the summer and have nothing but time so there wont be a wait for chapters...xzoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo -serena