He sighed as he sat his Guinness down on the table next to him

He sighed as he sat his Guinness down on the table next to him. The sun was warm, the air refreshing. He couldn't help but get a sense of déjà vu, remembering an afternoon on his patio a little over a year ago. This time, though, he didn't have to worry about days off. He was retired and enjoying it. He still wasn't in Minnesota, but that didn't seem to matter anymore. There wasn't anything he could think of that could have possibly made the afternoon more perfect.

He smiled as he heard the one he loved enter onto the patio. She was softly humming a lullaby as she cradled their baby girl in her arms.

"She's beautiful, you know. So are you."

She leaned down to give him a small kiss. She could not believe all of the changes that had happened over the past year. They had a lot of heartache and struggles, and she figured that there would be plenty of hard times in their lives still to come with her line of work, but they had enough love to conquer it all. If someone had told her a little over a year ago that there would come a time when her personal life outweighed her career, she would have starred at them and laughed. Granted, her career would still be an important part of her life. She was still SGC's leading expert on the gate and an extraordinary theoretical astrophysicist. However, now, what she found waiting for her at home was more worthy of her time and energies.

"Can you believe it, Jack?"

He just looked up at her, waiting for her to continue.

"Can you believe that after all the struggles and near-death experiences that we've had to face in life that we would end up here?"

"Never ceases to amaze me."

She sat down beside him and leaned in for another kiss. He then softly leaned down to kiss little Cadence on the forehead…his pride and joy. Coming up the back steps of the patio were Teal'c, Daniel, Cameron, and Vala…Teal'c, of course, holding the pizza.


And so, that's the story of Jack and Sam. Moral of the story? Never give up hope. We are never as alone as we sometimes feel we are, and even for people whose lives are filled with conflict and struggles on a day to day basis, there will still be moments in time where life is picture perfect.

The End