The King and Queen are impatient for the prince to marry. The prince states he will only marry the girl he loves. When a maid befriends him, the prince learns a valuable lesson. That money can't buy you love.

"Bessie! Come quick!" The rather chubby woman waddled over as fast as her short legs would allow.

"What is it Bella?" She nervously glanced around. I sheepishly grinned and pointed at the window in front of me.

"Isn't the sunrise beautiful? Bessie threw her hands up into the air as if to say, "What am I going to do with you?" She waddled back over to her pot while I stared dreamily out the window.

"May I ask what you're staring at, miss?" The sudden noise startled me making me jump. As I turned around to scold the speaker I found it to be my elder brother Emmett.

"Emmett! You shouldn't sneak up on people like that! You're scaring enough when you're seen from a mile away!!" I teased him making him stick his tongue out like a toddler. "Where are you headed?"

"Out. The prince, Sir Jasper, James, Robin, and I are headed to the forest. The prince states that it's been to long since the last hunt. I think he just wants to get from underneath his mum's watchful eye. She's been putting a lot of pressure on him to find a suitable bride."

"From all the tales you tell I'm surprised that he hasn't found a lass. You tell me he's handsome enough, smart, and witty yet he hasn't proposed to any of the half-witted princesses. All that proves to me is that he's irritable, picky, and from his lack of commitment, he's obviously …" All through my speech I had so focused on what I was saying that I had failed to notice Emmett's face which had been going paler and paler with every sentence I uttered. His gaze was transfixed in horror on something behind me. I slowly turned and found a young, extremely handsome man. The person before me had bronze, tussled hair and a face characterized by a breathtaking crooked grin. His eyes were a brilliant emerald green and seemed to penetrate into my very soul. I tried to compose my awestruck face and un-scramble my now scrambled thoughts.

"The prince is obviously what, miss?" He asked me while holding his hand up to quiet Emmett who had started to speak.

"Well, from his lack of commitment, he's obviously afraid of being in a relationship." I finished quickly. I couldn't understand why this young man in front of me grinned even wider or why Emmett was groaning quietly.

"May I ask you your name, lass?"

"Isabella, sir." He raised his eyebrows.

"Ah…you are Emmett's younger sister." I nodded my head.

"And your name, sir?" I inquired. He grinned again. I couldn't help but stare at how godly this man seemed before me seemed.

"That is for me to know." All genteel thoughts I might have had towards him before disappeared in a puff. I glared at him. It was all made worse by the fact that he seemed to find it rather amusing. I sniffed, turned, and strode out the kitchen doors thankfully not stumbling. I wasn't sure but I could have sworn I heard the mystery man chuckle behind me. Once through the doors I went a little more slowly down the corridor, through a door, up the servant's staircase, and down yet another hallway. I opened my door and walked into my room. Well, actually I took one step and tripped, landing myself on the floor. I sighed. I was used to it by now. I picked myself up and sat carefully down on the bed. Who was that man? How could he order Emmett around so easily? He must have been a knight at least. Would he report me for slander against the king-to-be? I flinched. I must find him and apologize. With that thought I laid down and fell fast asleep with the man's image burned to the back of my eyelids. This was going to be a long night.

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