Chapter 15: New Beginnings

Sakura just kept telling herself to breath and she would be fine. It was a normal trip to the hospital, something she has done many times before. Only this time was completely different from the last times she visited a person in the hospital. Most of those times she came for Sasuke, even Lee and Naruto, but now she was going to visit Kiba. The guy who she had grown up with, the guy who has been in love with her since the beginning, and the guy whose heart she had broken. Sakura let out a long sigh as she turned down a corner of the hospital hallway and heading for his room. She knew she had hurt Kiba, the day she went to beg Naruto to bring Sasuke back she could see it through her tears. The hurt and betrayal he felt when he heard her begging for the return of another man. "He must really hate me." She sighed again and leaned up against the wall. Kiba's room was at the very end of the hall, she only had to walk a few more steps and she would be at his room.

"What am I doing?" she had just gotten back from her mission with Naruto and Jiraiya, they went to find Sasuke together but found nothing but a clan that was destroyed by Orochimaru. She had watched Naruto fight against the mutated ninjas and see up-close just how strong he had become. "I need to get stronger too." Naruto had been hurt on the mission and she had decided to get in some training herself. She had asked the fifth Hokage, Tsunade, to train her in the art of Medical Ninjutsu. It would be a hard road but she would do it, not just for Sasuke but for Naruto too.

She was so tired of being the weak little girl that could only cry and watch while the others fought for her. She was deadweight but she would stop that soon enough. Her training with Tsunade would begin tomorrow and she needed to be completely dedicated and focused on it if she wanted to get stronger. Only to do that she needed to have a clear head and she couldn't have one if Kiba kept coming into her mind.

She had hurt him badly, Inuzukas were known as passionate and loyal people and the way she had acted that day was like she had spite on his culture. She broke her promise to him and broke his heart all at the same time. "I'm the worst type of person." She wanted to make amends with him, maybe get back the friendship they used to have when they were kids. She knew he probably wouldn't love her anymore, why would he after what she did to him?

"You know you're making him go crazy by just standing there?" Sakura jumped when Hana suddenly appeared next to her, an amused grin on the Inuzuka's face. "You might want to come in the room before he starts ripping at the bed sheets again." she pointed to the closed door that was Kiba's room. It was closed completely and Sakura didn't hear a sound coming from the room but Hana had super hearing so it must be normal for her to hear things other can't.

"I'm not sure I can," Sakura looked down pitifully at her feet. "After what I did, I'm sure he probably hates me. I'm such an idiot." The sound of a vase breaking and someone screaming reached her ears.

"You have no idea how wrong you are," Hana ran her hands through her pink locks and Sakura leaned into the touch. "Kiba can never hate you, Sakura. You are so important to him that I couldn't even begin to explain it to you," another amused grin came onto her face and she started pulling at Sakura's hand. "But I know someone who can." And with that Sakura found herself being pulled towards the closed door that held inside what sounded like an agitated Inuzuka.

Her heart sped up when Hana had her hand on the lock but she would not run. She gulped down whatever fears she was feeling and let Hana open the door when she saw Kiba pacing back and forth and dodging his mother and Shino's attempts as they were trying to get him to lie back down on the bed. He seemed pretty distracted and lost in his mind, it considered her and she wanted to know what he was thinking about so much that he was pacing like he was about to put a whole in the floor.

She didn't get the chance to ask, as soon as the door closed behind her Kiba stopped in his tracks and looked in her direction. She was expecting to see anger or hate or sadness but she saw the exact opposite of that. In his eyes were excitement, happiness, and love. "Sakura," he jumped at her, making her fall to the ground while his head rested in her lap. "You came back." She was confused. "Isn't he supposed to be screaming at me?" even if Hana said he didn't hate her, she had been expected some kind of anger from him. She had thought he would yell at her for being stupid or something along that line, not jump at her and put his head in her lap.

"I will never understand Inuzuka emotions." It was like a messed up roller coaster for her and she didn't know when the exit would be coming.

"What do you mean?" Did he think she left the village to join Sasuke? She wouldn't do that. She was not the same desperate twelve year old girl that she was back at the academy. Now she was a confused thirteen year old girl that was trying to find herself.

"I heard from Shino that you and Naruto suddenly disappeared," he put his head back up and helped her stand up. "The whole village was worried about you guys." He was pulling her to the bed, making her sit down beside him and Akamaru.

Sakura blinked in confusion, she didn't know if her eyes were just playing tricks on her or if she was seeing was real. "Oh, okay." in the room was Kiba's mother, sister, and his teammate Shino. "Everyone who loves him and probably wants to hit me." She would have groaned but knew it would only cause problems so she kept her body language neutral.

"Okay pup," Tsume came to stand in front of Kiba and pushed him down on the bed with a light shove. "She's here so lie down and rest. I don't feel like hearing the nurses complain again about your annoying behavior." Tsume growled and left the room soon after with Hana and Shino following behind her.

"Oh, before I forget," Hana stuck her head back in the room. "Don't worry Sakura, he just got some pain killers from the nurse so he may act a little strange from time to time." And with that said Hana left and the two Genin were all alone.

Sakura sat on the edge of the bed, even more confused than when she first entered the room. "What just happened?" This was not how she expected her visit with Kiba to be. Was this all some big joke they were planning to pull on her? She was tired from her recent mission and wanted to go back home and sleep but she needed to make peace with Kiba. "Listen Kiba, I-" she was stopped when she felt Kiba trying to pull her down next to him. "What are you doing?"

"Trying to cuddle." He answered and he saw his eyes were slightly clouded over.

Sakura gave a weak chuckle at this look. "Well there are those painkillers kicking in." Maybe she should come back when his mind isn't clouded over by the drugs in his system. "I'm glad to see you guys are better now." she reached over with her other hand and began to pet Akamaru. The puppy had a few bandages on him but he seemed fine, Kiba was the same. A few bandages on his face, some on his arms, and she saw his chest was wrapped up as well.

"Yeah, the enemy we fought was strong but we were stronger," he finally let go of her hand and fell back down on the bed, one arm going behind his head and the other still holding Sakura's hand. His expression suddenly turned grim. "Actually if that sand guy didn't show up we'd probably be dead right now." Sakura moved off the bed and sat down on the chair next to the bed. Kiba kept the small whine down in his throat, he like it better with her sitting on the bed. He could still smell her scent very well but just feeling her up close to him was better.

"I heard," she had been told by Tsuande of what happened. Kankuro, along with Temari and Gaara came rushing over from the Sand Village to help out the Leaf Village. "I'm glad you're alright." She felt his grip on her hand tighten and the cloudy look in his eyes disappeared, they were clear and showing her the emotions he felt. She saw anger, she had expected to see that but she hadn't expected to see fear in the usually brave and cocky Inuzuka.

"I'm glad myself," he looked over at her, his eyes seemed a little glossy, like he was going to cry.

"Kiba…" she reached her other hand over to rub his head, something she did to him when they were kids whenever he was upset, but he grabbed her other hand and pulled her back on the bed next to him. Her lying in his bandaged arms, her body engulfed in his broken one and felt a few tiny tremors escape him. He was trying to stop himself from crying.

"I ready," he had his face hidden in her hair, trying to hide away the fear and pain but Sakura knew. She wrapped her arms carefully around his body and held him. "I was ready to give up and let the guy kill me. Akamaru was unconscious and I was too injured to do anything but run. Those sound creeps were really freaky, I hate to admit it but I was scared," his hold on her tightened and she did the same with him, trying to tell him it was fine, everything was fine now. "I knew I was going to die. That guy could easily kill me and I was ready to escape it but I couldn't stop the fear that came up. I was scared of dying, of letting Akamaru die, and I was scared of dying and leaving you." Sakura couldn't take another minute of this. She lifted her head up and saw Kiba's eyes shut tight, hiding away the tears that were trying their hardest to escape. She couldn't let him keep feeling like this, she wouldn't! With great care she moved her hands up to him bandaged face, his red birthmarks still picking out through the bandages, and kissed him. She kissed him to calm him down, to show he had no more reason to be afraid, and to show that she was here with him. She had put him through so much these past few days and she needed to make up for it. She had hurt him and now she would fix that, she would fix the heart she cracked until it was completely healed. She would be with him.

Kiba was shocked so much he opened his sealed tight eyes; letting the tears he was trying to stop finally fall, and looked down at the pink-haired girl that was kissing him in his hospital bed. Not wanting her to stop, or think he wasn't enjoying the kiss, he responded and kissed her back. That feeling of a spark going off came again but this was different that the last time. This feeling was much stronger. He put one hand in her hair, letting the soft texture of it calm his shaking hands and the scent of her filling his clogged nose. The hospital always did that to him but nothing could ever stop him from smelling the sweet scent of cherries and cherry blossoms. The kiss they shared was soft but it held such strong feelings, a passion that was hidden in both their hearts but was unlocked once their lips made contact. It was an amazing feeling and both Genin were surprised by how one kiss could make them feel so different. Sakura no longer felt any fear of being hated and Kiba was no longer crying of the fears he felt on the battlefield. They were happy and in love and kissing the person they wanted to be with.

When the need for air became too great they reluctantly pulled out of the kiss but they never pulled away from each other. They were both lying on their backs, heads sharing the same pillow, and hands intertwined the whole time as they spoke.

"You know, this is a lot like the time I slept over your house." Sakura giggled, remembering the happy moments of her past. She really had missed being with Kiba, when he stopped being friends with her it had hurt her more than she would admit. Back than she believed Sasuke was her world so she tried ignoring the painful feeling she got whenever Kiba ignored her in the halls of the academy. If only she had realized that he was the one she loved and was only infatuated with Sasuke at the time. Maybe they would have had even happier memories together.

"I remember alright, Ino told you that story about monsters coming to get you unless you held hands," he chuckled and brought their joined hands up to their eye level, he wanted to see this moment happen. Sakura was with him, holding his hand, kissing him, and finally showing her the feelings he's always wanted from her. "That girl always did annoying stuff like that but I must admit I'm glad she told you that story," he turned his head over on the pillow; he wanted to see her face when he said this. He wanted to see what emotions would appear in her eyes. "It's because of that story that I got to hold you hand." He gave her a giant grin and let his cheeks turn the color of her hair. No more would he hide his feelings. They were out and he would tell her at every moment of their time together how much he really loved her.

Happiness flashed in her green colored eyes and Sakura had a feeling he saw this. The grin he wore simmered down to a content and grateful smile. He was happy. "I'll let you in on a little secret," she picked her head up until her mouth was directly above his ear. "I lied about the story." she quickly jumped away and threw the blankets over her head.

"What," Kiba wouldn't let her escape that easily. "You're telling me I got yelled at by Ino for nothing?" he tried pulling at the blankets with his fear hand but Sakura wasn't letting go. "No wonder Ino was pissed at me, I was screaming at her for nothing and you let it happen," he was trying to sound made but he couldn't keep down the amusement that was coming out. True to his words he had confronted Ino a few days later after their sleep over and yelled at her for telling Sakura such a scary story. They spent the rest of the day arguing it over with Ino denying she ever told the story and Kiba calling her a liar. "Great, now I own that stupid girl and apology." He finally let go of the blankets to try a sneaker attack. With his free hand he slowly slipped it under the sheets of the bed and poked at Sakura's side, a place he knew she was highly ticklish.

Sakura squeaked when she felt him poke her. "Kiba! You know I'm ticklish!" she scolded him, head popping out of the blankets to yell at him more but she was surprised to find a frowning Inuzuka staring down at her.

"Sakura," he pulled the blankets away from her so she couldn't hide anymore and placed his forehead on top of hers. "You got some explaining to do." He wanted to laugh when he saw her nervous look but he kept his face frowning.

Sakura gave a small laugh, "I didn't lie so much about the story. Ino did tell me a scary story about monsters coming out when it thunders but they go away when they see I'm not alone. I just lied about the part of holding hands really." She suddenly felt like playing with her fingers, much like Hinata when she gets nervous but her hand was still holding his and she didn't want to let go.

Kiba raised one eyebrow but kept the frown on his face. "So you lied about that just to hold my hand?" he asked, she nodded, and he tackled down to the bed in a hug. He was grinning ear to ear. "Glad to hear it."

Sakura started laughing at his goofy smiling face, "Kiba, I love you." She buried her face deep into his bandaged chest and listened to the sound of his heartbeat. Even with a bruised body it still gave off the same sound and went in time with her own heart.

Kiba felt his body freeze for a second, taking in what had just been told to him before he finally reacted. "Yahoo!" he jumped on the bed with Sakura in his arms. He and Akamaru were cheering cries of joy, both were happy this moment had finally come. "I love you too," it felt so good to confess this. "I've loved you my whole life." He collapsed on the bed with her still in his arms and the two Genin were laughing together in joy at being in the arms of the one they love.

"I know," Sakura was lying with her head resting just above his heart, listening to the beat of it. It was going so fast but so was hers. "I'm glad I met you." She was really glad she had meet Kiba. They may have gone through a lot of problems but moments like this made up for it.

"Same here," Kiba held her close, his chin resting on top of her head and on hand running his fingers through her soft pinks locks. "I like you hair." He had his other hand on her back, over the Haruno crest that would one day be replaced by his family's crest.

"I like the sound of your heart." She snuggled closer to her love and sighed at the feeling of content she was feeling. She didn't know anything could feel this nice.

Kiba gave a deep laugh and held her closer if possible. "I'm glad." This all seemed to perfect to be real but Kiba knew it was. He's had dreams of Sakura telling him she loved him before but none of his dreams ever made him feel this happy. His heart was telling him this was real, that the girl in his arms was indeed the real deal, and everything that was said between them was part of reality and not a dream.

They stayed like that for a long while, holding in each other in their arms and confessing over what they loved about they other. They wanted to make the most of the time they had together before they have to go back into the world that was full of darkness.

"I love your scent." Kiba was still lying on his back and happy that the painkillers were still working. Without them he would have felt pain with Sakura lying on top of him but for now he felt nothing but happiness.

"I love your birthmarks," Sakura reached one hand up and traced her thumb over the red upside down triangles. "They're cool."

Kiba smiled into her touch and licked her hand. "I love you."

"You said that already." She smiled up at him, not complaining that he was saying it again. "Not that I mind." She added.

"Well I'm going to keep saying it," he grinned down at her. "I'll say it everyday and more," he sat himself into a sitting position so that her head was sitting in his lap and he pulled the blanket over her form completely. "Now be quite, a nurse is coming." He commanded her and she would have complained but he put a hand over her mouth to keep her from speaking.

"Well isn't this a nice sight," the sound of a young female nurse coming in the room made Sakura stiffen. If they were caught now how would it look for her reputation? She just got Tsunade's approval of being her apprentice and she didn't need little incidents like this ruining that for her. She needed to get stronger if she was going to help Naruto bring Sasuke back. "I'll keep quite for now but once she leaves I'm out of here. I need to get ready for my training." Sakura thought this over and found herself a spot on Kiba's lap that was comfortable. She didn't know how long she would be here.

"I'm happy to see you're not trying to escape again Mr. Inuzuka." The nurse said and Sakura wanted to laugh. So Kiba hated hospitals? Maybe she could have some fun with that later.

"Yeah, well I guess I'm just in a good mood." Kiba had a wide grin on his face, Sakura could tell by how he was talking, he had one knee up so it would cover Sakura's form and Akamaru down by her feet. She was completely hidden away.

"And why are you in a good mood?" the nurse asked, unwrapping Kiba's bandages on his arms. He was almost completely healed now.

"Because I got the girl I love to finally be mine," he put his two arms behind his head while the nurse untied the bandages around his chest. The wound he created from the time Ukon had taken over his body, it was going to leave a scar but he didn't mind. Scars were cool. "Yeah, she finally realized that I was the man of her dreams and confessed her undying love for me," Sakura rolled her eyes at this. He was acting like a complete idiot and it was annoying her but she just kept her temper under control and let him speak his stupid nonsense. She had given him a few bad years with her crush on Sasuke so for now she would let him speak like a total fool. "Oh yeah, she's so in love with me. She came in here crying about how she was worried we would never be together again and threw herself into my arms, saying how she always wanted me by her side and – Ow!" Of course there is only so much a girl can take. Sakura finally had enough and gave Kiba's skin a nice long pinch. It was enough to shut the babbling Inuzuka up.

"Are you alright?" the nurse asked, concerned she was the reason why he was in pain.

"I'm fine," Kiba gave a weak chuckle. "I just scratched myself with one of my claws, that's all." He gave another weak laugh and the nurse joined in herself.

"Well do be more careful." With a smile wave and warning she left the room and the new couple alone.

"What was that for?" Kiba pulled the blankets off once the door to his room was closed.

"For saying such stupid things," Sakura shook her head at him, getting off the bed and standing up on her legs. Suddenly hiding like that made her body cramp up and she needed to stretch. "I can't believe you said those embarrassing things. When did I ever do any of that?" she waited for an answer but only got received the stares of Kiba looking at stretching. "Kiba!"

"What?" he saw the angry face she had on and sighed, he already knew what this was about. "I'm a teenage boy, what did you expect I would do with the girl I like?" so he was watching her stretch. He was growing boy with hormones starting to kick in; of course he was going to notice certain parts of girls.

"Hmph," Sakura crossed her arms and sat at the edge of the bed, arms crossed and head turned away from him. She didn't feel like talking to him now.

With another sigh Kiba reached over and pulled her into his arms, the bandages were off so she could see his tan skin as it glowed in the sun that was coming in through the window. "I won't apologize," he held her from behind, hands around her waist and his head resting at her shoulder. "Why should I? After all I was only looking at the woman I love." He gave her a toothy grin, one that made her cheeks heat up.

"Idiot." She muttered under her breath and held his hands in hers.
Kiba gave a soft laugh at her,"That's my Sakura." He kissed the side of her face and both gave a content smile as they leaned into the other.

For a moment they stayed that way. Neither let go and neither ever wanted to, they wanted to keep on holding each other for eternity.

"Tell me," Kiba spoke first, breaking the comfortable silence. "When you and Naruto disappeared, you guys went after Sasuke didn't you?" when Shino first told him the news he had a feeling deep in his heart that they did go looking for the Uchiha.

"Yes," Sakura breathed out. She missed the happy atmosphere that was replaced by a much heavier one. "It was me, Naruto, and the Sanin Jiraiya. We went to the land of rice patties because there was a rumor that Orochimaru's hideout was." she sighed, wanting to go back to the happy moment that was now gone. It seemed even with Sasuke out of the village he was still making her happy times disappear.

"And?" Kiba urged her to continue. "What happened?" he was scared of hearing the answer but he needed to know. Even now in the back of his mind he was scared that she only was with him because Sasuke was gone. He needed to know that she was with him because she wanted to be and not because she just missed the Uchiha.

"We didn't find him," she sighed again and Kiba wasn't sure if he should be grateful or not. "Instead we found a clan that was being controlled and used by Orochimaru. He promised them power but instead he turned innocent people into robbers and monsters and than abandoned them," she gripped his hands tighter; her hatred of Orochimaru had grown so much stronger from her time spent on her last mission. "We met this girl named Sasame that was trying her hardest to save her cousin. Her cousin Arashi was turned into some type of creature by Orochimaru and he and a few others that were turned into creatures attacked us. Sasame did everything she could to stop Arashi and Naruto was doing the same, he was fighting so hard to protect not only Sasame but only me," she gave a bitter smile at the memories. She could see the battle that happened not only a few days ago so clearly in her head. "I couldn't do anything and I hated it. I was deadweight, a burden and even Arashi who was a monster could see. I was weak," she could still hear his words when he called her deadweight. "But when Sasame was about to be killed I stepped in before I even realized it and I was ready to give my life to protect her-"

"What?" Kiba finally stopped her, making her turn around in his hold so he could stare at her. "You nearly got yourself killed? Are you crazy?" he pulled her back into his hold and held on tight. "Don't ever do something like that again. I don't want to lose you, Sakura." The sudden thought that she was nearly killed on this mission frightened him and he hated it. He wanted to be by her side and protect her so hearing news like this had upset him.

Sakura smiled into his hold. He said almost the same thing as Naruto but only this time was different. Hearing it this time made her heart beat ten times faster. "I won't say I'm sorry," she giggled, using his words against him now and he grunted in annoyance. "I wanted to help Sasame because I was amazed at how far she was willing to go for Arashi. Even Naruto had amazed me and that made me realize that I need to get stronger too. I asked Lady Tsuande to take me on as her apprentice and she agreed. Starting tomorrow I begin my training as a medical ninja." It still felt a little surreal to think that Hokage was willing to train her but she was so glad that it was happen.

"That's amazing," Kiba felt a swell of pride flow into his heart. His girl was going to get stronger and be trained by the Hokage herself, something not many people can say happened to them. "Congratulations." He was proud of Sakura.

"Thank you," Sakura twisted back around so that her back was facing his chest again. She was comfortable like this. "I'll need all the help I can get if I'm going to help Naruto like I promised," she felt Kiba stiffen when she said this and she knew what it was about. "I promised that next time I would help him bring Sasuke back."

"I see…" Kiba didn't know how he felt about that. He hated the Uchiha and the thought of Sakura trying to do everything possible to bring him back only upset him more.

"Moron," she flicked his nose. "I'm doing this because Sasuke's my teammate. That's it, nothing more and nothing less," She huffed and crossed her arms. "Honestly, you and your jealously can be so annoying."

"So what are you saying?" Kiba couldn't stop the hope that was blooming in his chest. She couldn't possibly be saying what he thought she was…could she? "Does that mean you don't love Sasuke?" he needed to know.

Sakura smiled at Kiba, she could see the fear and the hope shining bright in his eyes. "I can't say that. I do love Sasuke but I love him the same way I love Naruto and Kakashi-sensei and Ino and everyone else in the village. He's my teammate and my family and I want him back," she leaned forward and gave Kiba a light peck on the lips. "I love you." The loved she felt for Kiba was different than the love she felt for everyone else. This was the same love that a woman feels for a man.

Kiba was frozen solid half a second before he reacted. His grin came back at full force and tackled Sakura into a giant bear hug on the bed. "Good!" he was grinning from ear to ear and Akamaru decided to join in on their hug. He found himself a good spot in between the two and was barking happily, the nin-dog was glad his master got the one he wanted.

Sakura was laughing in pure joy and Kiba was joining in, both extremely happy with how everything was going for them. Nothing could ever ruin this moment. They were in love and happy and together. They remained like that until they fell asleep in each other's and were awoken by an amused Hokage and a flash of light.

It's been about a two year since Sasuke left the village and it was almost time for Naruto to return since he left with Jiraiya to train. Sakura has been training with Tsunade everyday and Kiba has been doing the same with his team and family. The two were usually together; they tried as much as they could to find some free time but with all the missions and training that was in their schedules it took a lot of work to find free time. On the day they confessed Tsuande walked in on them, both in each others arms and sleeping peacefully together. This ended up with pictures being taken and a bet somehow being won by Tsuande from Kiba's mother. Of course word got out that they were together but most of the village didn't believe it because they never saw the couple together. So it could swept under the rug as a stupid rumor.

"Hey Sakura," Kiba and Akamaru made their way through the broken training field to see a panting pink-haired girl taking a break from her training. "You finally finished?" Kiba had his hands in his pockets and Akamaru by his side, Sakura had made a comment about a month ago that the nin-dog was getting bigger but Kiba didn't see it.

"Yeah, I'm just catching my breath." Sakura reached for her water bottle and took a giant gulp of the liquids it held. She was exhausted by the training she was put through but she wasn't going to let that stop her. Both she and Kiba finally had some time to spend together and show the village that they were dating.

"Good, now just do me a favor and hold still." Sakura was confused by his words and looked to her boyfriend to see why but instead screamed and jumped out of the way of a finally kunai.

"Kiba? What the hell!" she screamed at her boyfriend for trying to take her head off.

"Why'd you move?" Kiba growled and took out another kunai.

"Because I don't want my head chopped off," she slapped the other kunai out of his hand and down to the ground. "Just what the hell are you thinking?"

"I'm thinking you look better with short hair," he huffed out and picked up his fallen kunai. "Your hair is long again and people are starting to think it's because you miss Sasuke," Kiba growled and looked at the long hair in annoyance. He was the one bothered the most by how people believed their relationship wasn't real. Sakura was finally his girlfriend and the only people who knew it were his family, the Hokage, Ino and his team. Everyone else believed they weren't together and it annoyed him. "I was trying to cut it but you moved out of the way." He wanted her hair cut, it look so much better short and it didn't make people think she was still in love with Sasuke. She was in love with him and he was in love with her. They were both Chunin now, fifteen, and in love and they wanted to be recognized as a couple.

Sakura sighed and unwrapped her headband. "You could have just told me," she took the kunai from his hand and walked over to a nearby lake, she looked at her reflection in the clear water before grabbing a handful of hair and began cutting away the long pink hair until it reached her shoulders. "I've been busy training so I didn't notice," she looked herself over in the lake water, cutting away on lose ends or any longs pieces she may have missed. "Better now?" she asked with an amused grin. He acted like such a little kid sometimes but that only made her laugh.

"Much," he moved forward and kissed her smiling lips. A sigh of content escaped him as it always does when he kisses her. "Now let's go and show that stupid village that our relationship is real!" he already had the perfect plan to show the whole village that Sakura was his girlfriend and was no longer a Sasuke fan-girl.

"Well what are we waiting for," Sakura laughed at him and took a step forward, "Let's get going." She wanted to see how this date would turn out.

"Great," Kiba was grinning from ear to ear and started to break out into a quick jog, he wanted to get this started. "Come on Akamaru, let's go for a walk." He called to his companion and the nin-dog barked, jumping into the air and landing on Kiba's head. The impact was more than Kiba had thought it would be and he fell to the ground and passed.

"Kiba!" Sakura ran over to him in worry and cursed when she saw his was knocked out.

"Urgh! Where am I?" his nose picked up a lot of different scents but he recognized one immediately. "Sakura?" he sat up and realized he was in the hospital.

"Hey, how are you doing?" Sakura was glad to see he was awake. She was sitting on the edge of the bed, checking him over for any signs of pain.

"I'm okay, a little dizzy, but I'll be fine," he told her what he was feeling and looked around the room. Akamaru was sitting down at the end of the bed and he was whining. "What's wrong boy?" Kiba reached over to comfort his companion that was obviously upset about something.

"He just feels a little guilty about putting you in here," Sakura explained but by the confused look Kiba had meant she had more talking to do. "When you tried going for a walk and he jumped on your head you passed out. I told you, Akamaru's gotten bigger. He's too big for him to ride on your head." She said this and both Inuzukas looked shocked.

"So what are we supposed to do than?" Kiba didn't like this. He had gotten so used to Akamaru riding on his head, it was how they always been together.

"How about you ride him?" Sakura suggested. "He's big enough that your weight wouldn't bother him." It seemed like the perfect solution for the two.

"Ride Akamaru?" Kiba wasn't sure about that. He didn't want to hurt his best friend or make him feel inferior. Their relationship was as equals and he didn't want to make his buddy feel any different. "What do you think boy?" he asked Akamaru and received a loud happy bark in return. "You like that idea? Okay, than from now on I ride you."

Sakura laughed when she saw that the two Inuzukas were happy with this new outcome. "Glad I could help." She was happy to help them. She liked seeing a happy Inuzuka instead of a sad one.

Kiba looked at his girlfriend and frowned. "Sorry about this Sakura. I know this isn't what you had in mind for our date." He let out a long sigh. He had been looking forward to being with her and finally having the village knowing they were a couple.

"It's alright." She gave a light shrug at this.

"But the village-" Kiba was stopped by Sakura placing one finger over his mouth.

"I don't care what the village thinks. I only care about what you think of me," the smile she wore never once left her face as she spoke. "If they don't believe us than let's just keep us a secret until they finally see the truth. I'm betting the results will be pretty funny." She started laughing, already imagining the shocked faces of everyone who didn't believe they were dating.

Kiba imagined this himself and thought it was pretty funny too. "Well it'll be annoying but I guess you're right," he pulled her down into her arms and they laid together on the hospital bed. "But man this sucks. I have a mission tomorrow and I don't get back for a few days."

Sakura was disappointed when she heard that. "At least you still have missions. For some reason Lady Tsuande has me on off-duty and is making me get the guards at the gate reports." She sighed; she didn't like the type of duty she was performing. She trained for two years now and she wanted to do more than just be a silly messenger girl.

"Hmm…that's weird," Kiba didn't understand what their Hokage was thinking and he didn't waste any time trying. "She probably has her reasons." It was all he could come up with.

"She better," Sakura grumbled into his shoulder and Kiba laughed. "If I find out she's just been sending me there because she's too lazy to assign someone else there'll be hell to pay." She growled and Kiba was beginning to wonder if some of his Inuzuka traits were starting to rub off on her.

He liked that idea if it was true. "Well why do you think she's doing it?"

Sakura thought over her answer before replying, "I think it has something to do with Naruto."

"Naruto?" Kiba was confused. What did picking up reports have to do with the blonde that left two years ago to train?

"Well he should be coming home any day now so maybe she's trying to make up meet up again?" Sakura wasn't sure if that was the truth but it made just about as much sense as the other ideas she came up with. "It's only a theory but it's a nice one." it was no secret that she missed her teammate. Team Seven pretty much didn't exist anymore and everyone knew that it bothered her more than she let on.

"Maybe," Kiba ran one hand through her short pink hair, some lose strands sticking onto his fingers. "You never know. It could be true and if it is than it just mean a new beginning for us all." He said it and held her closer.

"Yeah." Sakura smiled into her boyfriend's shoulder and held tight. She listened to his words and believed in them. Naruto would be returning soon and with his return would be a new beginning but even with that there would be one thing that would remain the same. The love they share will never change.

Kiba gave a soft chuckle and Sakura looked up at him with a questioning gaze. "Just wondering how everyone will act when they finally know we're really dating." He laughed again.

Sakura snuggled closer to her boyfriend and smiled when his familiar scent came into her nose and the warm feeling she always got touched her body. "Whose knows, who cares."

That was all she needed to say. All that mattered was that they loved each other and they were finally together.