Warning- This story contains mature subject matter. It is dark and deals with serious issues.

Not that it matters all that much but this story, if I had to place it on a timeline probably happens some time in season one.

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By Lifepassion

Chapter one

"I know you're still there. Watching me, wanting me. I can feel you hold me down. Fearing you …I won't let you hold me down. haunting you I can smell you all night. …waching me wanting me I can feel you hold me down…raping me." –Haunted, Evanescence

Sam and Dean, guns at the ready, burst through the large double doors of the old barn which, they had been told, was the gathering point of a large group of demons. The room was completely empty. An eerie glow illuminated the barn in a pale light. Sam and Dean looked both ways, a wind whispered past them. The barn seemed deserted.

"They've all left," said a voice. A man in his mid twenties, brown haired and pudgy looking, appeared from behind one of the support beams. "All gone…except me," he pointed to himself. The whole of his eyes were black. He was, quite obviously, possessed.

"What are you doing hanging around?" asked Dean, gun pointed at the Demon's head. With his free hand he reached around to his back pocket and pulled out a vial of holy water

The demon smiled at Dean. "Well," he moved to the side "I felt like taking the both of you out of the picture."

"And how do you figure you're going to do that?" asked Dean cockily.

"Like this!" the demon snarled and raised a gun. Dean lunged forward. A shot rang out, Sam grunted. Dean disarmed the demon quickly splashing him with holly water. The demon shrieked its head flinging from side to side as the water burned it. Dean flipped his pistol over and rammed it into the side of the man's head. The body slumped unconscious.

"Sam, you okay?" called Dean over his shoulder. Gun still pointed at the passed out figure on the floor.

"Fine." said Sam examining his shoulder. The bullet had grazed muscle nothing more, it hurt but it wasn't going to kill him. "Its just a knick."

"Alright I'll take care of this guy, you go check around for anything important that they left behind, books maps artifacts, you know the drill." Dean went to his duffle bag and pulled out some rope to tie up the demon. The he pulled out his dad's journal and flipped to the page with a Latin exorcism.

"On it," said Sam walking into another section of the barn. The first room of interest that he happened upon was clearly the meeting room. There was a large oak table in the middle of the room, on it was a circle with a strange design. Sam pulled out his notepad and drew a quick sketch of the symbol. He had an idea already of what it was most likely used for...helping other demons cross over into this world. There was nothing else in the room. The demons had obviously caught word that hunters were coming and had cleared out not only themselves but all their things.

He continued on. As he walked through he almost missed a door. It was partially hidden behind an old shelf and painted to blend in with the wall. He stopped pushing it open gun raised and at the ready just incase anything jumped out at him, just because one demon said everyone was gone didn't mean they actually were. After all, demons lie.

The room was set up like a cross between a living room and a bedroom. It was a total mess. There was another table, some chars and mattresses and, in the far corner of the room, a girl with pin-strait blond streaked hair. Her arms were chained above her head which had fallen forward so that the hair fell obscuring her face from view. She was facing slightly away from Sam.

Sam moved closer carefully. He had no idea whether this girl was possessed, a vampire or just a human. As he moved closer he realized the state she was in. Her jeans were torn around the hips and half open. There was blood on the floor and on her cloths, and there was another substance that Sam recognized but refused to name. He gagged.

"Oh God," he breathed not able to tell is she was dead of alive, she wasn't moving at all. He put the gun away and went over to her. The second he put a hand on her shoulder she sprang to life. Her eyes flew open, they were human eyes, scared, blue human eyes.

"GET AWAY! GET AWAY! GET AWAY!" she screamed kicking out at his face. Panic drove her to a frenzy. Who was this? This was someone new, new was frightening. The unknown was for more frightening then the known pain. She wasn't going to go down without a fight, she hadn't yet and she never would.

Sam managed to dodge the flailing, sock less, feet which he noticed were badly bruised.

"Hey its okay," He reached out to try and calm her.

"DON'T touch me!" she cried out them more brokenly said "please, don't touch me, no.." she moaned, she didn't want to fight, she didn't want this she just wanted it to be over "No, no, no". Her head moved from side to side her body struggling against the chains to get away. Her hair stuck to her tear, and blood, stained face.

Her shirt rose revealing severely bruised skin. Hand and nail prints were visible along her sides. Sam choked he did even want to know what the demons had done to her, with her. How many times they had...raped and used her.

"Hey," he said again softly. She hesitated when she heard his voice, so calm. Then she started to cry again silently. One of them had done that. Calmed her down, told her that it was alright and that everything would be okay. Then he gave her something to drink, she had woken up on the dirty mattress to him inside her. ~Please God help me~ she prayed silently.

Dean came charging into the room. He had heard the screams and thought that something was wrong, which it was. What he didn't know was that running into the room had only made the situation worse. The girl swung her head to the side to see who was there.

"No, Not two of you, please no." she begged. She wanted to be sick. "Just kill me!"

Sam saw her frantic eyes. If Dean hadn't already, he would exorcise that son of a bitch out there and track down every other demon who had done this.

She started sobbing "Please no," her eyes were pleading.

Sam held up a hand for Dean to stay back. Dean paused and looked at the room, realization dawning and disgust and anger following.

Sam knelt by her and spoke in a soft voice.

"We're not here to hurt you," she was still crying and whimpering like a hurt animal, looking back and forth from Sam to Dean then back at Sam. "Hey," she flinched, tears streaming down her face, as he moved the hair away form her face. Every instinct in her body told her to fight to try and fight them. "We're going to get you out of here." said Sam "But your going to have to trust me," Sam looked at her and she looked back into his eyes, still scared "Can you trust me?"

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