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Sakura lay very stil on the floor, her eyes closed, all her concentration on the spells she was maintaining so that Wrath and Lust would find no refuge from their own magic. She waited longer than she needed but she finally opened her eyes. She saw Syaoran, Kero and Yue all staring at her. She smiled at them. "Hi." she mumbled.
They all breathed a sigh of relief, clearly they'd feared the worst. She rose and dusted herself off. Syaoran cleared his throat meaningfully, she looked up at him a little confused.
"Do you think you could break this spell now?" he asked her.
"Oh!" she exclaimed, she'd totally fogotten about it. She rose her wand "Return to your dormant form." the blue glow faded from them and she suddenly got the shock of her life as Syaoran pulled her close and pressed his lips to hers. She felt a blush rise up her face, but she smiled at the wonderfully intimate moment. She felt so special...
There was a gagging noise behind them and she broke away. "KERO!" she shouted at the guardian who was pretending to retch over the edge of the tower.
Yue raised his eyebrows and nodded towards the city. "We should return to the house. The others will be waiting."
Kero called over his shoulder "Don't you mean Touya will be waiting, brother?"
Yue cleared his throat and looked away, a blush creeping up his cheeks. Sakura giggled "Ignore Kero. You go on ahead."
Syaoran suddenly gasped "Merlin! Where's Merlin!"
There was a soft chuckle from behind them. The young mage stook at the emergency rooftop exit with a composed smile on his face "Actually I think I prefer being just 'William Tenby' from now on, my young master. I've had enough excitement to last me a lifetime. Being a guardian is a young man's game these days."
To prove the point the elderly gentleman leaned back and his back gave out a pop. He sighed and rubbed it in obvious relief "Oh yes, much better..."

Syaoran went over and hugged the butler. The gent gave him a warm smile and returned it, a small smile on his lips.
Syaoran looked up at him "I'm glad you're alright Tenby."
William Tenby smiled back "So am I, my young master. So am I."
Yue nodded in respect to the old man and turned to Sakura "With your permission?" he asked, a pleading look on his face.
She laughed and nodded "Oh Yue, you don't need to ask..."
The guardian sighed "It would be wrong not to."
"Oh very well, off you go. Say 'hi' to my brother for me."
The guardian nodded and took off, his angelic wings flashing silver in the moonlight for a moment.
Sakura sighed and looked out at the city. "It's never going to be the same is it...?" she asked.
Syaoran smiled and took her hand "Actually I have an idea, if you're feeling up to it."
She looked at him puzzled, he grinned and whispered into her ear. Sakura bit her lip with worry and weighed the options.
"Will it work do you think?"
He shrugged "You've mixed other cards before. Why not try it?"
She nodded "But after this I'm sleeping." she said and turned to face the city.
He looked ashamed and placed his hands on her shoulders "No Sakura, it's selfish of me to ask... don't do it if you don't feel up to it."
She smiled softly at him and leaned back over to peck his cheek. "Don't be worried. This is what I do, remember?"

She rose the wand.
"Key that holds the power of the stars, reveal your true form before me! I under our contract command you, RELEASE!"
She stood on the lip of the tower "TIME! ERASE! Undo this damage and make all those people forget what they did!"
The old man Time and the jester like form of Erase nodded silently at her and flew off to do her bidding.
Sakura swayed on her feet, Syaoran and Tenby caught her and pulled her back.
She looked at them and sighed "Sorry.." she mumbled "I'm really tired now..."
She closed her eyes, a small smile on her lips, and went to sleep.

Tenby looked at Syaoran, clearly concerned for Sakura's well being. Syaoran shrugged a silent reply of 'Hey, these things happen'. He lifted her up and looked at Kero.
"Would you go on ahead? Tell them it's all alright now?"
Kero gave him a suspicious look, the young man with an unconsious woman in his arms.
"What's my motivation, kid?" he asked.
Syoaran felt a flush creep up his face and he barked "KERO! She's unconsious! What more motivation could you possibly-"
Tenby raised a hand to stop an arguement and then gave Kero a knowing look. "All the goodies you can eat, when you get back to my house and deliver the message of course."
The guardians eyes went wide with greed and he drooled "Strawberry shortcake? Lemon sponge? ... cream filled pastries?"
"As much as you like. The cupboards are nearly full and they've hardly been touched."

Kero went very still, his eyes went so greedy it was quite scary.
"Hold on sweet tooth, we're going in!" the gaurdian wooped happily as he flew away.
Tenby chuckled at Syaorans amazed face "It's all about reading the signs my young master. Speaking thus, I shall give you both some privacy once she awakens, no doubt you both have much to catch up on what with all the excitement of the last few days."
Syaoran had the good grace to blush. "Thank you." he said "I appreciate that." he looked fondly at the sleeping woman he held and stroked her cheek affectionately "I know she does too."

Tomoyo sat with Eriol, whose arm was in a sling but otherwise looked well on the mend. The small group sat around in Tenbys living room, tea and cakes served up from the butler and Sakura had been tucked away in the upstairs bedroom for some much needed rest.
"So Wrath and Lust just vanished!" Tomoyo asked them as they finished telling them the tale.
"Yes" Syoaran explained "Lust relied too heavily on others magic to sustain herself and Wrath was using a city worth of power. I guess he overdosed and Lust starved."
Tenby gathered up the empty cups and plates. There was the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs. Sakura entered the room, rubbing sleep from her eyes and tried to hold back a yawn.
"Good morning sleepyhead!" Tomoyo said chirpily.
Sakura looked at her amazed "Its morning? Wow I feel like I've hardly slept at all..."
"Okay, it's technically morning." her dark haired friend ammended with a smile, indicating to the clock which revealed it was in fact so late in the evening it was now early morning.
Sakura nodded and stretched. "Morning Touya." she said with a smile.
Her brother was lying on the sofa with Yukito, both snoring softly and leaning into one another.
The girls giggled at the two men.
Kero was curled up on a cushion the crumbs from last nights treat orgy were still on his face. Sakura shook her head.

She turned to face Eriol "You've been rather quiet" she observed "Is something on your mind?"
Eriol looked distant but snapped himself out of it. "A little. It's just something I need to think about."
Tomoyo tugged softly at his good arm "What?"
The young man looked into her eyes "I'm considering staying here..." he said.
Sakura grinned and Tomoyo's face lit up with delight "That's wonderful news!"
Eriol nodded and smiled back "Well I'm pleased that was so well received. However," he said "There is the issue of my house back in England."
Sakura looked at him and it dawned on her, Eriol had no employment to pay for two houses and parting with the old mansion would be hard for him.
Tomoyo looked a little uncertain "Perhaps I could help?" she offered him.
He smiled and patted her hand "That's a kind offer but no, I'd rather arrange something myself if you don't mind?"
Tomoyo shrugged and smiled.
"Thankyou my dear." he said.

"So I understand this correctly, you need another form of income?" Tenby said appearing in the doorway.
"That's correct."
"I see, would you excuse me?" the butler asked, and retreated through to the corridor.
As he left everyone looked questioningly at Syaoran who shrugged, for he had no idea either what Tenby was up to.
"I'll go ask." he said, taking the hint after they didn't look away.
Outside in the corridor Tenby raised a hand to forstall any questions indicating he was on the phone.
"I see" the old man spoke into the reciever "Thank you Ma'am, that is very generous of you."
He placed the receiver down and smiled at Syoaran. "I think I have some good news my young master."

He walked back into the living room and asked that everyone listen in. "I have decided," he said eventually "to retire from my post of Syoaran's guardian and butler." as everyone took this in Syaoran stammered
"But.. But why?"
"My dear young Master, you have all but grown out of the need for my tuition. My service to your mother is ended; even she agree's so with my report."
Syoaran stiffened to attention on automatic, he was very careful about his mother and his need to do her proud was still strong in him even now. "So what does that mean?" he asked Tenby.
"It means, my young Master, that your mother now sees it is an appropriate time for you to become a man. She says you must move out. My house is going to become yours now, and I am going to retire."
He turned to face Eriol and mused for a second "Which bring me to a rather embarrasing question my good sir. Would you object terribly if the residence I accomodated for a short time might be yours?" he asked in a rather humble voice.

Eriol beamed "I'd be delighted!" he laughed in his rather cultivated way. "But why my house, if you don't mind my asking?"
Tenby smiled "England is my home; I've been entertaining the thought of a visit to its shores after so long being away."
Eriol smiled craftily at him "It is not mere coinsidence that 'Clow' returns home just as 'Merlin' does, is it?"
Tenby harumphed and replied in his most pompous tone of voice "There are such things as coincidences my good sir!"
Everyone laughed; they all knew from experience that there was no such thing as coincidence.


So the next day it was all set up. Tenby began packing with Syoarans help and Eriol went with Tomoyo to see to the administration details about his house. Sakura sat alone in her garden, Touya fast asleep upstairs and her father away on business once more. Yukito had returned home as well, promising to be back once he'd gotten some more sleep and some food.
She sipped at some juice and Kero did the same next to her, he looked up and grinned "So" he asked "Looking forward to moving out?"
She stopped and looked at him curiously "Moving out?" she echoed.
"You know, with the kid?" Kero prompted "He's bound to ask once Tenby goes, he can't keep his eyes off you!"
Sakura fidgeted as she thought about it. "Well..." she started but she stopped. She didn't have the words to decribe it...
"It's kind of a big decision for me right now. We'll see."
"But you want to?" Kero asked.
"Of course!" she said "Of course I want to! But... well, he just got back really, and we've been rushing about so much. Rushing the relationship along... It's not a crime to want to slow things down a bit is it, take some time to absorb it all before it all changes too much?" she asked.
Kero shrugged "Nah, I suppose not."
She relaxed with a sigh.
"So I guess kid's are a long way off yet..?" the guardian asked with a cheeky grin.
She went beet red and swiped at him "KERO!" she cried out in embarrasment "DON'T DO THAT TO ME!"
The guardian laughed and she fumed at him. Some things just never changed.

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