Author: Ladelle

Rating: M

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Chapter 1:

"It isn't my place to go," Sasuke said shortly, and he pulled his tunic tighter around his shoulders. The wind had begun to pick up and the clouds were beginning to grow dark, signaling a storm in wait. It was all he could do hope the squall would hold until nightfall, at least until he had reached a safer outlet to make camp.

"It was never my place to go," he said to himself again, hissing as a rogue leaf scraped his arm at the mercy of the wind. He had never imagined this fate to befall him, no matter how prominent his family seemed to be. Two days had already passed on his long trek up the ravenous Konoha City bridge of mountains, all to retrieve a scroll that somehow promised a better future for his village.

"I hate that it is my place to go," he finished hastily and he ducked into a cavernous ravine, legs shaking and arms feeling sore. No matter how far he climbed the entrance to the Uchiha Clan chambers seemed to drift further and further away. But then again, this entire mess seemed worlds away from him at the same time, since it had all come at him so soon.

Propping himself against a smooth ledge he slipped to the ground, breathing hard as he felt sweat push dirt and grime down his face. He could taste it in the corners of his mouth, along with the coppery singe of blood. He had battled several guards so far on his route, all shinobi who had dedicated their lives to ensuring that no one made it to the sacred place.

The place Sasuke was trying to get to.

He gasped as his muscles released riddled pains, pulsing under his skin as though he had never worked this hard in his life. And in all honesty—he hadn't. He had battled countless times before—and he was the prodigy of Konoha—but real battles, real battles were completely different. Especially when an entire people depended on you and your mission. And his mission…

…was to retrieve the final scroll. The only written testament in existence on how to enslave a demon—and every account on who to best perform the deed. Because by some fluke of nature the tailed beasts had begun to emerge again, from what he could only guess from sheer power alone. It was only a matter of time before the atrocities he had heard rumors about reached his peaceful village, and in his leader's desperation he had been chosen for the task.

Sasuke coughed. He wasn't sure how much farther he could make it.

One more attack and he wasn't sure if he'd be able to walk, much less transport something of extreme value. He chugged down some water and glanced around, the thick smell of salty seawater invading his senses. He was nearing the great waterfall, which meant only half-a-day's journey left.

He caught his breath and pulled himself to his feet, stumbling to the side as he used the rocky ledge for support. His vision was blurry—he needed rest—but he had to find a safe place to relax. The forest was full of creatures he'd less like to fight than shinobi, and in the overhang of the giant furs, not even the moonlight would lend him any guidance.

He spotted a cave buried in the inner cliffs of the mountain and after a heavy inhalation he stumbled forward, desperate for a place to rest. Each footstep felt too long and he couldn't seem to breathe fast enough, even after concentrating all of his efforts. When he finally reached the blackened crevasse, he quickly scanned the area to make sure he was alone and that nothing treacherous had followed him.

"I shouldn't have been chosen for this," he said to himself as he waded into the darkness. He wanted to fall to his knees and rest, but the paranoid side of him urged him to go further into the darkness—further from anything that could have followed him up the mountain. And aside form that, surprisingly, a small light burned blue from ahead.

"What on earth…" he followed it, his curiosity beginning to overwhelm the more exhausted part of himself, and his eyes widened as he got closer to the source. It was a hole dug from the roof of the cavern, shining down onto a stone alter. A beatifically decorated stone altar at that—displaying the one thing that could make him finally stumble to the ground in relief.

The scroll.

He dropped his bags and rolled onto his back, letting out a satisfied groan. He thanked whatever gods had guided him to the small inlet, grateful that he could return home successful, and potentially even a hero. His older brother would be proud of him, and the village leader would award him…and hopefully the tailed beasts would be stopped before any real damage was done.

After what seemed like an hour of rest and relaxation, Sasuke pulled himself up from the ground and wandered to the altar, admiring the carvings etched into the sides. They weren't familiar to him at all, which he thought was strange considering it was his village's shrine that held the fabled scroll. The parchment itself looked ages old, and was pinned down with red ribbon in the shape of a swirling circle.

He stared at it for a moment and stepped forward, slowly pulling the ribbon away and pushing it to the side. When his fingers enveloped the scroll he felt something bolt through him—a power or an energy, and he jumped out of pure surprise when the altar lit up, enveloping the entire cave in light. He whipped around as his surrounding finally became clear, taking in the formations he couldn't make out before.

The rocky walls were carved into intricate shapes—foxes running, climbing, surrounding each other to create a gigantic statue of an enormous nine-tailed beast. The sculpture was frightening and its mouth hung open, supporting a giant orb of amber behind snarling teeth.

When Sasuke caught his breath he shook his head, embarrassed for being so surprised. He walked up closer to the orb, admiring the perfectly maintained carvings that surrounded it, wondering why they existed in a shrine to guard against demons.

As he examined the oversized amulet he took in its depth, sighting a shadow inside. His first thought was that it was a fox, but the longer he stared the more human it seemed. He knew he should have reached out—he felt his insides urging him to take the scroll and leave. The amber was so smooth though, and everything about the cavern was breathtaking and eerie, so much that when his hand reached out to touch the glowing stone, the cool feel caught him off guard.

That and the fact it seemed to crack under his touch.

He yanked his hand away and watched in awe as the stone shattered, a figure almost exploding from within, looking almost asleep. Sasuke raised an eyebrow, a bad feeling overcoming him, before the figures eyes snapped open and he jerked forward, as if he was finishing a sentence he had started a long time ago.

"—you JERK!"

Sasuke stumbled backwards, completely in awe. The amber had melted in front of him, revealing a boy his age, golden hair—hair not of his region—and he was waving an arm dramatically at…well, no one.

"You—" the boy glanced around, almost confused, before turning his attention down to Sasuke and squinting his eyes.

"What the hell happened to you?" he asked casually, and Sasuke narrowed his eyes, clutching the kunai in his belt. He frowned.

"I don't know wh—"

"I turn my eyes for one frickin' second and you're trying to seal my ass into a cave—and now look at you—one blink and you look like death," the figure knelt down, narrowing his eyes further. "Saaaaay…you look really different."

Sasuke snorted. "I don't know you."

The figure cocked his head to the side and stood up straight, placing his arms on his hips. His eyes widened after a minute and he shook his head.

"I can't believe it," he said quickly, and Sasuke didn't really want to know. He really just wanted to sneak away from the crazy cave boy and find his family's secret scroll. He had done something he wasn't supposed to, and now there was a boy—who was originally stuck in a ball of amber—wandering around like a crazy person.

Sasuke's first thought was that he was dreaming.

As much as demons and spells existed in his village, they were considered normal. What had just happened in front of him however, was not. He narrowed his eyes as the boy continued to stalk around, looking irate.

"I really can't believe it," he repeated again as if it were a mantra. He glanced down at Sasuke and licked his lips. "That bastard sealed me!"

Sasuke sat and watched the blond shuffle around the cave, looking like a tea kettle about to burst. When he abruptly turned and caught Sasuke's eyes, the Uchiha narrowed his own, still on guard.

"You…you aren't Madara, are you?"

Sasuke shook his head slowly and swallowed. If it weren't for the surprisingly desperate look in the blond's eyes he wouldn't have cared—hell, he didn't care—but it made him more curious then he was comfortable with.

"Uchiha Sasuke," he said, wondering who this Madara character was. The blond plopped down beside him and crossed his arms over his chest, almost pouting.

"He sealed me. Sealed me. We had a promise, that prick and I—"

Sasuke cleared his throat which drew the other boy's attention. When he glanced up, Sasuke was assaulted by ridiculously blue eyes that were anything but threatening.

"Who are you?" Sasuke asked, trying to stay on his toes. His exhaustion had faded along with the replacement of adrenaline and caution, but now, with the threat being nothing more than a boy in a cave, he felt more at ease—sort of.

He tried not to think about the fact the boy had been in a piece of amber, or that he kept repeating the world 'seal'. It would only complicate things—things he didn't want to complicate.

"Uzumaki Naruto," the blond introduced himself, and he looked pained as his breathing got shallow. "Shit."

Sasuke watched as the boy went still suddenly, his eyes rolling backwards as he tipped forward, obviously losing consciousness. Sasuke unconsciously caught him and sat him upright as he chuckled.

"Twice," he said as he rested against Sasuke's arm, his voice little more than a breath. "That bastard sealed me twice," and Sasuke watched as the blond struggled to push himself up and yanked up the white tunic that covered his belly. Sprawled across it was a swirling circle—much like the red ribbon Sasuke had removed earlier, surrounded by ancient markings that Sasuke did recognize—and they were powerful.

So powerful that he wondered why a human would bear them—and above that, how one bearing them could still be alive and breathing. He yanked his arm back from behind the boy and stumbled backwards, pulling a kunai up from where his baggage was loitered. He turned and pointed it towards the blond who was breathing evenly now, all while giving him a terse glare.

"What, are you going to stab me?" he almost joked, and struggled to his feet, overpowering whatever exhaustion he had felt minutes before.

"You're not normal," Sasuke said, and it was the only conclusion he could come to. He clutched the scroll in his hand and felt his battle spirit ignite, making his mind become more serious and focused with the person in front of him.

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto," the figure said again, and Sasuke snorted, wondering if that was this person's idea of a joke.

"You shouldn't play games with an experienced shinobi," he warned, and was again assaulted with blinding blue eyes. The person named Naruto stepped forward, edging closer and closer to Sasuke until the sharp tip of the kunai blade was resting against the white fabric of his shirt. They never lost eye contact, and the blond smirked.

"Again, are you going to stab me?" Naruto asked, and Sasuke narrowed his eyes before plunging the weapon forward, feeling the familiar feeling of metal sinking into flesh. He wasn't one to be intimidated by anyone, especially this—thing in front of him.

Naruto coughed and stepped backwards, holding the handle and looking half pained—and half amused.

Sasuke watched in fascination as the blond yanked the weapon out and threw it on the ground—an injury that should have killed him ignored like a mosquito bite.

"I hate to break it to you," the blond said, "but there's no way in hell you could defeat me."

And suddenly everything seemed to hit Sasuke. Of course this person couldn't be killed that easily—the blond had been caged in some sort of spiritual amber, had an ancient seal encrypted on his stomach and had also been sealed under a swirling piece of binding ribbon as well. Glancing down to the scroll, Sasuke decided to make an assumption.

"Maybe," he ventured, "but this scroll is a sealing scroll. I'll seal you again, whatever the hell you are."

There was a moment where Naruto looked a little angry and a split second later he was grabbing his sides, laughing hysterically.

"A sealing scroll?" the blond asked, and he chuckled even more. "That's a binding scroll, what you got there," he explained. "Not that I'm too happy about it, but hey, you break it you buy it."

Sasuke fumed. What the hell was this thing talking about? "What the—"

"I'm indebted to you," Naruto interrupted, and continued. "You freed me by touching that scroll, and now I'm yours."

Sasuke glared in disbelief, and while he understood the words the other boy had said, they made no sense to him. "I don't want you," he replied.

Naruto shrugged and leaned back against the altar, looking passive. "I don't want you either, but rules are rules. I'm responsible for you for now, at least until the debt has been repayed. The only way to get rid of me is to seal me. Again." Naruto looked irritated and examined his fingernails with interest.

Sasuke growled. "Tell me where the scroll of tailed beasts is."

Naruto's eyes jerked up, looking dangerous. "What scroll of tailed beasts?"

"The one that tells you how to seal them." he countered, and the blond frowned.

"How should I know," he remarked. "And even if I did, why on earth would I tell you?"

Sasuke decided to ignore the sudden hostility and leaned down to pick up his belongings, prepared to trek back down to the village. For some reason he just knew that the scroll his elder had sent him for didn't exist anymore. When a strong hand gripped his forearm he whipped his vision around, glaring at the culprit.

"Where are you going?" Naruto asked, and Sasuke shook his hand off, heading for the exit.

"To my village—away from you." He responded, and he shuffled towards the door. From behind him, Naruto followed, much to his anger.

"There's no reason for you to follow me." Sasuke said as he stalked out, and Naruto snorted as the bright light of the moon lit the mountain scene outside.

"I already told you, I'm indebted to you," he tried to re-explain, "but don't go thinking I'm going to go help you seal anything," he added.

Sasuke turned around and glared again, annoyed. As the cool night breeze assaulted his face he suddenly felt hot, and the weary strain from his journey hit him like a horse-drawn wagon. He let out a deep breath and tipped forward, exhaustion overtaking his senses.

He felt a strong arm around his waist and wanted to argue with being hoisted over the boy's shoulder, but couldn't muster the energy.

"See, what would you do without me," Naruto said, and it was the last thing Sasuke heard before he fell into darkness.

a/n: A fantasy adventure! Who would have thought?