"Something Stupid" by LizieVamp

"Something Stupid" by LizieVamp

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As she rampaged down the corridor, looking for a door with pitted claw marks raking it's length, her mind grew heavy with the weight of her anger and abruptly she froze in front of the door she had sought. Suddenly, all her rage, her anger and frustrations bled out of her in a rush, leaving her slightly in shock, cold, and shaking. She reached out a trembling finger to trace one of the claw marks in the door. The roughness felt too real, too three-dimensional against her frozen hand and gently, with a sigh, she pushed it open, remembering in a flash, the last and indeed only two times she had been there.

It had been warm then, the second time, warmed with the magic of the three men she had faced with trepidation. Severus Snape. Sirius Black. Remus Lupin. Now all were dead. The first time they had all also been there, though she had not trusted them, and instead of fear she had felt anger, anticipation, an adrenaline rush and a fierce courageousness that had surprised even her. Neither time was a particularly happy memory, but because of the presence of those three men, and the two boys who infuriated her more than the two behind her now, she cherished them.

Severus Snape had taught her sorcery, potion making and a love for the finer arts. Sirius Black had taught her to laugh at herself where no one else had ever succeeded before, and Remus Lupin had given her words weight, he'd valued her, even loved her as one of the only people ever to understand her. Three wise men, and here she was again, grasping for some send of the quiet dignity with which they'd led their lives. Cautiously she entered the room. Her eyes were drawn first to the bloodstains upon the bed, torn and ragged as it was.

Secondly she perused the walls of the small room. She turned, ever so slightly, her hand reaching out to the space where Sirius had hidden from her and Harry the first time they met. It was empty, though even now she could see the faint markings in the dust where he had stood. This was the Shrieking Shack after all. No one came in here, no one knew how to get in here, and no one wanted to come in here, except her. And now that she was here, turning once more to face the two silent observers of her movements, it all seemed a dream.

Leaning against the doorframe Blaise gazed at her impassively while Draco hung his arms against the top frame, his body lazily easing his full weight upon its strength. She lowered her eyes, not wanting to answer questions or face the silent questions in their eyes. She backed up until the backs of her legs hit the bed frame and silently, she sunk down on her, one hand wrapped around her wand, the other clutching the stained sheets in a tight grasp. "It was just so stupid." She whispered. "So undeniably and incomprehensibly stupid. But I couldn't stop it." Her eye shed a silent tear as the realisation of why her feet had led her here floored her.

She risked a glance upward at still impassive faces. Blaise and Draco had been with the Resistance she knew, but they hadn't known what she was about to reveal, no one had. "The four of us were here you see." She gestured wildly around the room. "It was the second time round for us. Harry and Ron were in Detention so I was the only one free to meet them here. Severus, Sirius, Remus. One quick meeting to calm Sirius' raging confinement and Severus and Remus's concerns about the workload we'd been forcing upon ourselves. I was too thin you see, Remus was concerned, Severus was furious with the boys." Sadly she glanced down at the blood stained sheet she clutched. She eased a hand over it. "Ron was never much good at schoolwork and Harry so deserved some time to breath, so I… I guess I took too much upon myself."

"I remember." Came unexpectedly in Blaise's voice. "Everyone seemed to notice, even that Weasley girl, everyone but those idiots you call friends." "Even me." Came from Draco's direction as he settled himself on the floor several paces into the room. Hermione laughed bitterly. "I guess that's why they pissed me off so much today." She grimaced. "I just worked and worked and worked… I didn't eat properly, or sleep, I found charms to help me go without. But Severus didn't approve, I thought I was being so clever, thought that Ron would still love me, that Harry would still give me that lopsided grin of his and hug me. And then, right before I left for the meeting and they for detention Ron looks at me once, says, 'You look a little pale Herms.' And that was all."

She remained silent after that for a long moment. Draco and Blaise exchanged long glances, nervously unsure of what to do next. Tentatively, Draco edged forward on the floor, reaching out cautiously to take hold of Hermione's petite hands. "What did they say when you got here to make you come here now?" he asked tentatively. Hermione grimaced, her nose crinkling in a way that was oddly endearing even at a time like this. "I was trying not to cry." She admitted with a sigh. "But somehow they just knew, I was probably broadcasting loud enough to wake the dead and I'm sure Snape didn't mean to overhear but he did. And they just stopped. Didn't comment, didn't voice their concerns, though I later learned they'd been planning to."

She heaved a sigh. "Severus poured me a cup of tea. Remus tugged me over to sit beside him, wrapping an arm around my shoulders and just holding me tight. Sirius crouched at my feet patting my knee and humming some godforsaken tuneless song." She paused to glance down at her and Draco entwined hands. "And it felt right, like I belonged and like I wasn't about to collapse from exhaustion and strain." She fell silent again, and the pause seemed to stretch long even as she restlessly fiddled with Draco's thumb. "They were good men." Came unexpectedly from Blaise in the doorway. Hermione smiled slightly, "They were good friends." She offered in return.

Disengaging her hands from Draco's she pulled up her sleeve to rub at the little seen tattoo in the crest of her wrist. He caught her wrist to pull it into view. "What does it say?" he asked as Blaise moved in to take a look with curiosity. "Remember. Just 'remember'." Hermione's eyes darted around the room before being pulled back to the two sets of eyes gazing at her. Another pregnant pause threatened. "Why would you want me?" she asked, so quietly they scarcely could hear the words. "Why would anyone want me?" her hand folded onto her lap delicately as Draco lowered it in order to place his own on top. "Because you're fiery and passionate and so beautiful you make me ache." He said intensely from the heart. "You're intelligent and opinionated and strong and courageous." Continued Blaise who settled down beside her to wrap an arm around her waist, a solid warm mass she found she wanted to keep there. "You're absolutely impossible and you have a hell of a right hook." Grinned Draco with reckless abandon causing Hermione to chuckle.

"And you're kind, and more sensitive than those louts you call friends could ever understand." Finished Blaise. "Oh." Hermione breathed, having to grin at that last, her lips parting slightly in surprise. Her other hand itched to take hold of Blaise's own but she wasn't sure how to do it, given her earlier anger. Slowly, her eyes slightly downcast, but with a tiny nervous smile hovering around her mouth she raised it to place it on his upper thigh. When he didn't immediately claim it she blushingly tried to remove it just as his hand stilled upon her fingertips. "We both want you." He assured her quietly as he drew in her hand cautiously as though she might bolt. "We both want you a lot!" came the assertive statement from Draco as he drew himself up to his full height.

He dropped her hand, reaching in to pick her up and drop her onto his waiting lap as he slid underneath her, much to her confusion and surprise as her hand came up to clutch at his neck and then, suddenly… there they were again, face to face. She gulped as she searched his laughing silver eyes for some last hint of the mockery that had made them adversaries for so many years. His eyes searched back, his breath ghosting across her lips as he drew in closer, closer... and suddenly to swoop in and capture her lips in one breathless kiss! Her eyes slid shut and her hand clutched the nape of his neck as his own hand crept to the small of her back. She gasped as he nipped at her lips, a tingly sensation ghosting deliciously through her body even as Blaise joined in, nuzzling her neck ferociously in his eagerness to taste her soft skin. She burrowed close to Draco's heat, his arms encircling her waist and back with ease, lost in this little pocket of time.

Gradually Draco and Blaise both pulled back, Draco so that he could move down Hermione neck to kiss Blaise ferociously, and Blaise as he made his way up from her neck, even as Draco stared nibbling her collarbone, to claim her lips himself. Hermione seemed to tremble all over as her hands almost floundered, looking for an anchor once Draco was lost, his presence still felt through the hands massaging her lower back with slow, almost murderous intent. Blaise's tongue reached out to beg entry to her mouth and she felt no other choice but to comply, lost in the raging passion they were building in her. She felt Blaise's hands creeping under her shirt and gasped, leaving him more room to ravage her mouth even as she felt Draco's chuckles reverberate through her skin.

She pulled back from Blaise's mouth when the urge for air became too great, her head thrown back and her eyes heavy lidded as his hand slowly explored her stomach, drifting across the inch of skin revealed to his wandering fingertips. Slowly the boys stopped their activities to meet Hermione's heavy-lidded gaze. She felt almost drowsy, dizzy in a way that she'd never experienced before and to her surprise Draco and Blaise broke out laughing, to her mortification, she realised she spoken aloud and stammered and blushed at her private thought made common knowledge. "It's alright Mione." Draco assured her with a wink and a not unkind grin. "I'm feeling it too, I think you muggleborns call it vertigo!" And with that both boys laughed again, with Blaise reaching out to cup her flaming cheeks and kiss her sweetly.

Still blushing she pulled away from Blaise a second to nip at his chin before turning her face to Draco, Blaise's palm still comforting against her cheek. "Mione?" she questioned quietly, a slow grin across her face. Draco's face unexpectedly flamed, much to her delight and she giggled once as he searched for an answer. "I… I heard the Finnegan boy call you it once and I liked it I guess…" he raised his face to hers "So I called you it, every day in my mind from then on." He ducked his head into her collarbone, blowing cool air onto her throat making her laugh. She ducked her head to one side to peer at Blaise's face, her tongue nervously licking her lips as she seized her chance and leaned in to pepper his lips with soft kisses. "And what will you call me?" she asked when they were forehead to forehead, nose to nose.

"Hmmm…" he furrowed his brow to consider her question, scrunching his nose slightly to one side in concentration. "I might just have to call you…. Mia… would you like that?" he asked seriously, his cobalt eyes opening to gaze into her own. Taking a moment to arch in pleasure at a nip from Draco, Hermione smiled at him. "Yes, I think I'd like that very much." And then they didn't need words for a while.

To Be Continued………..

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