AN: Short fic once again refering to Ten/Rose in season four. Don't blame me the episodes made me write them. They did. They did... crazy part over So if you like ti then review.

He looks up from his Tardis and for a moment he sees a flash of blonde. He's only imagining it. He has to be.

He walks outside, his footsteps echoing on the grating change to footsteps thumping the hard ground.

As he picks up the last of Donna's bags, he wonders what could be taking her so long. It's at that point he sees the flash of blonde again only this time is walking away from him, turning a corner.

The next thing he knows, the sound of Donna's bag drops in a puddle creating a small splash fills his ears and his feet are rushing forward towards the woman now turning the corner.

It won't be her. It can't be her. It never will be her but he doesn't care in that moment. His hope is too strong. It has to be her.

Turning a corner all he hears is the police sirens. No flash of blonde in his vision and his hearts sinks a little, his hope diminishing that little bit more with every footstep he takes on his way back to the Tardis.

He picks up Donna's soaked bag and sighs.

It can never be her. Rose is gone but he can't help but wonder when he'll stop chasing flashes of blonde. He hopes he never stops because that means his hope that she'll return to him will have well and truly died.

So he'll chase those flashes of blonde until he finds her. Maybe one day he will…he can only hope.

The End