A.N - Ok, just a quick little two-parter to while away the time I should spend revising. :)

This idea came to me, quite literally, in a dream. Except I was Adam's P.I partner and we wore sundresses as our disguise. It was a fun dream mind.

I Spy, With My Little Eye, Something Beginning With Cee (Cee)


"McTavish!" His name was barked at him and Adam stood with a sigh. "I have a job for you."

Life in the P.I business wasn't as fun as they made it seem in the movies – there was a lot more paperwork involved, for one. The folder containing the case spilled across his desk but as Adam looked up to object, his boss had already conveniently disappeared.

The case was one he'd seen a million times. A woman by the name of Susannah Simon – who he think he went to school with – had called in a suspicion that her boyfriend was cheating on her.

"Figures," Adam muttered to himself. "A girl as pretty as her already has a boyfriend - though, apparently an unfaithful one."

Staring at the picture of her, Adam remembered her being one of the girls at school that you dreamt of talking to, but never could for fear of her big, jock boyfriend – a guy of the name of Paul Slater, back then – beating you up. Continuing with the file, it appeared she'd gotten a new boyfriend – one Jesse de Silva – and they'd been together five months.

The fact that she'd called in a Private Investigator, after such a short relationship, either proved how clingy Suze was, or showed how much she loved him. And judging by the memory of Suze barely speaking to her scary high school boyfriend, he'd have to go with the latter.

"Adam!" His boss shouted at him once again. "What are you still doing here? I don't pay you to sit around!"

"Yes, sir." he responded, almost unconsciously, as he stood up and shrugged his coat on. "I'm going now."

A nod was his response.

"And be sure to come back with results."

Another common misperception of this job was that it'd be exciting – never again will Adam pick a job based on his all-time favourite movies – when, in actuality, a lot of the time, you just sat in cars, slurping on take-out whilst taking the occasional peek in a pair of binoculars.

This, sadly, was how Adam was spending his Friday night. The radio DJ announced that the time had rolled over to six o'clock as Adam sat idly, tapping his hands against the steering wheel of his 'baby', as he waited for this Jesse de Silva guy to leave the hospital he worked at.

It was another half an hour before someone resembling the photo he'd been given appeared, glancing at his watch anxiously.

Adam jerked into action, his carton of spicy noodles falling onto the floor and spilling messily out of the pot. He cursed as he picked up his hearing equipment – the one actual quirk of the job had to be the gadgets – to eavesdrop on the conversation Jesse was already engaged in on his cell phone.

"…I'm so sorry, querida," Jesse was saying in his – it had to be said – attractive Spanish accent. "I just can't get out of work; I'm going to have to come around later."

There was a pause as Jesse listened to what was being said on the other line.

"Of course, I love you too." His smile looked genuine. "Goodbye, querida."

Raising an eyebrow, Adam continued to watch the scene suspiciously. It was clear by Jesse's civilian clothes that he was quite clearly done with work for the day, which meant that he'd lied to Suze Simon. No one lied to Suze Simon! It just wasn't done.

"Hello?" So absorbed in his thoughts, Adam had failed to notice the sound of Jesse's ringing telephone. "Yeah, it's me. Same place?"

Adam's eyebrows raised in shock as Jesse nodded and rung off before walking towards a car and clicking it open. The next minute, the car had started and he'd driven away.

And Adam had no choice but to follow. The gears groaned in protest as he shifted them, pulled up the handbrake and revved his embarrassingly loud engine.

And we're off.

A café? Adam fought the urge to roll his eyes. This guy is cheating on Suze Simon and he takes The Other Woman to a café?

How incredibly clichéd.

The only problem now was that he couldn't hear anything. He had to get in closer. Which only brought up the problem of possibly being recognised.

Adam sighed as he slammed the door to his beloved car shut. In the name of the job …

The café itself was warm and filled with so many people that the thought of being recognised in a crowd was laughable.

But there was one girl who stood out. Her skin was an almost ethereal glowing pale, and her hair was so fair it was white. Her eyes, he noticed as she glanced quickly around the room, obviously looking for someone, were a breathtaking, shocking violet. She was so shockingly different than the other tanned bodies that decorated the floor that she caught Adam's attention immediately.

All thoughts of the job instantly vanished as his mind was centred on this girl instead. He fought through the crowd to follow her destination with my eyes but thanked whatever higher power was watching when she passed by Jesse de Silva's table and brought his attention back on what he was being paid to do.

So, imagine his surprise when this – as of yet – unnamed woman greeted the man, who stood up to wrap his arms around her and kiss her affectionately on the cheek. Smiling, the girl sat down and he finally caught a glance at her face. My breath hitched in my throat.

CeeCee Webb.

Last Adam had heard, she and Susannah Simon were still best friends.

He found himself quickly losing respect for the girl that he had once admired for her strong, opinionated views. Never would he have thought that she could betray her best friend like this.

Sighing, Adam raised his camera and snapped the photos that he needed discreetly.

I spy, he thought childishly, with my little eye, something beginning with C.