A.N - Ok, last part. It was only short - supposed to be a oneshot but I got bored of writing it. :)

Candour means like Honesty by the way. I needed something beginning with C. xD

I Spy, With My Little Eye, Something Beginning With Cee (Cee)


Adam set the incriminating photographs on the table in front of him with a heavy heart; wincing as the girl sitting opposite him instantly snatched them up again.

"For what it's worth," he spoke sadly. "I'm sorry."

Suze stared in disbelief at the photos in her hand. There was her boyfriend, laughing, joking, hugging, even kissing – albeit on the cheek – her best friend. It was a harsh reality, when you realised that you didn't know the two most important people in your life as well as you thought you did.

"It's ok." She put on a brave smile. "It's good that I found out, right?" She laughed wryly. "Better sooner than later."

Adam's smile was false – and its attempt to cheer up his client was sorely lacking in enthusiasm.

"Thank you, Adam." She stood up and picked up her bag, slipping the photos in it as she reached up to hug Adam, who relished in the feel of her briefly before squeezing tight and letting her go. "I appreciate this."

"If you want," he suggested shyly. "We can go grab a bite to eat."

Suze's smile was instantaneous and genuine.

"Sure," she nodded. "It sounds great. But first, I have a boyfriend to castrate."

Gulping at the imagery, Adam nodded, a lump in his throat, and waved as Suze walked out of his office.

That Jesse de Silva sure was an idiot to willingly pass up on that. But, maybe, for the pale, golden beauty that was CeeCee Webb, he would be too.

Adam sat forlornly, nursing a steaming cup of coffee in the café that had ruined Suze Simon's relationship. The doorbell that chimed above the door went unnoticed as he stared down at the smooth brown liquid in front of him.

"Care to tell me," the voice caught him unaware, causing his coffee-wielding hand to jerk and the contents to spill over the table. The woman who'd slid into the booth opposite him and rolled her violet eyes, picking up napkins and dabbing at the mess. "Why you took pictures of Jesse and I the other night?"

His mouth fell open in silence, staring at the outspoken woman that CeeCee had become, as opposed to the opinionated girl that she had always been.

"And then," she continued conversationally, "showed them to my best friend?"

The words choked in his throat. "How did you know?"

"It's quite hard to ignore the clicking of the camera shutter when it's aimed in your direction."

Shaking his head, Adam dropped his gaze to the table, stained with the coffee he'd spilt.

"No," his voice was soft and almost reverent. "I mean how did you know I showed them to Suze?"

"An angry phone call from the girl in question demanding explanations ready for after she's finished verbally abusing her boyfriend." She paused. "Or rather, soon-to-be ex-boyfriend."

Adam's gaze moved accusatorily up to CeeCee's shockingly coloured eyes. "I can't believe," he whispered harshly. "That you would do something like that to Suze! And then act so calm about it."

Her returning gaze almost had him backing down.

"It's only because I know that nothing happened between us." She admitted. "Jesse… he wanted help with something. I don't like him as more than a friend. How can I when there's someone that I like more?"

"Yeah?" He asked quietly, contemplating his next question and wondering if it was really his business to know. "And who would that be?"

A frustrated sigh rolled off of her lips.

"You, you doofus!" She exclaimed. "I've been in love with you since tenth grade!"


The words died on his lips as he found them covered with CeeCee's own as she kissed him passionately and possessively. It didn't take long before Adam had wrapped his arms around her neck and buried his fingers in her soft blinding hair, returning the kiss just as meaningfully.

Two couples sat in the busy club, giggling noisily as three of the four happily slurped down their alcoholic beverages.

"Happy twenty-first Suze!" Adam shouted, already close with the girl. "Finally legal enough to drink with the rest of us now. How does it feel?"

She leaned back her head, smacking her lips against her boyfriend's happily. "It feels good."

CeeCee sat to the left of Adam, her – official and everything – boyfriend, silently congratulating herself on a job well done. "And what do you think of your present?" She raised her eyebrow knowingly.

Suze's eyes widened and she jumped on her boyfriend's lap excitedly, wrapping her arms around him to keep her from falling. "It's beautiful." Her hand came to touch the sparkling diamond necklace that sat decoratively in the hollow of her neck. "I love it." She giggled, kissing her boyfriend again. "And you."

"I love you too, querida," he placated her with a quick peck to her nose, finding her inebriated adventures highly amusing, considering he was the designated driver that evening and was completely sober. "Although, I do wish you hadn't wasted money on a Private Investigator." The words were spoken with disgust. "That was hardly necessary."

"How was I supposed to know you were conspiring with my best friend to get the most perfect birthday present ever?" She wrinkled her nose adorably. "I'm not psychic."

"Besides," CeeCee interjected. "If she hadn't, then chances are Adam and I would never have gotten together."

"And that," Adam replied happily, pulling his girlfriend closer to him as he leaned down to kiss her. "Would be a darn shame."

They spent the night kissing, Adam and CeeCee – seeing as they were still in that new relationship lovey-dovey phase, it didn't get old.

It was two hours – and several shots later – that a drunken Adam slurred his words out.

"Hey guys!" He shouted. "Wanna play a game?"

Jesse rolled his eyes at the two equally as drunken hyper girls as he leaned back in his seat, regarding the scene in amusement whilst glancing at his watch and noticing that they should probably go soon.

"Ok." Adam took a deep breath and closed one eye, pointing to the open one with barely contained self-congratulation. "I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with –"

His sentence was cut short by the high-pitched scream of his girlfriend and his girlfriend's best friend.