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Chapter 1: Rejection

Rinoa look out over to Timber, Garden had been parked outside it for sometime now, it had almost gained its independence. Almost. Rinoa still felt strongly about it, but she felt helpless. It was midnight now, as she looks out of the open window, breathing in the cold air. The moon wasn't full tonight, not sharing its godly magic with Rinoa this time, as it had done so often over the two years after the war with Ultimecia.

She was nineteen now, as was Squall, Zell, Selphie and Irvine, out of the six close friends, only Quistis was twenty. Two years. It was unbelievable; it had seemed like only yesterday when she and Squall had met. Rinoa closed her eyes; letting the cool breeze take over her body, take over her emotions. The love she felt was still fresh in her mind for Squall. He lay asleep in bed right now, looking so cute.

Tonight though, Rinoa hadn't been able to sleep, something had kept her awake. Maybe it was Timber or maybe it was something else, Rinoa didn't know. What she did know tonight though, was that she loved Squall more then ever. Looking back at him now, she could see why, it was the way he looked, the way he acted. She wanted him now, more then anything before. She had always wanted him, she had always loved him, but tonight it was something stronger. It was a small change, but it seemed so big. When she saw him, she knew that he was the one who she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Rinoa couldn't wake him tonight though, not while he looked so peaceful. Not while he slept, in only his underwear, letting Rinoa look at bare skin, making her skin prickle with anticipation.

The feeling put a smile upon her lips, how she craved another night like last weeks, yet nights like those had dwindled to just once and that hadn't been filled with the same fiery passion. Rinoa knew why Squall hadn't been so ready; he had far too much on his mind. Today he was to be sent off to Dollet, Rinoa felt her heart sink as she remembered this, that this would be her last night with him for a week, or maybe more. Squall hadn't been willing when she had crawled into bed this night, almost begging for the feeling she craved, that he also. Dollet was a big problem, Squall was meant to lead a group of brave young SeeDs on some mission.

At times like this, Rinoa hated that Squall was a SeeD, it always meant days of loneliness for Rinoa and now that Dollet was at war with itself, it meant Squall was needed to be out there, this time for much longer. He had been lucky, most of his other SeeD jobs had only required three days to a week at maximum, away from Garden, away from Rinoa. But this time, it could be a month, a month at least.

Rinoa found that she had started to cry. Silly person, why are you crying! It's not as if he's leaving for good! Rinoa scolded herself. She wiped away a few stray tears and look back out side, over the now sleeping town of Timber. I'll miss him though; I'll miss him so much. Squall... Rinoa turned back to look at Squall, still sleeping soundly, like a baby.

The cool air turned into a cold wind, Squall stirred and tried to pull some blankets over himself but couldn't reach them. Rinoa laughed as she closed the window, watching Squall settle down again into a deep sleep. She walked over to him, her bare feet padding across the carpeted floor. Rinoa dropped her silky dressing gown on the floor and climbed back in bed and tried to cuddle up into Squall. Squall awoke as Rinoa nestled into him Squall looked down at Rinoa and gently stroked her hair with his hand. It was soft and silky under his touch.

Rinoa opened her eyes and look a little guilty. "Squall...I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you," she apologized. Squall gave a slight smile, only slight. "You didn't wake me really," he replied, continuing to stoke her hair. Rinoa wrapped her arm around him and they cuddled up. Squall liked this closeness, something he had never really experienced as a kid, not since Ellone had left him, but he didn't feel the same about Ellone as he did with Rinoa. She rested her head on his chest; Squall buried his face in her hair, kissing her gently. They stayed like this for ages, awake and silent, both fearing that the moment they fell asleep, the quicker they would wake and be parted. So neither of them mentioned the coming sunrise, knowing what it meant to both of them.

Soon though, despite their efforts to prolong their time left with each other, they fell asleep, Rinoa with her head laid at rest upon Squall's chest and Squall's head nestled in her hair, cuddled up close together. The rest of the night for both of them was dream free. They slept in absolute peace, the only thing that scared them in their sleep, was waking up. Squall was first to wake; he looked at Rinoa's still sleeping form, her hand curled around his body, setting bare skin on fire. Squall looked at the clock; he still had two hours until his departure. Two more hours to be with the angel that lay asleep upon his chest. Squall blew into her face; it was agony to wake her, for he could have watched her sleep like that for ages. Yet that would be no way to say good-bye, not properly.

Rinoa's eyes fluttered open; she scrunched them shut again when she saw it was morning, not wanting to wake up, not wanting Squall to leave her. The young man stroked some hair from Rinoa's face and bowed his head down and laid a soft and inviting kiss upon her lips, which were red, the colour of a rose bud, plucked from its stem, holding the early morning's dew. Rinoa responded, letting her passion free, one showing she didn't want him to go; that she couldn't bare him to go. "Squall....." she whispered before they indulged themselves in another bout of kissing, one that let loose every fire in their body. Squall had always been shy about kissing Rinoa, in the beginning. Now that shyness evaporated and he had become bolder with her, not only responding to Rinoa, but equalizing her passion for him. It had been months though really that he made the moves.

It had always been Rinoa who kissed him first, who made the first advances in bed. Six months ago though, Squall lost all his shy reserve and made his own advances, fulfilling his desires more then before. Yet he still was partly his old self. Shy, his appearance to strangers remained rather cold. Despite his seeming inability still with teamwork skills, he was an excellent leader, the one reason why he was selected to go on the Dollet mission in the first place. "Rinoa....I...." Squall managed to say between kisses. Squall pushed Rinoa beneath him; she was beautiful. He breathed hard as he looked down upon her.

How can I leave her.....I've never felt so strongly about anyone like this before....I love her...how can I leave her behind, this mission may kill me....I may never return and see her...I may never experience another time like this one. .again…

Squall kissed her, leaving a trail of kisses as he worked his way downwards. After what seemed like minutes of pure and perfect pleasure, a pleasure that could only be fulfilled with the person you love, Squall collapsed like jelly upon Rinoa, her cheeks flushed with colour. He panted, he wanted more. He rolled over though, lying beside Rinoa, each time, it only seemed to get better.

"Rinoa......" Squall said, turning his head to face her on the pillow. Rinoa looked into his eyes, he melted. Rinoa's love beamed brightly in her face in her eyes, their love reflected off each other as they stared. For another few minutes they fed off each other's love, what they had, seemed to be growing stronger, visibly stronger. "I....I love you," Squall said.

It wasn't the first time he had told her this, but today...it meant more, today, when he said it he felt a strange but wonderful feeling. Rinoa reached out and touched Squalls cheek, stroking it gently. "I can't describe...the way I feel for you, the love that I feel for you is beyond words...." her lips trembled; Squall took her hand and held it to her lips.

"I feel it with the whole of my body...with my heart...with my soul. I...I will always love you Squall...I...this feeling...it's so new still... it hurts..." she whispered softly. Squall devoured her hand with kisses. "Rinoa...I never believed that the feeling I feel for you...that this feeling ever existed...I didn't know what it was at first, I was so confused I came across as could... and mean to you at first," he said, his voice quiet.

Rinoa stroked his arm affectionately, looking deeply into his eyes, loving him even the more. "I know now though," he said softly, "I know that the feeling that I felt then was love and the feeling I feel now...is love but much stronger," Squall leant over and kissed Rinoa to reassure her of this. Squall had another fifteen minutes before he had to get dressed and assemble outside, where the van was, waiting to escort himself and a few other SeeDs to Dollet. Garden remains stationary as it had been for the past seven months and so would not transport them, nor would the Ragnorak as that was going under maintenance in Esthar before they gave it back to Garden, it had been given as a present in reward for killing Ultimecia. The captain of the amazing space ship was Selphie.

"Rinoa..." Squall said. "Ummmm," she replied, not wanting to spoil the serene mood between them with any words. "May I ask you something, please?" Squall asked, looking deep into Rinoa's beautiful eyes. "Ummm., yes?" Rinoa asked peacefully, loving him more now then ever before. Squall took a breath and swallowed hard. "I love you....I'll love you to the ends of the earth, what I feel for you, it will never die. I've....I've often wondered, how are lives are going to be... together. That's how I want us to be, Rinoa, together. Rinoa, I want to spend the rest of my life with YOU, I love you... I know this is a big step...not only for me, but for the two of us, I would.....I.....would you marry me...I mean...will you?" Squall almost blurted the last bit out; he looked pleadingly into Rinoa's eyes, waiting for the reply. It will be yes...it must be...it must be... Rinoa stared at Squall a while......marriage?

Squall and me .married....God...God! This is.... Rinoa felt excitement grow within her. But.....I'm only nineteen...so? I LOVE him...I.....of course I......Oh.... Rinoa gulped. "I..... I don't know..." she said as if in a dream. What? What did I say....wake up woman....wake up....say yes! "I...I need to think," Rinoa found herself saying, she panicked....this was such a shock.

"Oh..." Squall replied, the hurt and disappointment was glowing in his face, his eyes seemed to shine, to glitter, to glitter with the tears which he tried to hold back. "Oh...OK," he said, his insides crumpled... She said...no.. she doesn't know.. she said........no

Rinoa tried to say something but some force held her words back as he picked up his close and left, dressing out side before heading off, attending to his hair as he rushed to the meeting point. Rinoa felt like lead...she couldn't even follow him. Instead she crumpled deeper into the bed, curling up into a tight ball. The whole of her body hurt...she was in agony. Why? Why! I do know though....I want to marry....I love you Squall...! Why you couldn't just said yes? Why did you say that...why did you panic? She asked herself. Rinoa glanced at the clock, only to realize that Squall would of left by now, she had wasted her only time left to call him back...crying here like a baby. Rinoa cried. her whole body shook. "Stupid....you stupid, stupid woman..." she cried to herself, wrapping covers and quilts around herself, soaking the silky pillow with her tears